Fleshlight Shower Mount: What You Need to Know


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Is a fleshlight shower mount the thing that will elevate your solo shower playtime to another level?

The shower is one of the few places on earth where you can be comfortable naked, away from the eyes and ears of judgy people, and be alone with your thoughts and wildest fantasies. Not to mention you can conveniently wash yourself up and come out smelling clean and fresh after you pleasure yourself. Therefore, it is the best place to enjoy pleasure at your own pace and time.

The common problem in having pleasure in the shower is that while there is no limit to your imagination, you are essentially limited to just using your hand. Hands free fun would be much more convenient and make it feel as though you are getting it on with your female partner. And while there are not a lot of distractions to take you away from your imagination, there is not a lot of inspiration and stimulation either. Enter Fleshlight shower mount – a strong suction cup that sticks to flat surfaces, such as a shower wall, and holds your favorite Fleshlight at an angle you desire. This tool with a tremendous suction cup lets you have fun with it while in the shower, hands-free style.

So, what’s a Fleshlight shower mount?

Fleshlight sex toys truly revolutionized the art of wanking. Thanks to this incredible invention, men are no longer limited to their hands, as the synthetic vagina (also comes in mouth and asshole) provides intense stimulation that almost feels like the real thing. But there’s just one problem – Fleshlight sex toy alone still requires you to wank it on your dick.

And while the Fleshlight Launch and Fleshlight Quickshot Launch automatic blowjob machines can solve this dilemma, you cannot really bring those bulky male masturbators with you in the shower. This is where the benefits of the Fleshlight shower mount get into the picture – this suction cup provides hands free fun. But is it as good as advertised? Well, read on and find out in this in-depth Fleshlight shower mount review.

A Fleshlight shower mount is basically an accessory in the form of a suction cup that can hold your Fleshlight into place as you have your way with it in the shower. Simply stick it onto the surface of your shower wall. It allows Fleshlight users to thrust their way to their male masturbator and take their solo play to new heights, all without tiring their entire arm and breaking their wrists.

What’s in the Fleshlight shower mount?

The Fleshlight shower mount is exactly as its name says – it’s a shower wall mount that attaches to flat surfaces, such as tiles, porcelain, or even granite countertops. The suction cup can stick to most flat surfaces and comes with a tightening and loosening function to allow users to set their Fleshlights to the angle they prefer.

What’s in the box of the Fleshlight shower mount

The box comes in standard discreet packaging, something you can always expect and appreciate from Fleshlight. The box itself is compact, and inside it is the instruction manual. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with the extra lube, or even pamphlets – just the shower mount.

The Fleshlight shower mount resembles a phone holder that we often find in cars. Its suction cup has a small dial that allows you to tighten the mount to whatever flat surface you decide to mount it. The opposite end of it is threaded, which should be designed for your Fleshlight. The middle is a hinge that lets you adjust and set the Fleshlight to your preferred angle. 

Suction cup

The Fleshlight shower mount’s suction cup is clear and specifically designed to adhere to most flat and smooth surfaces. There is also a switch that allows you to secure it in place.

Keep in mind however that, the suction cup will not work for shower walls with small tiles or surfaces with too much vacuum pressure. Moreover, for medical and legal disclaimers, it is highly dangerous (and foolish) to mount the suction cup to a glass or mirror. 


The center part of the Fleshlight shower mount is the hinge, which again, allows you to set your Fleshlight to your desired angle for thrusting. It is designed to mimic personal body contact with a female.

The hinge features a wing nut, which allows you to fasten the hinge into place and ensure it doesn’t move around while you are banging your Fleshlight on the wall.

 Screw-on attachment

There are bathrooms where the suction cup may not work. Fleshlight has thought about that and included the screw-on attachment option. This means you can screw the shower mount to the wall and enjoy it as much as you like. The downside of this, of course, is you lose the accessory’s suction capability.

Using the Fleshlight Shower Mount

First and foremost, you have to find a nice and perfectly smooth spot on the wall.

To use the Fleshlight shower mount, attach your Fleshlight sex toy to the mount first by removing the end cap of the Fleshlight. Then, thread and twist the Fleshlight to the shower mount. It would be best to warm your Fleshlight first with warm water.

Most Fleshlight models, especially those with regular base diameters will work and are compatible with the Fleshlight shower mount, except for the Flight and the Sex In A Can.

The next thing you need to do is to fasten the shower mount to your bathroom wall. To do this, figure out the correct height that you want to position your male masturbator at, then simply press the suction into the flat surface (i.e. tile) and then turn the dial counterclockwise to lock it firmly in place. Grab the Fleshlight by the hand to test it and see if it has locked into place. Make sure you don’t overestimate yourself and just mount it a little below your waist height, this will be the perfect height for maximum penetration.

You may not find the perfect spot the first time, but don’t worry, that happens a lot. Just experiment your way with it and you will eventually find the perfect surface for your shower mount.

Also, you may need to scrub and wipe down a section of your tile to make sure it is clean and remove any dirt or grime that may compromise the suction.

From here you are now ready to apply the lubricant to your Fleshlight. Fleshlight sells its own lube, you might want to check that out too.

You can, of course, attach the Fleshlight shower mount to the wall first before attaching the Fleshlight to it. Depending on the surface you have, this step may be more convenient as the shower mount is easier to stick to the wall without a load on its other end. 

The Fleshlight Shower Mount Experience

Does it feel like just doing it against a wall? No. It was definitely more than that.

It may not be easy to wrap your head around the idea of thrusting your member to the wall, but it actually feels good.

If you are accustomed to the feeling of warm Fleshlight (after warming it up your Fleshlight with warm water), then you will be delighted to know that this simple accessory takes that to a different new level. The warm, slippery, soapy water from the shower will give your Fleshlight some extra gushy sensation, which is really different from just the lube – in a good way.

It’s definitely a new sensation that you will relish. Before you know it, you will find yourself with two palms on the wall, thrusting and pounding your way to it.

Indeed, taking all your sexual aggression without hurting your wrist and exhausting your arms is a new toe-curling feeling.

The shower mount is not exclusive for the shower though. The suction cup is good enough to stick to any flat and smooth surface. This means you can mount and abuse your Fleshlight on any wall in your house, be it on the granite counters of your kitchen, etc. But as with any suction cup, it doesn’t work well on wood surfaces. 

Pros and Cons


  • Versatile accessory
  • True hands-free fun with your favorite Fleshlight
  • Easy to use, clear and straightforward instructions
  • With a swivel function to suit your preferences
  • Strong suction to keep your Fleshlight in place
  • High-quality plastic for durability
  • Extra intense with warm soapy and slippery water


  • Can be difficult to mount on non-smooth and flat surfaces
  • Doesn’t work on small tiles
  • Not compatible with all Fleshlight models (you may need an adapter)
  • Expensive

Fleshlight shower mount is best for

If you are the kind of person who prefers to satisfy yourself in the shower, and you want to spice that up with a Fleshlight, then this shower mount is definitely for you. It offers a new experience from holding and jerking the cumbersome Fleshlight case while in the shower. The attachment is solid enough to let you thrust your way to your masturbator without falling off or breaking.

When it comes to compatibility, almost all Fleshlight will work with the mount. If not, then you can get an adapter. All modeled Fleshlight Girl will work with the shower mount.

Fleshlight shower mount is not for

If you prefer watching porn while pleasuring yourself or using your Fleshlight sex toy, then the shower mount may present some problems, if you use it in the shower (for obvious reasons).

Also, the shower mount will not work on Fleshlight Compact Go, Flight, or Quickshot series. This means you might need to get the standard Fleshlight just to use the mount. There is, however, an adapter available that can fit with certain models.

Moreover, if your shower doesn’t have big smooth tiles the suction cup may not work, as it will simply not stick strong enough to the walls. 

How to clean the Fleshlight and the shower mount

Cleaning your Fleshlight after using it, along with the Fleshlight shower mount is incredibly easy. Presumably, you are already in the shower and just finished doing your thing when you need to clean this mount. The great thing about this accessory is, aside from the cap, it doesn’t get a lot of non-water fluid. And if it manages to, just wash it in the shower and it will be fine. The whole product is made up of plastic; you can just whisk it dry and put it away. But for the sake of keeping it clean and ready for your next solo play, you have to clean it thoroughly to keep bacteria and grime away.

While you may be tempted to use soap to wash it, it’s actually not a very good idea. Water is enough to clean the shower mount. You can of course; use FleshWash to make sure it is extra clean.

You can keep the shower mount in your shower all the time, but if you like to keep the suction cup in pristine condition, and prolong its lifespan, it would be wise to pull it down and just refasten it to the wall on your next use.

Fleshlight shower mount storage

The whole thing is small and discreet, which means you can simply store it in your bathroom cabinet or drawer. Without the Fleshlight sleeve, it would be difficult for people to decipher what this tool is for exactly. The real challenge is actually getting the Fleshlight inside and outside the bathroom with you. 

How to Get Fleshlight Shower Mount at Discounted Price

Many retailers offer the shower mount at a discounted price if you make use of their offers, such as:

  • Flight Pilot Shower Pack – A combo of Flight Pilot Sex Toy, FL Lube (4oz), and the Fleshlight shower mount (at a 24% discount). Individually, these three can cost up to $92, but with the package, you can get them for as low as $68.95.
  • STU Lady Shower pack – This package includes the STU Lady, 8oz FL Lube, and the shower mount. Individually, these three can cost up to $121.85. The package, however, is available for only $99.95.

The Takeaway

Is it worth it?

Absolutely, yes!

While it may require some work to find the best spot to stick and mount this Fleshlight accessory, such as on smooth surfaces, once in its place, you will be able to use it and thrust your way to your heart’s delight in your favorite Fleshlights.

The accessory may be simple, but it can definitely take your solo play and Fleshlight experience to a whole new level.

With the mount, you can thrust your favorite Fleshlight instead of wanking it on your dick. This makes the solo play so much easier, and better. And since it mimics the natural standing sex position, you can thrust it to your Fleshlight for as long, as hard, or as soft as you want, just like with a real sexual partner. This can be your practice dummy for the real thing – you can use this to improve your stamina, edging, etc.

The suction is very strong it will not slide or wobble while you are thrusting it in a standing position. You can stick it onto a shower wall so you can enjoy the realistic motion of the suction cup.

All in all, your penis will thank you for the Fleshlight shower mount, as it will not be getting beat up and manhandled anymore, rather, it will let you do it the way nature intended – by thrusting. 

Reasonably priced

Also, it is priced at around $30, that’s quite a steal in terms of what you can get out of it. It may not be cheap considering how simple the product it, but if you are the kind of person who regularly pleasures yourself in the shower, then you can definitely get your money’s worth from this accessory.

Plus, it can save you a lot of money in the long run from lube, since you will not need a lot of lube when using your Fleshlight in the bathroom. Some warm soapy water can do wonders.

Does this mean you will not need any lube when using it? Possibly, that totally depends on you.

When using the Fleshlight and lube alone, the lube works for maybe a minute or so. After which, you may need to reapply to get the same sensation. When you are in the shower, however, you can get by with just warm water and soap. This means you can keep your Fleshlight lubed without spending a lot of money on lubricants alone.

Also, if you don’t have the standard Fleshlight, and you don’t plan on buying any standard models any time soon, then you must purchase an adapter to accommodate your special Fleshlights. 

Does it feel like real sex?

Well, not really, but close. Obviously, the real thing is still the best thing, of course. However, as said multiple times throughout this review, the shower mount takes your Fleshlight solo play experience to a different level.

If you love your Fleshlight, then you can definitely enjoy it more with this accessory.

What the shower mount actually provides is the ability to thrust your way to your Fleshlight, a realistic action for a realistic sensation, far from just jerking it off your dick.

All in all, anyone who has used a suction cup for whatever purpose in the past (hung decorations, placed hooks in the bathroom, etc.), knows that they aren’t the strongest material in the world. They simply eventually move and fall off. You can wet it with your spit or water, but as soon as it dries up, the cup will fall again. Fleshlight shower mount, however, is quite different, as it can definitely stick to the wall for as long as you want. This is primarily because of the material used for the suction part.

Frequently Asked Questions

u003cstrongu003eQ. Will the Fleshlight shower mount work on my shower?u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eA. u003c/strongu003eIf you have nice smooth surface walls on your shower, with tile big enough to accommodate its suction cup base, then this will definitely work for you. You can use it to experience hands free pleasure in the shower.

u003cstrongu003eQ. What is the size of the Fleshlight shower mount suction cup?u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eA. u003c/strongu003eThe suction cup is around 3.5 inches in diameter. If your bathroom tiles are wider than 3.5 inches, then this sex toy accessory will definitely work for your bathroom.

u003cstrongu003eQ. Is the Fleshlight shower mount easy to install?u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eA. u003c/strongu003eYes, it is incredibly easy to install and use for hands free fun. Simply stick the suction cup to the wall, lock it in place, and voila! You are ready to have fun with your favorite Fleshlight.

u003cstrongu003eQ. Will the Fleshlight shower mount work with Quickshot?u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eA. u003c/strongu003eNo, you will have to get an adapter to use the Quickshot models with the shower mount.

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