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The Most Advanced Automatic Male Masturbator in the world that syncs with your content or your partner...

If you are looking for a detailed, no-holds-barred Hot Octopuss review, this is it.

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Interactive is the new and improved version of the innovative Hot Octopuss Pulse, also referred to as the world’s first Guybrator. 

In this review, we’ll put the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo to the test and look at it from every conceivable angle, all so you can come away with a clear idea of precisely what this little yet powerful toy is capable of, and wether or not getting your hands on it is going to be worth it for you. 

We’ll be covering every aspect form design and build quality to all of the possibilities for interactive pleasure that the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo opens up. And of course we’ll also be looking at what happens when you synch your Hot Octopuss Pulse solo with another Kiiroo toy, whether another Hot Octopuss or a Lumen interactive butt plug.

Without further ado, let’s get right down to business.


The Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo is the result of a collaboration between renowned pleasure brands Hot Octopuss and Kiiroo. To put it simply, Hot Octopuss has supplied the design for this hands-free sex toy, while Kiiroo has supplied the internal technology and revolutionary connectivity capabilities.

For reference for those who are unfamiliar with either Hot Octopuss or Kiiroo, here’s a brief introduction to both brands. Kiiiroo is a Dutch sex tech company on a mission to remove barriers barriers to experiencing mind-blowing, immersive sext. Kiiroo is driven by technology with an emphasis on technology and its ability to connect people across vast distances. All of Kiiroo’s products are Bluetooth-enabled and can be connected to the brand’s own FeelConnect app. The app is what allows Kiiroo toy owners to synch their toys to porn – both 2D and Virtual Reality -, porn games, adult chat and cam sites, and one-to-one video calls for long-distance sexual partner play. It goes without saying that Kiiroo toys are equally popular with long-distance couples and those eager to explore the frontiers of sexual experiences in the virtual reality and digital realms.

Hot Octopuss is a smaller but no less illustrious sex tech brand based in the UK. Its emphasis is on sex positivity, inclusivity and bringing more pleasure to every body. Hot Octopuss is best known for inventing and presenting to the market the world’s first Guybrator, the groundbreaking Hot Octopuss Solo Essential, also called the original Hot Octopuss. 

Needless to say, the expectations are high when two of the world’s leading sex tech companies decide to have a love child. But does the Hot Octpuss Pulse Solo really live up to the expectation – does it deliver on its promise of being an absolutely mind-blowing sex toy?

There are a few things that make the Hot Octopuss a different kind of beast to any other sex toy you may own or have tried before: There is the unique wrap-around design, which places the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo somewhere between a vibrating cock ring and a fleshlight, as it covers much more of your penis than a regular cock ring while being open-ended and not enclosing you fully. The wrap-around sleeve design also means that the Hot Octopuss is adjustable, meaning it’ll fit any penis size and circumference. And then there is the Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to pair your Hot Octopuss with porn, naughty games, or a long-distance lover for interactive fun and pleasure. 

With the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo, there’s much to explore, much to discover and much to experience. So let’s walk you through everything you need to know.

First impressions

The Hot Octpuss Pulse Solo screams quality before you’ve even had a peek inside the smooth black, premium quality cardboard box it comes in. If the packaging is anything to go by, you can tell just from looking at it that you’re dealing with a carefully crafted, high-quality product.

Inside the box you’ll find the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo as well as a soft black storage bag, a USB charging cable and a single-sheet instruction booklet, 

At first glance, the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo is probably either smaller or larger than you expect. If you were imagining it would be either the size of a regular vibrating cock ring or a full fleshlight style toy, you’ll have imagined wrong. The Hot Octopuss Pulse Sol is precisely somewhere in-between. 

As its appearance suggests, you can’t really compare the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo to any of the male sex toys you are already familiar with. It’s its own thing altogether. In fact, the name seems very fitting right from the start – its sort silicone body is an open-ended and fully adjustable sleeve with a grip as tight or loose as you need and want it to be. Once you’ve lubed it up and switched it on, it may bring to mind the slippery, vibrating and sucking arms of an octopus.

But we are getting ever so slightly ahead of ourselves. Before you can put your new male vibrator to good use, you’ll have to charge it. We recommend plugging it into its USB charger as soon as you’ve unboxed it, because it’ll take several hours for it to charge fully. And trust us, while you’re probably impatient and want to take your new toy for a ride as soon as possible, you don’t want to risk it running out of battery just as you’re nearing orgasm. 

Build quality

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo is made from a premium and completely body safe silicone material that is both soft and supple. Despite not being an anatomical sex toy, the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo nevertheless feels realistic thanks to its soft silicone design.

Vibration settings and customization

Once your Octopuss’s Li-ion 3.7V 420mAh battery has fully charged, the fun can finally begin. And as you’ll soon find out, this deceptively small sex toy offers more pleasure intensity and variety than most.

Because of its unique design, the Hot Octopuss Pulse III is essentially an adjustable penis sleeve. Wrap it around yourself as tightly or loosely as you please. For the greatest amount of pleasure, we recommend a fit that is a bit tight without being restrictive.

The beauty of the Hot Octopuss Pulse III is that it is perfect for completely hands-free operation while providing such powerful vibrations that most other toys are blown out of the water by comparison. 

In manual mode, the Hot OctoPUSS Pulse has a 8+ Turbo Speed Oscillator and five vibration modes with adjustable frequency, all driven by a powerful motor. Oh, and let us not forget to mention the turbo button for when you want to activate turbo mode and experience the most powerful vibrations, or the pulseplate technology that makes the Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo a king among vibrating toys for men. 

So what is pulseplate technology? Pulse plate technology is one of our favorite features when it comes to discussing the Hot OctopussPulse III Solo. These internal plates give the toy increased power and intensity, with the option of very forceful vibrations. What this means is that you’ll be able to use the Hot Octopuss Pulse III while still flaccid, and you’ll even be able to get off without being immediately or fully erect. 

Pairing the Hot Octopuss with other sex toys

While the Hot Octopuss Pulse III is plenty of fun when you use it for manual masturbation, it has so much more to offer once you enable Bluetooth and connect your Hot Octopuss Pulse III to Kiiroo’s interactive hub.

With Bluetooth, you’ll be able to sync your Hot Octopuss Pulse III to over 4,000 different interactive videos (both Virtual Reality and regular 2D) across a vast range of different adult content platforms. And because you are dealing with a smart sex toy, your Hot Octopuss Pulse III will be able to react to everything that goes on on your screen or VR headset. You’ll be able to feel every clench and every movement made by your favorite porn stars on the screen for a truly immersive and utterly realistic sexual experience. Trust is, if you have never experienced porn this way before, you’re in for one hell of a naughty treat.

Using your Hot Octopuss Pulse III for partner play

Whether you are into power play, discreet public play, mutual masturbation fun on camera or simply want to spice things up in the bedroom with your in-the-flesh partner, the Hot Octopuss Pulse III promises to deliver the goods.

As a Kiiroo toy, your Hot Octopuss Pulse III can be paired up with any of the other sex toys in Kiiroo’s extensive catalogue when connected to the FeelConnect app. And because Kiiroo and Hot Octopuss both place great value on making their toys inclusive, it can be paired with any male or female toy.

When synced up with a partner’s device, you’ll both be able to feel each other’s trusts and movements in real time. Your two sex toys will be reaction to each other as if the two of you are right there in there in the same room, having sex in real life. It goes almost without saying that this technology takes naughty play sessions to a whole new level of pleasure and intimacy. 

You also have the option of sending your partner requests in the app, which will allow them to take complete control over the settings on your toy. It is also up to you whether you pair your Hot Octopuss Pulse III with an existing partner’s toy, or whether you want to use it to connect with strangers from anywhere in the world via the app. 

Using the remote control

The Hot Octopuss Pulse comes in two different versions – the Pulse III Duo and the Pulse III Solo. The two models are very similar to each other, but there are a few important differences and one of them is the remote control that is included when you opt for the Pulse III Duo.

With the remote control, you or someone else is able to control the Octopus’s vibration settings and power level from a small distance. And while the remote control doesn’t seem like a necessity, particularly not if you are only using the Hot Octopuss to play solo, it is a very useful and fun addition to partner play. 

As a besides, leaving a sexual partner in charge of the remote while the two of you are out in public and you are wearing your Hot Octopuss sleeve can be a whole lot of naughty fun, if you enjoy discreet public play.

Battery life

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo is equipped with a small but powerful Li-ion 3.7V 420mAh battery, which guarantees a reliable supply of energy while you play. 

Having said that, it takes three hours for the Octopuss to full charge, which can be quite frustrating. The battery life is about an hour, which will suffice for most play sessions, but it would be nice to have a longer battery in case you need it!

On the other hand, a larger battery would undeniably result in a larger and more clunky toy, so the small battery seems like a reasonable design decision. 

Noise level

While relatively quiet, it is definitely possible to find a quieter toy than the Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo. But if you want our opinion, the absolutely powerful vibrations, interactivity abilities and intense orgasms that this fun sex toy provides make the little bit of noise it makes absolutely worth it. 

Just be careful if you want to play discreetly in public – never play in a completely quiet setting.


As already hinted at, the Hot Octopuss Pulse III Interactive delivers extremely reliable and powerful orgasms. 

There are several reasons why the Hot Octopuss Pulse III is so damn good at bringing you to a heady climax. There’s the sleeve’s adjustable design, the powerful pulse plate technology, the interactivity options and of course the deliciously powerful and fully customisable vibrations.


  • Completely waterproof
  • Five vibration settings
  • 25 speed modes
  • Dual motors
  • Surprisingly quiet
  • Small and lightweight
  • Adjustable fit
  • Interactive
  • Perfect for both solo and partner play


  • Relatively short battery life and long charging time

How to care for your Hot Octopuss

The unique, open-ended, wrapped design of the Hot Octopuss Pulse III means that it wonderfully easy to clean and later air dry. Being made from ABS silicone also means that it is a little more sturdy than fleshlight sex toys whose inner tubes can easily break down when they come into contact with soapy water.

To clean your Hot Octopuss, start by rinsing it with lukewarm water, then add a small amount of soap or specialised toy cleaner to take care of any remaining bacteria. Finally, leave your Hot Octopuss Pulse III to air dry and put it away in its pouch only once it has dried completely. 

Hot Octopuss upgrades worth considering

As already mentioned, the Hot Octopuss comes in two different versions. 

Whether you should opt for the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo or Duo depends on whether or not you feel you need the additional features that the Duo has to offer.

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo vs Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo

This review focuses mainly on the Hot Octopuss Solo, but before you go ahead and purchase your Hot Octopus, it is good know that there are two different models and what the differences are between them.

The primary difference between the Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo and III Duo is that the Duo comes with an added remote control. The remote is small and discreet and gives you complete control over the toy. What’s more, the Duo is slightly bigger, which allows you to share its vibrations with a partner by using the Pulse III penis-mounted clit vibrator.

If your Hot Octopus male vibrator is only or primarily going to be for solo, it probably makes most sense to choose the Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo model. Since the two models lead to equally powerful orgasms, there is no need to add the remote, the attachable clit vibrator or the extra heft that comes with the Octopuss III Duo upgrade.

If, on the other hand, you’re in a relationship or are planning to use the Hot Octopus while having penetrative sex, the Hot Octopuss III Duo could be worth it, for added pleasure for both you and your partner. 

Hot Octopuss couple sets

If you want to use your Hot Octopuss Pulse III with a partner, you have several different options to choose from. 

If you have a sexual partner that you see regularly in the flesh rather than in cyberspace, the best option is to go for the Pulse III Duo rather than the Pulse III Solo. The Duo is slightly larger and comes with a remote control and an attachable mini vibrator for powerful clitoral stimulation. And of course, the remote control allows your sexual partner to take complete control over the device while you’re wearing it.

Other great pairing options include syncing your Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo with another Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo, or with a Lumen butt plug.

Having said that, you are not limited to any of these sex toy combination as your Hot Octpuss Pulse III Solo or Hot Octopuss III Duo can be paired up with any other toy from Kiiroo.

Who is the Hot Octopuss perfect for?

There is no doubt that the Hot Octopuss Pulse III is a fun toy to play with and explore, but who is it absolutely perfect for? Who would we recommend it to the most?

Those in long-distance relationships

One clear advantage that the Hot Octopuss Pulse III has over most other sex toys is the interactive possibilities that it opens up. And while you can certainly use the interactive functions to hook up with strangers in cyberspace, you can also use it to collapse the physical distance between you and long-distance partner.

Long distance relationships can be difficult, not least due to the lack of physical intimacy and connection. With the Hot Octopuss Pulse III and another Kiiroo toy for your partner, the two of you will be able to connect virtually and feel each other’s movements and touch, regardless of any physical distance there may be between you. 

Those struggling with erectile dysfunction

Because of the Hot Octopuss Pulse III’s unique sleeve design and exceptionally powerful vibration modes, it is probably the best sex toy out there for men who are struggling with erectile dysfunction. 

The problem with most male sex toys is that you have to get hard before you can even start using them. With the Hot Octopuss Pulse III, you won’t have that problem as you are able to start using it even while flaccid. So, if you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction and the challenges it presents, do yourself a favour and get your hands on a Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo, charge it up, and hot the turbo button ASAP. You can thank us later.

Penis-owners wanting to spice things up 

Of course, you don’t need to either be in a long-distance relationship or dealing with erectile dysfunction to discover a world of pleasure through the Hot Octopuss Pulse III.

The Hot Octpuss Pulse III has so much to offer anyone with a penis. Whether you want to wear your Hot Octopuss Pulse III while having penetrative sex or want to experience porn in an entirely new and interactive way, the Hot Octopuss Pulse III makes it possible.

Final thoughts on the Hot Octopuss

If you’ve read our entire review, there’ll be little doubt left in your mind that the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo is a fantastic toy with plenty of range and customisation capabilities waiting to be explored and experienced.

All in all, our verdict is clear: The Hot Octopuss Pulse III is a great toy, if not an absolutely phenomenal toy. It is not only completely adjustable with fully customisable settings, it is also interactive and able to respond to a partner’s touch from a far or to a wide variety of porn.

In summary, if you have a penis, you should absolutely get hold of a Hot Octopuss Pulse III as soon as you possibly can. There is no way in the world you could regret your decision to treat yourself to one of the most versatile, inclusive and innovative male sex toys on the planet.

Whatever you’re into, read our expert deep-dive into the best automatic male masturbators on the market today where we test out and review the Kiiroo Keon, Autoblow AI and many more top long distance sex toys to give you the best advice on what to go for.

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