Female Erogenous Zones


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Do you know where the female erogenous zones are and how to stimulate them?

One of the biggest mysteries that continues to perplex humanity today is how to turn a woman on. Unlike men, women’s sexual pleasure is largely unpredictable. The majority of men are turned on by naked women, that’s pretty much it. With women, however, there is no consensus for sexual arousal; and it doesn’t only differ from one woman to another, it even changes from time to time. Science, however, may have cracked the code to the magic formula. And women are too hired wired to it that they can’t resist their sexual response. It is through simultaneous stimulation of their mind, emotions, and genitals. How exactly do you do that? Simple, you need to have a good understanding of human erogenous zones, specifically female erogenous zones.

Erogenous zones are specific areas in the body with heightened sensitivity. When stimulated, these areas can stimulate sexual responses.  If you are looking to satisfy your woman with a mind-bending, toe-curling, eyes-rolled-back type of sex, then you are on the right page. This entry will teach you everything you need to know about female erogenous zones. 

Understanding Female Erogenous Zones: There are plenty of them

When Rachel Green and Monica Geller came to Chandler Bing’s rescue and taught him about female erogenous zones (as per Monica’s theory), they were not exaggerating when they were imagining the orgasm. The classic “SEVEN, SEVEN, SEVEN!…” moaning of Monica was a classic F.R.I.E.N.D.S. classic (uttered nine times to be exact). That scene should be enough to give every man an idea of how powerful these erogenous zones can be.

There’s just one problem though, that scene only talked about seven zones (including the lips, neck, ears, breast, butt, inner thigh, and vagina). Those seven mentioned above barely scratch the surface, because according to science, more than 30 of them are in the woman’s body.

Two types of Erogenous Zones

Men and women have different sets of erogenous zones. However, these areas can be categorized into two types, the genital and the extragenital erogenous zones.

As their names suggest, the former relates to the pleasure points around and in the genitals. For women, it’s the woman’s clitoris, vaginal opening, g-spot, labia, vulva, etc. While the extragenital erogenous zones refer to parts of the body away from the genitals that elicit a sexual response. These are the things that this article will highlight, and the parts of the body you should pay attention to in your foreplay.

What is even more fascinating is, each zone requires a different type of stimulation.

So where are these erogenous zones exactly, and how do you take care of them when canoodling your partner?

Important note

It is important to understand that erogenous zones differ from one person to another. While some may go crazy aroused by touch, squeeze, lick, or kiss in these areas, others may find it uncomfortably tickly. Thus, you may have to test the waters first with your woman before you dive deep into the action.

Well-known Female Erogenous Zones

The Lips

This sounds cliché, but giving your woman a good passionate kiss will get her ready and wet. This is because the lips are riddled with nerve endings, making them the most erotic part of the face. In comparison, the lips have 100 times more nerve endings than the fingertips. A slight brush on her lips can cause tingling effects and trigger the release of feel-good hormones, which can result to wet lips and wet down there.

Moreover, the lips are the most exposed erogenous zone. It is already out there for the taking. So, when canoodling with your woman, focus on giving her a warm exciting kiss. Make her excited for the things to come; use your lips to nibble hers, let out some tongue and lick her lips, and caress her body while at it.

The Neck

Specifically, the nape.

The neck is almost always a turn-on for women. Thus, you almost always cannot go wrong with neck kisses. The neck, especially the nape area, is such a sexual pleasure spot that a slight touch can drive her wild. You can run your lips throughout the back of her neck or trace your fingers lightly on her nape to her the slightest touch when kissing her lips. You can heat things by teasing the lips and going straight to her neck and giving he warm and wet kissing and licking.

The Breasts

Another classic female erogenous zone is the breasts, yet most men don’t know how to take good care of them. They go in and squeeze the hell out of it, which isn’t only uncomfortable, but painful for women.

Like most erogenous zones, breasts house many nerve endings. Thus, they are super sensitive to stimulation. Inside the breast is an intricate network of nerves covered by fatty tissues, making it susceptible to light touch. Thus, you don’t need to be a berserker with the breast. Squeeze them lightly, bite them with your lips, lick them, suck on them, etc.

The Nipples

Another obvious female erogenous zone is the nipples. Nipples, like the breasts, are highly sensitive, even to light touch. This is why it is one of the most common pressure points when it comes to sexual arousal, not just for women, but even for men as well.

When it comes to sexual arousal, kissing, licking, sucking, pinching, and even twisting the nipples can send chills throughout a woman’s body. You can also try sensory play by running ice cubes around her nipples. You can spice things up with a set of nipple clamps (if that’s what she’s into).

Again, don’t forget that nipples are extremely sensitive. Many people, especially men, would wear tape over them when working or running, to avoid bruising from scratching their nipples from their wet shirts.

Also, note that some people have extremely sensitive nipples. Some women can easily orgasm from nipple play alone. Also, since nerve responses differ, especially throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle, it is important to talk to your partner about what feels good and how they want to get stimulated through their nipples. 

The Inner Thighs

Sitting extremely close to the genitals, the inner thigh is another sensitive erogenous zone that you should take advantage of. The sensitive skin in this area is easy to stimulate too, you can do a lot of things on it to elicit the sexual response that you want.

Before going straight to the main event, tease her by kissing, licking, and nibbling her inner thighs. The thinner skin in this area is extremely sensitive to cold. Thus, you can also use sensory play like temperature play (use ice cubes) down there to get her in the mood.

Be slow and smooth when caressing the inner thighs though. Take your time and don’t rush things up, or you will negate the very purpose.

Butt Cheeks

This particular erogenous zone may look like it could take a good pounding, but the butt cheeks can be extra sensitive too. The butt cheeks sit very near to the genitals, this is why women, even those who are not into anal play, like to get their butts caressed, grabbed, massaged, and even spanked during sex.

You can tease your partner with an erotic butt massage to increase blood flow in her nether regions and make a crazy buildup. Squeeze her butt cheeks and tease her vagina with slight finger touches to get her excited.

Lesser-known Female Erogenous Zones

The Mind

Everything starts from the brain, even sexual arousal, orgasm, and climax.  Erotic stimuli like dirty talk flare up the part of the brain that influences sexual behavior. This makes the brain the most important sexual organ. The brain receives data, analyzes it, and then brings other areas of the body into it by sending signals down to trigger the release of certain hormones, and instruct the body to respond accordingly.

As said earlier, a woman’s orgasm is the culmination of the simultaneous stimulation of the mind, heart, and genitals. With that said, you should start in her head.

How exactly do you do this? Well, there are so many ways.

You can start with sexy talk/dirty talk. Verbal play, specifically erotic conversation with your woman, will get her in the mood. Something as simple as “I can’t wait to be with you tonight”. From there you can up the ante by saying dirtier things like, “I want to taste you” or “I want to lick you all over”. You get the idea.

Of course, you must ease your way into it. Some girls are not into it and feel it is degrading. Also, respect her boundaries. If she doesn’t like it, don’t push it.


The human scalp is full of nerve endings that slight touch of brush or fingers can send tingles throughout the body. Amp up the sexual response, run your fingers throughout her scalp, and pay close attention to the area above the neck and between her ears. You can also use vibrating hairbrushes or metal scalp massage for a more tingling effect. You can also pull her hair by the roots while kissing her lips. 

The Ears

Like the hands and feet, the feet also house many nerve endings for sensory purposes. This makes it a great erogenous zone for foreplay. Touching them, licking, kissing, and nibbling her ears with your lips and tongue can stimulate her whole body.

You can also breathe hot air into her ears for a tingly sensation. 

Navel and Lower Stomach

The navel and lower stomach don’t get enough attention when it comes to sex, which is unfortunate, as it is extremely easy to stimulate, as they are extremely close to the genitals.

Also, they don’t need a lot of work to stimulate, all you need is a light touch with your fingers. You can trace her navel with your fingertips or make circles with your tongue.

Also, the navel is perfect for temperature play. You can run an ice cube on her tummy and watch her body move from the excitement of sexual stimulation.

Sacrum (small bone of the back)

This is area is found just slightly above the butt crease. It is extremely sensitive since many of the nerves in this part of the body are connected straight to the pelvis.

Brush this part lightly with the tip of your fingers, lick it with your tongue, or use a satin cloth to tease it. You can also use a sex toy (a bullet vibrated would be best) for hardcore stimulation. 

Armpits and Inner Arms

People don’t consider armpits as an effective erogenous zone, as they can tickly when touched. However, a tickle can turn into a titillating feeling if you know how to do it.

Instead of going straight to her inner arms and armpits, run your fingers from her inner wrist, up to her elbow, and go all the way up to her armpits. If that still feels ticklish, change your approach by massaging. Pay close attention to her reactions. 

Inner Wrists

Another example of a delicate area in a woman’s body is pressure points, such as the inner wrists. The thinner skin in this area of the body is delicate. This is why being pinned down by the wrist while making out in bed feels good for women. The feeling of being vulnerable, as well as succumbing to pleasurable sensations can make women go crazy in bed.

To pleasure the inner wrists, trace the lines of her hand with your fingertips or the tip of your nail while kissing other parts of her body. Graze the skin lightly while you kiss her lips or nibble her breasts. The idea of a good combo here is to multitask.

The Hands and Fingers

Like the inner wrist, the sensitive skin of the palm is a good gateway to orgasm. Be careful though, as running your index finger to the lines of her palm can be tickly. To get her into the mood, maintain eye contact while doing it. Kick it up a notch by taking her delicate fingers to your mouth and sucking them gently one by one.

Behind the Knee

One of the major erogenous zones in a woman’s body that doesn’t get much attention is the area behind the knee. Like other female erogenous zones, this area houses multiple nerves that don’t often touch. You can lightly touch the back of the knee and slowly move up to her inner thighs. You can alternate from tickle to deep massage to up the excitement.

Feet (and Toes)

Yes, foot fetish is a thing, but this is not about that. Note that foot fetish is about being attracted to the feet. Touching the feet to stimulate your woman is a different thing.

The foot, like the hands, has lots of nerve endings. This is what enables us to feel the ground beneath us, from texture to temperature. When it comes to sexual stimulation, you can trace your fingertips or make circles with the tip of your nails while caressing other parts of the body. This will give your woman multiple and explosive stimulations.

The must-hit erogenous zones

The vaginal region may be the most obvious, but it can be divided into different parts to better understand (and deliver) the ultimate orgasm for her.

Pubic Area

Covered with pubic hair, this is a fleshy area just above the women’s clitoris. This erogenous zone houses lots of nerve endings that are connected straight to her genitals. Massaging, kissing, licking, and nibbling in this area will definitely elicit sexual responses. Not to mention it is a good start before moving to the main course.

The best way to stimulate this area is to lick it lightly before moving your way down.


The clitoris is by far, the most popular erogenous zone in a woman’s body. With more than 8,000 nerve endings cramped into one small area, the clitoris is considered the money spot. It doesn’t serve any other function than sexual pleasure.

As with other erogenous zones, you will need to be gentle and slow with the clitoris. Again, this is highly sensitive, there is no need for you to be violent with it, as it can be counterproductive to your main goal.

Lightly touching the clitoris with your lips and tongue is more than enough to get her started.

Again, everyone is different. Some people can achieve clitoral orgasm, while some are not that sensitive in this area. If your girl belongs to the latter, you can get some help with sensation-enhancing tools. Yes, I’m referring to sex toys. Vibrators, clit pumps, clitoral suction, etc., should have a space in your bedroom.


Also known as the vaginal lips, or the labia majora and minora, the labia can be a highly sensitive sexual spot too for most women. As with other parts of the vagina, the labia have tons of nerve endings. This means stimulating this part will easily cause a rush of blood on her genitals, and turn her on. Gently touching your woman’s labia with your fingers, lips, or tongue can get her excited in no time.

You can use lube for better stimulation. However, make sure you choose a water-based personal lube that matches the vaginal pH. This is to avoid irritations or any allergic reactions to her vagina. 

Vaginal Canal

Vaginal stimulation floods a woman’s sensory cortex. This is why getting penetrated feels so good for women. Note that deeper is not necessarily better. While size matters, it is not everything. You can use your fingers or a sex toy to stimulate this area. Also, in most cases, your penis is more than enough to stimulate this region.


Stimulating the G spot causes what is known as female ejaculation. The good news is you don’t need a big dick to do it. Since it is located at the front of the vaginal wall, this small bundle of nerve endings, which is the size of a walnut, can be reached and stimulated using just your fingers or a curved dildo. Make sure she’s wet or better yet, use lube to stimulate this area.


The anterior fornix erogenous zone, better known as A spot, is found between the bladder and the cervix, just a couple of inches past the G spot. You can stimulate this with deeper penetration (sex positions like doggy style), or a larger curved dildo. 

The Takeaway

There you have it, the many female erogenous zones waiting to be explored. Again, each person is different, what makes one woman aroused may be different from others. Thus, it is best to take time to learn which areas or spots your partner prefers. Add some show-and-tell to get the best out of these.

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