How to Dry A Fleshlight


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Are you wondering how to dry a fleshlight properly? We’ll teach you.

Drying your fleshlight or fleshlight sleeve after every use is just as important as cleaning it in the first place. Sadly, just under half of the men who use flashlights and other sex toys regularly actually bother to clean and dry them – and there are many good reasons why skipping this admittedly tedious chore is a very bad idea.

Cleaning and subsequently drying your fleshlight sleeves can seem like an annoying chore, something you would rather skip – but trust us, it is very much worth taking the time and effort to do both of these things properly so that you can enjoy your fleshlight for as long as possible, and without having to worry about a potential bacterial infection.

In this article we’ll cover precisely why drying your fleshlight is super important as well as teach you how to dry a fleshlight or fleshlight sleeve both quickly and effectively. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Why drying fleshlight sleeves and other sex toys is so important

Hopefully you already know why it’s important to clean your fleshlight or fleshlight sleeve every single time you’ve used it. But in case you’re unsure, here’s the boiled-down answer: When you come into a fleshlight or fleshlight sleeve, you are essentially filling up your toy with organic matter, i.e. semen. If this isn’t cleaned off properly and thoroughly, you’ll soon have created a breeding ground for bacteria, mould and other unpleasantries that you very much do not want to stick your penis back into. If you do, you could wind up with a nasty bacterial or yeast infection.

Cleaning your sex toys after use – particularly any sex toy that you insert your penis into – is the only way to ensure that using your sex toys keeps being as fun as its supposed to be. Sliding into a smelly, mouldy fleshlight just insn’t very appealing, particularly not with the likelihood of a yeast infection looming over you. In other words, even if cleaning and then drying your sex toy after you’ve used it can seem like an annoying chore, it’s better to just get on with it, and right away. Do not let your fleshlight or fleshlight sleeve sit for long with your semen inside it. Of course you can wait a few minutes before you go ahead with the cleaning process, but you should’t leave it there for hours.

After cleaning your fleshlight sleeve, the temptation is to put it away immediately and go on with your day, but don’t fall for it. If your fleshlight sleeve isn’t completely dry – and we mean completely dry – before you put it away, you run the risk of it becoming mouldy. Of course most sex toys have been made of materials that are specifically mould resistant, but no sex toy is perfect. A still-wet toy left in a damp environment or an enclosed box could still represent an optimal place for mould to start developing.

Another important mistake to avoid when looking for ways to easily dry your fleshlight sleeve is turning your masturbation sleeve inside out. Much as turning the sleeve inside out makes it easier to get to and therefore dry the inside, it also risks ripping and tearing the material.

Best ways to dry a fleshlight sleeve fast

Now that you are clear on why drying your fleshlight sleeve properly is just about as important as washing it properly in the first place, let us talk about the best ways to go about drying it.

There are shortcuts you can take, such as using a hot air dryer or placing your toy on top of a radiator to absorb the heat, but these can easily backfire since the silicone or SuperSkin material that fleshlight sleeves are made from are sensitive to heat and may melt or at leat loose some of their shape if exposed to excessive heat. In other words, be careful about taking shortcuts when it comes to drying your fleshlight sleeve.

We’ll walk you through how best to dry your fleshlight, with variations to suit your personal preferences and the drying tools you may or may not have available. 

Start by cleaning your fleshlight, thoroughly

This article is about how to dry your fleshlight, not about how to clean it. Still, we want to underscore that drying your fleshlight properly only matters if you have already cleaned it properly beforehand. 

Shake off excess water and place upright to drain

The first step to drying a fleshlight properly is to ensure that it is as dry as possible before the drying process even begins. This is done by simply shaking off excess moisture as a first step. 

All fleshlights are slightly different, but most of them feature successive internal chambers that all have their different textured parts. While these varied textures are extremely pleasurable to rub your dick against, they’re also prone to trapping water droplets. If shake your fleshlight sleeve after rinsing and washing it, you’ll be amazed at how much water comes out. To really get rid of any last drops, place your fleshlight in a vertical position so any remaining water is able to find its way out.

A paper towel or microfiber cloth can take you far

Now that your fleshlight sleeve is holding as little water internally as possible, the next step we recommend taking is giving it a wipe-down using either a paper towel or a microfiber cloth. 

Microfiber cloth is preferred, since it won’t break as you pass it through your fleshlight’s internal channel. You also shouldn’t use any kind of towel or fabric that may fray and leave little strands of fabric inside your fleshlight.

Wipe down the fleshlight’s orifice and exterior as best you can.

In a pinch, you can also use a car shammy instead of paper or cloth. Car shammies are wonderful inventions, made from an absorbent towel-like material that makes them perfect for wiping down fleshlight sleeves.

Use a bit of propanol solution or isopropyl alcohol

It really doesn’t matter whether you do this step before or after wiping your fleshlight with a cloth or paper towel, and this step is optional as is. Use either a little bit of propanol solution or rubbing alcohol to get rid of any remaining bacteria. 

However, don’t use too much rubbing alcohol as it is a potent substance and can be very tough on the delicate silicone or SuperSkin that your fleshlight sleeve is made of. You should be particularly careful and sparing when applying any kind of alcohol to your flashlights internal chambers as they are made from vegetable oil (This is what gives them their realistic feel!) and can easily break down if too much alcohol is applied.

The function of the alcohol or propanol is to kill germs and has the added benefit of drying the area it has been applied to. Using a few misty sprays should be sufficient.

As a besides, it is also a good idea to wipe down your fleshlight case to ensure it won’t grow mold.

Air drying methods

Unfortunately, a fleshlight can’t dry completely without air flow, so sit tight while we go over the best drying techniques out there.

There are plenty of different ways to air dry your fleshlight effectively. Some of them are fast and some of them are slow. It’s up to you which one(s) you decide to use. The key thing here is that you actually dry your favorite sex toy properly before putting it away in its case or secret hiding place.

The drying rack method

If you don’t want to invest too much effort into drying your fleshlight, simply placing it on any flat surface in a warm and dry spot and leaving it there to dry will do the trick just fine. 

One particularly good place to put it is on a dish drying rack. You can use the same dish rack that you already use for your dishes and other kitchen utensils, but a more hygienic way is to get yourself an extra dish drying rack specifically for this purpose.

Leaving your fleshlight to air dry on a drying rack can easily take a few hours. We recommend setting a timer for later in the day or evening when it’s time to come and put it away, in case you forget! Without an alarm it can be easy to forget that you left your fleshlight to dry, which is not a good idea at all, particularly if you have young children or guests you don’t want to come face to face with your masturbation sleeve. 

The DIY fleshlight hanger method

If you share your home with others, you may be better off air drying your fleshlight discreetly somewhere out of view. 

A great option is to make a DIY hanger for your fleshlight using a wire coat hanger and some string. Make sure the string is sturdy enough to hold the weight of any fleshlight toys you may decide to hang from it. Making a DIY fleshlight hanger out of the simple material is quick and easy: Just make a loop out of the string and tie or duct tape it to the hanger. Now, whenever you want to air dry a fleshlight, place it on the string and put the hanger on the back of your door or in your wardrobe for a few hours until your toy is completely dry both inside and out.

Of course, leaving your fleshlight dangling from a clothes hanger inside a closed and crammed wardrobe isn’t ideal, as mildew growth requires the kind of damp and dark environment that this may create. But if your fleshlight has some space to ‘breathe,’ the hanger method works.

The hair dryer method

If you own a hairdryer or live with someone that does, you can use this handy tool to dry fleshlights in a jiffy. 

As hinted at earlier, you’ll need to be careful when using a hair dryer to dry a fleshlight. If the heat is too intense or you hold your hair dryer too close as you dry your fleshlight, your favorite sex toy may actually melt as you blow air into it.

If, however, your blow dryer has different settings that allow you to control the air flow temperature, using it is one of the most effective drying techniques out there. If you’re unsure, start out by holding your fleshlight at a safe distance while carefully blowing a bit of air into it. If this seems fine, you can turn up the air flow and use it to dry your fleshlight quickly.

The aquarium pump method

Did you know that you can use an aquarium pump to dry a fleshlight? Well, now you do.

If you happen to be an aquarium owner, you’ll also be the owner of an aquarium pump. To dry a flashlight using this novel drying technique, hold your fleshlight sleeve vertically and insert the pump’s flexible tubing into it. Then let its powerful suction take care of the rest. Just make sure your pump’s suction isn’t much for your fleshlight’s porous material to handle.

Final thoughts on drying fleshlights

Keeping your fleshlight sleeve in tip top condition is key to being able to enjoy your favorite toy for as long as possible. 

Fortunately, fleshlight care is exceedingly simple and consists solely in cleaning, drying and storing your fleshlight toy properly. Perhaps because it’s so simple, may can’t be bothered and as a result end up with mouldy and damaged fleshlight sleeves that will have to be replaced frequently. But with just a bit of effort, you can keep your fleshlight fresh and ready to use for a long, long time to come. No pun intended.

We hope that you’ve found this guide to how to dry a fleshlight useful and that it’s shown you that remembering to dry your fleshlight properly is both easy and absolutely worth it.

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