How to Please a Man in Bed


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Wondering how to please a man in bed? Whether you are in a new relationship or you’ve been with your partner for many years, it’s always important to have a healthy sex life because it is a crucial part of any loving relationship. 

Therefore, women should try to make an effort to deliver great sex to keep their partner sexually satisfied and leaving him craving for more. If you want to know the secrets to making his sexual fantasies come true and giving him the best orgasm of his life, you’ve come to the right place.

Discover the tips and tricks that will satisfy your man sexually in bed.

20 Ways to Pleasure a Man in Bed

What do guys love in bed? These sex tips and ideas will surely keep your man happy, so be sure to mix things up and try different things all the time.

1. Initiate.

Men love it when a woman takes control. When it comes to sex, it’s always the guys who initiates it. For a change, you can surprise your partner by being the one to initiate sex.

Contrary to popular belief, though, men are not always in the mood for sex. Make sure to read his cues to ensure that he is ready for a night of romping before you propose the idea.

2. Tease him throughout the day.

How much pleasure a man gets from the intimacy is not just about the act itself. You can slowly build it up and get him as excited as possible.

For example, while you are both at work, you can text him about a surprise in the bedroom. Throughout the day, you can send him short messages to tease him about what’s in store when you both get home. These short messages will get him so excited that it’s all he will think about throughout the day. You can only imagine how excited he will be once he gets a hold of you!

3. Talking dirty to him.

Aside from sending texts to tease your man, another technique to please him in bed is by talking dirty to him. Send him raunchy texts or images. He’ll love it when he feels your passion and excitement because it will pass on to him.

4. Foreplay is king.

One of the best advices from a relationship expert to increase how much pleasure you can give a man in bed is to engage in foreplay. According to experts, you need at least 10 minutes of pleasure to get his entire body stimulated and his senses ready for some action. There are several foreplay techniques you can use that will drive him insane and make him want to take your clothes off.

5. Do some role playing.

Role playing is one of the best ways for him to realize his sexual fantasies. Ask him about what he fantasizes most and then use that as an idea on the type of role you want to play during a given sex session. Role playing is a surefire way to give him mind blowing orgasm!

6. Touch him everywhere except the penis.

Most men like it when you caress their most sensitive body parts. But a great way to build up pleasure and excitement for sex is to use your sense of touch to tease him. Use your hands and stroke him sexually throughout the body, except his penis. Caress your hands sensually, as if you are trying to explore his different body parts.

One trick to make it more sensual: maintain eye contact throughout!

7. Touch yourself.

A different strategy would be a reverse of the tip above: touch yourself. This one takes a bit of self-confidence in your sexuality and body. If you fit that category, then you can try this technique to please a man in bed.

Give your partner a private peep show. Slowly undress while he is watching and then touch yourself at the most intimate parts. It will have him imagining what that feels like and send his pleasure senses through the roof.

8. Use your mouth.

It’s a fact: men love getting blow jobs and oral sex. If you like giving them, take it upon yourself to give him a good head. If it’s your man who normally gives oral sex, take your turn this time around.

Use your tongue, too, if you like. Explore his most sensitive parts using your mouth and tongue. This will get him all fired up for the main act.

9. Wear his favorite lingerie.

Men have a specific lingerie that they like seeing their women in. If your partner does, put that lingerie on and tease him with it. Even if you normally wear pajamas and a baggy shirt to bed, toss that aside for now. Find something sexy to wear to get both of you in the mood for sex.

10. Take control of him.

As mentioned above, men like a woman who takes control. Instead of letting him lead you during sex, you take the lead role. You don’t know how this can turn a man on in bed!

11. Take it slow.

You might be excited to unleash your sexual fantasies together in bed, but taking it slow and steady can actually be more rewarding. Taking it slow will reap you more rewards in your sex life, whether it is in foreplay or giving him oral pleasure.

12. Try different sex positions.

To pleasure a man in bed, you can’t just stick with one sex position. It’s important to explore different positions.

If you’ve been together for some time now, you probably know what his favorite sex positions are. Use this opportunity to let him enjoy those positions to increase his desire in the bedroom. You can even try sex positions you haven’t done before! Who knows, it might be added to your favorite list!

13. Allow him to dominate you.

Sure, men loves it when women try new things and take charge. But men also love it when you give them free rein over you.

Give him the license to dominate you and unleash his sexual fantasies on you. For example, you can let him bind your hands together and explore your body as he pleases. Just make sure to set boundaries when he tries to dominate you so that you can both achieve maximum pleasure.

14. Use a sex toy.

Another great way to please a man in bed is to use a sex toy. There are plenty of sex toys out there that are designed for couples to use. Find a toy that matches your style and then you can use it together to enhance sexual pleasure and intimacy.

15. Be loud.

Men love it when they can hear you in the bedroom. Therefore, this is your license to be loud and vocal. If he does something that pleases you, shout it out and let him know. Those growls of pleasure are like music to his ears and is sure to please your man!

16. You can watch yourselves do it.

If you do have a mirror in the bedroom, position the mirror so that you can see yourselves in action. Again, this tip is only for those couples who are confident about their bodies. Men achieve tremendous amount of pleasure in watching their partners and their bodies in a hot and steamy sex!

17. Try new ideas and sensations.

Don’t be afraid to add props into the mix. You can use whipped cream and spread it all over his body. You can then lick that cream off his body. It will send pleasures all over his body.

Another idea is to use a chocolate syrup and then lick it off him. There are several tips you can try to add variety to your sex life and please your man.

18. Use sensual oils.

Adding scented oils into the bedroom is a great way to put you and your man in the mood for sex. Before you get into the action, be sure to turn the diffuser one and fill the room with sensual scents.

The best oils to put you in the mood for sexual intimacy are lavender, sandalwood, ylang ylang, rose, and clary sage.

19. Play a sex game.

Games are a fun way to build excitement for sex and please your man. You can play a game and then the person who loses faces a consequence. Don’t reveal to your partner what that consequence is, which will heighten his excitement and pleasure in anticipation of what’s to come.

20. You can take it outside the bedroom.

While this series of tips is all about how to please your man in bed, it doesn’t mean that you should limit your sexual activity in the bedroom. You can try different places to keep things exciting. For example, you can do it in the kitchen, in the laundry room, in your home office, or even in the car!

The thrill of doing something that’s supposed to be in the bedroom done outside adds excitement and fun to the whole experience. Just make sure that there is no one else around to avoid any awkward situations!

The Bottom Line

Not all men are the same. Some men like foreplay while others love to do more sensual things, such as having eye contact while you are having sex. It is important to be aware of what would please your man. This will ensure that you know what makes them achieve maximum pleasure and how you can keep giving it to them.

If your partner does not fully express themselves in the bedroom, communication is important. You can directly ask your man what he likes most in the bedroom so that you can fulfill their sexual fantasies and keep longing for more. Most guys love it when you ask them and would be happy to answer your question because it shows your interest in satisfying that desire.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to try new things to please your man and have fun! You can explore new ideas that can take your sex life to another level as a couple. But never force your partner to do something that they are not comfortable with; both you and your partner should be willing participants.

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