Fleshlight vs Autoblow: The Next Big Rivalry


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Batman vs. Superman, Ali vs. Frazier, Barcelona vs. Real Madrid, Los Angeles Lakers vs. Boston Celtics, Coca-cola vs. Pepsi, and now we have Fleshlight vs Autoblow. These are the biggest rivalries in history, but today we will talk about the last one. It’s the fight between the VR innovators versus the O.G. of male masturbators. Which one gives the best “stimulation” and sexual satisfaction? Read on and find out in this ultimate “head-to-head” (see what we did there?) the best male sex toys today.

When it comes to male masturbator toys, there are two names that seem to dominate the industry – the Fleshlight (Fleshlight STU) and the Autoblow (Autoblow AI), which is quite interesting, for a $35.1 billion industry.

These two male sex toys were designed to serve very distinct purposes, but for the same end result. With that said, how do these two fair against each other? Here’s a head-to-head comparison of both brands, including all of their product lines.

Fleshlight vs. Autoblow: A brief history of the budding rivalry

Brief History of Autoblow

Determined to escape the boring and dull routine of conventional life, the inventor of Autoblow spent countless hours and dollars to develop the best oral-sex robot that feels like the real thing. Today, his work is widely touted as the world’s best blow-job machine.

The idea behind Autoblow is to make a blowjob machine that is almost indistinguishable from real human experience – the gap that male sex toys manufacturers couldn’t seem to close. Moreover, the majority of the sex toys in the market today are still geared toward women’s pleasure. Men are left with abysmally low-quality masturbators. This is where the success of Autoblow stemmed from.

Today, Autoblow is by far, the best hands-free sex toy out there.

The latest iteration Autoblow 2 is a fairly simple and straightforward device – it has a silicone mouth sleeve (there is also a vagina sleeve) where you stick your erect dick, and it will do the rest. Yes, hands-free pleasure; the device will move its sleeve up and down on your hardened dick with applied pressure, much like the real thing. Once you’re finished, you simply have to take off the sleeve, rinse, and repeat.

In 2019, Autoblow released its newest product called the Autoblow A.I., a huge development from its predecessors. Yes, you read it right, this hands free sex toy comes with artificial intelligence. This revolutionary device features 10 different types of blow jobs, each mimics the movement of the real motion for a real-life experience. This means you can also change the rhythm on the fly, just like a real blow-job. There is even a mode that comes with machine learning to ensure you don’t get the same type of blow-job twice.

What’s in the Autblow?

Autoblow 2 boasts quite a number of features that other male masturbators in the market can never even dream of having. This includes an all-metal industrial-strength motor that is commonly found in remote-controlled curtains, a 3-size removable sleeve system for men of different girth sizes could still enjoy the same high-quality sensation, as well as a spring-loaded grip for enhanced stimulation.

As if all these features are not enough, the AI technology takes it even further with its new stroking mechanism, while the silicone sleeves provide a more accurate experience of gliding and sliding, making it feel like a real blowjob.

Autoblow: A Quick Review

Unlike many automated sex toys, Autoblow comes with a built-in battery, which means you have to plug the device to charge it. Before you worry about getting your member electrocuted, they say this setup is safer than safe.

Build-wise, the machine is quite heavy, which will definitely wear your arms and hands easily. Thus, you will have to be creative with your “session”. Unlike your typical male masturbator though, it is automated, which means you no longer have to move your arm up and down to jerk off. That’s where the magic begins.

The motor is powerful but loud, so there will be no discretion. And no pillow can help you with this. That means you might want to pump up the volume of your music to muffle the sound before turning this on.

The sleeve itself is quite easy to clean. And unlike most blowjob machines on the market, this hands free masturbator only has one hole. There is no hole on the opposite end of the silicone sock. Thus, you will have to fill it up with soap and water, drain, and rinse it thoroughly when cleaning. Make sure you hang it and dry the sock overnight too.

On the “most important” part, the silicon (which is shaped like a human mouth) may seem daunting at first. But like real oral sex, you just have to go on with it.


·         AI and different glide and stroke settings gives pleasurable experience

·         Jerk off hands-free experience

·         Comes with interchangeable sleeves to accommodate different penis girth sizes

·         Removable sleeves makes easy cleaning

·         Direct-power supply allows the machine to last longer


·         Expensive

·         Bulky and heavy, you may have to angle the machine for best stimulation

·         Loud noise making it hard to be discreet

Brief History of Fleshlight

To say that Fleshlight changed the landscape of the male masturbator market is a huge understatement. Certainly, there were lots of male masturbators before it, but when it came, it definitely changed the game.

As with most inventions, Fleshlight’s idea came out of necessity. It was invented in the late 90s by a highly sexually-driven ex-LA County cop who was instructed by their doctor to not touch his 40-year-old pregnant wife to avoid jeopardizing the pregnancy. Fleshlight became the beacon of light that saved him from “jerking off”, blow-up dolls, “pocket pussies” (artificial vaginas that look like disembodied human parts with fake pubic hair), and infidelity. To give that real human flesh feel, they experimented with using different types of materials and components that would stretch and go back to normal shape without losing their appearance.

Once they got that figured out, they ventured into the porn industry and partnered with some of the biggest porn stars to be their “Fleshlight Girls” and pull “molds off them”. Some of the most popular choices out there are the Riley Reid fleshlight, Kendra Sunderland, Lana Rhodes, and the inventor’s favorite, Stoya.  

From there, they managed to build a whole system of mass-producing women’s parts. And that’s how this innovative male masturbator really blew up.

Today, Fleshlight is available all over the world. Everything made for North America and Australia is made in Austin, Texas. Those released in the European market are made in Seville, Spain.

The company has maintained a steady flow of high-quality male masturbators and accessories that have become the favorite option of many men, such as the SuperSkin sleeves that provides a really sensual experience that allows multiple uses. And as if that is not enough, in 2017, they launched their automatic hands-free masturbation experience – the Fleshlight Launch. Though it’s been discontinued, they debuted the better version of it – the Fleshlight Universal Launch.

Fleshlight Universal Launch is the brand’s newest addition to its growing lineup of male masturbators, and it aims to directly compete against Autoblow. Functionality-wise, it offers a similar hand-free experience, but what makes it interesting is the Virtual Reality (VR) mode, which makes for a crazy realistic experience. Basically, Fleshlight Launch is a device where you attach your existing Fleshlight to make it hands-free.

Like the Autoblow, the Launch was invented to “jack things up” and remove the need for hand motion. It is basically a masturbation robot that moves your Fleshlight up and down, to the speed and intensity of your choice. The interesting thing about it is you can even sync the robot to the pornographic visuals (via Virtual Reality), making an interactive almost real-life sexual fantasy experience. 

 What’s in the Fleshlight?

The original Fleshlight is simply a pussy model encased in a 10-inch plastic with a soft sleeve inside. You use it by sticking your erect junk (it is recommended that you use a water-based lube) in one end, grip the other end, and stroke up and down while your penis is inside like you normally would. You are basically jerking off with it, but you can come inside it. Ideally, you will need to clean (unscrew the entire apparatus, rinse with water (never use soap, as it can degrade the material) and air dry it).

The really revolutionary thing about Fleshlight is how they beautifully depicted female sexual organs. They are almost artistic and classy.

The Fleshlight Launch gives a whole new meaning to masturbating through the Fleshlight; it provides a realistic sensation, especially if you set it to interactive mode.

Fleshlight STU: A Quick Review

The STU stands for Stamina Training Unit, and Fleshlight STU is a very popular male masturbator that is said to be specifically designed to provide a touch of quality in both experience and materials used.

It also comes with the SuperSkin sleeve that is ready-textured for a human flesh-like feel. It is also studded all around for a soft touch that mimics the real thing.

They really thought of ergonomics when it comes to the design too. As a hand-held wanking toy, it puts your hand in the most comfortable position using a streamlined body and durable casing. And since there is no motor (unlike in Autoblow), it is more discreet and quieter to use, allowing users to pull a stealthy one. 


·         Affordable

·         Ergonomically designed

·         Looks discreet and quiet operation

·         Durable and long-lasting material

·         Smooth, soft interchangeable sleeve texture for a sensational sexual satisfaction


·         No automatic function

Fleshlight Launch


·         Huge variety of motion in interactive mode for different climax experience

·         Real hands-free masturbator (f you can find a comfortable seat and position)

·         Replaceable sleeves


·         Manual mode lacks stroking options

·         Long charging time (up to 9 hours to fully charge)

·         You can easily hit buttons accidentally

Autoblow vs Fleshlight: Head-to-Head Battle


In terms of size, the Autoblow is almost twice as big as the Fleshlight when you compare them side-by-side. The former has a familiar design that is often used in the industry, both in shape and size. Fleshlights, on the other hand, looks classier and discreet.

When it comes to the design, Autoblow is a lot bulkier (and heavier) than Fleshlight. If you are looking for privacy and something discreet, then you cannot expect that with Autoblow.

Fleshlight’s design, on the other hand, seems to be built for comfort. It has a lean and slender shape that looks like a flashlight. This is quite a “handy” feature for when you are doing your thing.

The Fleshlight Launch, on the other hand, is a black futuristic-looking device that looks like a high-tech coffee maker. The chunky (13 inches), it is light (around 5lbs including the Fleshlight inside.), making it comfortable to hold on to.

Material (and Feel)

When it comes to the material, the sleeves that come with Autoblow are 100% silicone; all three different sleeve options (mouth, vagina, and anus), and each has its different life-like textures too. The texture of the vagina sleeves, for example, is incredibly life-like. Autoblow 2+ has a Real-Feel sleeve with beaded springs lining to mimic the tongue.

Fleshlight sleeve is made with their special SuperSkin material, which is still made up of special silicone; it is mind-blowingly smooth and has pre-designed textures that actually help improve the stimulation, though they are not as easy to clean. The biggest upside of their sleeves is they are modeled after some of the best adult stars (modeled vagina for your pleasure).

When it comes to feeling, though you get the liberty of “automated sucking” with Autoblow, and the AI that makes the motion more human-like and less mechanical, the chunky and heavy design of the machine gets into the experience.

On the other hand, Fleshlight offers so many pussy options (even mouth and anus). Each has its own different sensations and stimulation. This means you can definitely try various sleeves (pussies, mouth, and anus) for a different feel. There are also different options for different penis sizes. Thus, you can definitely find something that perfectly suits your (and your junk’s) needs.

Fleshlight Launch is made up of durable plastic that makes it easy to pop a Fleshlight in with a simple twist of the wrist.


When it comes to functionality, Autoblow offers numerous modes with different strokes, stroke speeds, etc. The problem with this however is you would have to change modes by pressing the buttons, which can be really distracting when you are already “in the zone”. It would have been so much better if they paired it with an app that lets you set the different modes beforehand.

The auto-stroke function of Autoblow however, is quite a game changer as it allows “hands free masturbation experience” experience. As soon as you turn the device on, lube the opening, and insert your dong, it will do the rest. Well, it is not actually hands-free, as you will have to hold the device at the right angle to get that ultimate sensation. You may even have to stroke the device up and down to get a different feel too. Fortunately, there is a speed control to spice things up.

Fleshlight, on the other hand, doesn’t come with false promises. It is definitely not automatic and not hands-free. It is, however, light and ergonomically designed for a comfortable hold and stroking action. This means you are in full command of the motion and intensity that you want. What it lacks in automatic features greatly makes up for its stimulation. Moreover, the textured sleeves provide great control for building endurance.

The toy options and range of sleeves available (from your favorite pornstars, stamina trainers, etc.,) make Fleshlight the more sensible option in this category.

The Fleshlight Launch is capable of doing 180 strokes per minute and can get synched up to interactive pornographic content for an ultimate VR jack-off experience. Moreover, Fleshlight Launch has an option where you can adjust the speed and distance of each stroke.

You can also set the device to automatic mode using pre-set settings, or opt for the interactive mode so you can easily control the intensity of speed of the action.

The interactive mode lets you use and watch porn videos with your phone (or with a VR headset). The motion of Fleshlight Launch will sync with the porn you are watching, making you feel the sensation of the male in the porno. How cool is that?


Since there are no mechanical components that move, Fleshlight is more durable than Autoblow.

Both Autoblow and Fleshlight are made with high-quality materials that mimic the real thing. However, both require to take extra good care, especially the interchangeable sleeves. This means you need to wash and clean them thoroughly (follow the cleaning instructions as stated in the manual).

Ease of Cleaning

Since Autoblow comes with mechanical parts and a power component (battery), it definitely requires some extra care. Cleaning it, however, is fairly easy. All you have to do is take out the sleeves (carefully, of course), and wash them thoroughly with warm soapy water. You can also use a sex toy cleaner of your choice.

Make sure to not spill any liquid on the circuit board inside, as it may damage the device. You can also add use baby powder or cornstarch powder once they fully dried up. This will help keep the texture for a pleasurable experience and prevent infestation.

Fleshlight, on the other hand, is a lot easier to clean and has no risk of damaging electric components. Simply follow the basic cleaning instructions of washing with water thoroughly and you are set. You can also use a sex toy cleaner. Obviously, you have to dry it up completely before storing it away.

What’s in the box?

A standard Fleshlight package comes with one Fleshlight cast (gold color), a Stamina Training Unit sleeve, a free sample lube, and a user manual.

For the Fleshlight Launch, the package includes the device itself, a universal USB cable, a quick setup card, a manual, an authenticity card with 1-year warrant activation, and a black envelope that contains access to their interactive content.

Autoblow 2+ XT on the other hand comes with a mechanical body, one sleeve, and a manual. The package deal comes with some free nifty accessories, such as the storage case, sleeve renewal powder, a set of silicone penis rings, a handle, and some lube cleaners. 


Both Fleshlight and Autoblow come with a free 1-year warranty if you purchase the sex toys from their official stores and authorized distributors.


Fleshlight is priced at around $70. The price changes on the model you get and the sleeves included. For the special sleeves (pornstar pussies), you will have to purchase a new model which costs $70 and upwards. Fleshlight Launch, on the other hand, retails at $249, but some stores offer coupons that can lower the price all the way to $199.99.

For a full-blown jerking experience, you can get the VR goggles and headset too for an additional $300. Also, they also offer $10 per video (rental fee) or a yearly membership fee of $99.95.

Autoblow on the other hand is priced at $299 for the AI version and $179 for the Autoblow 2. Extra sleeves cost $50 for both AI and 2 versions. 

Fleshlight vs Autoblow: The Verdict

Both male masturbators have their own pros and cons, and both are entirely different in their approach to giving a pleasurable experience. Autoblow and its AI version are quite an innovation, which definitely will open the doors for more innovative sex toys in the future. However, the loud motor, chunky and heavy design, and the expensive price tag can easily put anyone off.

Fleshlight, on the other hand, is a more straightforward and practical solution to more pleasurable “jerking”. It is cheaper, and the flesh-like pornstar sleeves really add to the excitement. And with the upgrade like the Fleshlight Launch, you can get the best of both worlds – you can combine the pleasure of using different Fleshlights (and sleeves, enjoy different textures) with the almost hands-free experience.

Whatever you’re into, read our expert deep-dive into the best automatic male masturbators on the market today where we test out and review the Kiiroo Keon, Autoblow AI and many more top long distance sex toys to give you the best advice on what to go for.

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