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This is the detailed, honest Kiiroo Titan Review you’ve been searching for.

The Kiiroo Titan is the flagship automatic male masturbator from the industry-leading teledildonics company, Kiiroo. This bad boy is not only in competition with some of the world’s most high-tech pleasure products from competing brands – such as the Lovense Max 2 and the Fleshlight Launch – but also with other Kiiroo products including the super popular Kiiroo Onyx 2.

In this detailed Kiiroo Titan review, we’ll cover all of the important features and answer all of your key questions about the Titan, all to help you decide whether you should make the Kiiroo Titan yours or spend your money on a different toy.

Are you ready? Let’s get down and dirty.

New to automatic sex toys? Here’s your briefing

If you still haven’t awakened to the possibilities – and the pleasures – of interactive videos, VR and partner-controlled sex toys, you’re in for a true sexual awakening.

Automatic sex toys used to mean that the toy moves by itself at the press of a button, but sex toys have come a long way in the past few years, with so-called teledildonics being the frontier of innovation where boundaries are pushed and new possibilities for experiencing pleasure open up.

Interactive, app-controlled automatic masturbators like the Kiiroo Titan allow you to not only experience hands-free stimulation with plenty of customizable settings to choose from, they also connect to Virtual Reality porn, 2D porn, cam sites, and even to other Kiiroo toys. In other words, once you are the happy owner of a Kiiroo Titan, you’ll have a whole new world of pleasure to explore.

Teledildonics are sure to blow your mind – and your sexual organ -, whether you are looking to improve your solo sessions or create a much more intimate experience with a long-distance sexual partner. One of the true wonders that the Kiiroo Titan has to offer is that it connects with your partner’s device, allowing the two of you to experience sexual intimacy in real time from afar. But more on the Titan’s interactive mode later!

Interactive sex toys are changing the world for the better. Sure, they can’t replace IRL sex with another human body, but they are a wonderful addition to have available if you are sexually hungry, curious or want to keep your sexual partner close to you even if there is great physical distance between you. As a besides, interactive and partner-controlled sex toys are already extremely popular with military couples and other romantic and sexual couples where one partner has to travel or be away from home for extended periods of time.

About Kiiroo

Kiiroo is one of the domineering producers and innovators of teledildonics. Their interactive and partner-controlled sex toys are among the best on the market.

Kiiroo stems from Greek and translates into “Master,” a suitable word to describe the fact that the Kiiroo products you try will soon ‘own’ you, or will at least hold you attention in a tight grip!

The vision behind Kiiroo toys is to fuse social network and touch sensor technology to provide users with a truly immersive, 3D experience of online and virtual sex. Before the advent of teledildonics, long-distance and virtual sex used to be only 2D. While you might have been able to both hear and see your partner or the porn star on the screen, you couldn’t feel their touch. Now, with touch-sensitive buttons and touch-sensor pads on the devices, you’ll be able to feel and respond to your partner’s movements. Needless to say, this makes for a much more realistic, intense and intimate experience.

Another key point to mention about Kiiroo and the vision that drives it is that it is a truly customizable and individualized brand. With the Kiiroo Titan, as well as with any of the other products from Kiiroo’s growing range of toys, you can always choose between manual and interactive modes, between video and human interaction. It is up to you whether you sync your device with a partner’s or want to fly solo. And because Kiiroo is fully inclusive, it is also up to you whether you pair your device with a female or male partner’s device.

Enter the Kiiroo Titan

Now, let’s discuss the Titan specifically, starting with an overview before we zoom in on the details.

The Kiiroo Titan comes with no less than 7 pre-programmed performance functions to play around with and enjoy right out of the box. You can easily switch between the different modes by simply touching the control pad on the front of the toy.

As already mentioned above, the Kiiroo Titan is compatible and can be synched with any other toy in the Kiiroo lineup of toys. It is, however, worth mentioning that the Titan cannot be paired with products from other brands, unlike the Onyx 2 which pairs beautifully with the Fleshlight Launch.

As well as pairing with a partner’s device, the Titan is also vastly enjoyable on its own, featuring, among other mention-worthy highlights, 9 powerful vibrating bullets, a deliciously textured and fully removable inner sleeve and a lightweight design that makes it lightweight and easy to handle.

Design and appearance

The Kiiroo Titan is discreet through and though, from the unmarked box it arrives in to its elegant yet simple exterior.

On the outside, the Kiiroo Titan sports a discreet design in matte black ABS plastic with rounded edges to visually distinguish it from the square shape of the Kiiroo Onyx. At a glance, you cannot even tell it is a sex toy, which is great in case someone stumbles across it who shouldn’t have.

The Kiiroo Titan has a side unit that pops open, giving you easy access to the removable sleeve inside the device – a super practical feature to have when you want to clean your toy.

Also in the box: a USB pin charting cable and USB charger for easy recharging whenever you need it, as well as an instruction manual and warranty registration card to enable registration of your device.

Internal technology and functions

We all know that it’s what’s on the inside that really matters – and the Titan by Kiiroo is certainly no exception.

Internally, the Titan boasts nine vibrating bulets and nine motors for powerful action. It also has contracting rings that provide maximum pleasure. The Titan’s three vibrators send targeted vibrations to where they are going to have the greatest effect.

The Kiiroo Titan springs into life when you press the LED power button on its front. You can switch between different modes including targeted, target power, auto, blow, pulse and endurance using the touch-sensitive buttons on the front.

The interchangeable sleeves inside the toy guaranteed that you are going to have a life-like and memorable experience whether you are enjoying a solo session or partner play. Your can get different inner sleeves for variations in experience – some of them are inspired by real porn actresses, including Jessica Drake.

What’s more, the Titan is suitable for most penis sizes – but if your circumference exceeds 5 cm, it could be a tight or even uncomfortable fit.

For the most immersive experience possible, connect your Kiiroo Titan to the Feelconnect app and synch it with other Kiiroo devices. Side note: You can synch with both female and male devices, depending on your sexual preferences.

Price point

The Titan by Kiiroo retails from around $100. You won’t find a better male masturbator for the same price.

Battery life

When fully charged, the Kiiroo Titan has as battery life lasting approximately 40 minutes, which should be ample for most.

Kiiroo Interactive Couple Set Titan and Cliona

The Kiiroo Titan and the Kiiroo Cliona make the perfect set of long-distance sex toys for straight couples that want to close the gap of time and space – or couples who simply want to try something new and spice up their existing sex life with these innovative, interactive sex toys.

The Titan is the toy for the penis-haver in the relationship. It is a handheld, touch-sensitive penis stroker with enough customizable settings and intensity levels to keep you coming back for more. The Titan boasts 9 vibrating bullets and a real-feel sleeve for a truly intense and life-like experience.

The Cliona is a handheld clitoral stimulator powered by touch-sensitive technology. Like the Titan, the Cliona allows for two-way pleasure via the app. It is both powerful, waterproof and small enough to slip in your pocket. In other words, you can enjoy it anywhere and at any time you choose.

The Titan and the Cliona sync up via the Kiiroo app, enabling couples to hook up and feel their partner’s touch anytime they want from anywhere in the world. When the Titan and the Cliona are connected via the app, you’ll be able to feel your partner’s touch through the vibrations of your own device, just as they’ll be able to feel yours. The touch-sensitive pads on both devices give you the ability to share your pleasure with your partner as well as to take part in theirs by controlling the speed and intensity of the vibrations of your partner’s toy.

In addition to the ability to connect your device to your partner’s, you are also able to sync it to over 4,000 different videos. In other words, if you want to feel the thrusts and movements of your favorite porn stars in 2D or virtual reality, you can!

Explore the Kiiroo Titan’s different modes

The Kiiroo Titan gives you plenty of different modes to experience and play around with. Let’s take a quick look at what’s on offer.

Manual modes

Despite being an interactive sex toy, the Titan by Kiiroo has plenty of manual modes, all with different vibrational patterns and intensity levels.

There is the targeted mode which sends waves of intense vibration directly to the middle of your shaft. There’s the targeted power mode which targets your middle and root simultaneously. There’s the auto mode, targeting your middle with vibration and your entire length with irresistible up-and-down strokes. There’s the blow mode which envelopes your entire penis in buzzing vibration. There’s the pulse mode, named for its pulsating pattern of vibration, and finally there’s the endurance mode which makes all of your penis vibrate with different levels of intensity.

Interactive mode

Interactive mode is by far the most thrilling to experience and explore when you get your Kiiroo Titan. The interactive features alone are what put the Titan heads and shoulders above most of its competition.

It is worth investing in a VR headset if you don’t already own one, because the Kiiroo Titan lets you connect and sync the movements of your device to what is going on on the screen when you are watching either 2D or VR porn.

The Titan male masturbator also connects to other devices from Kiiroo’s range of app-controlled sex toys. This in itself opens up a whole new realm of possible sexual experiences and encounters.

Once you have hooked your Kiiroo Titan up to the FeelConnect app, you’ll be able to send your sexual partner requests and allow him or her to take charge of the settings, speeds and vibration patterns of your device. If they allow it, you’ll also be able to control your partner’s device, and your two Kiiroo toys can even sync and respond to each other, so it’s almost like having sex with your lover in person.

Who the Kiiroo Titan is perfect for

Needless to say, the Kiiroo Titan male masturbator is ideal for long-distance couples that want to maintain their intimate connection from afar.

But the Titan is also fantastic for solo sessions as it creates a much more real and immersive experience than just about every other automatic masturbator on the planet.

Best Kiiroo Titan alternatives

The Kiiroo Titan is certainly a titan in its field, but are there similar toys out there that are able to simulate intercourse with the same degree of realism?

It is fair to say that the Kiiroo Titan is going to give you more pleasure than most other toys on the market, with the only possible exceptions being other Kiiroo products. The Kiiroo Onyx+ and the Kiiroo Keon are both worth considering. They’re both more expensive than the Titan, but the jump in price is worth it for the added customisation options and features. The Lovense Max 2 and the hands-down glorious Fleshlight Launch are also strong contenders.

If you want a versatile, addictive device for solo fun, to explore the realm of Virtual Reality porn or cam sites, or to fan the fires of your long-distance relationship, the Kiiroo Titan is a sure bet.

Conclusion: Is Kiiroo Titan the best interactive sex toy on the market?

It’s a close call, but the Kiiroo Titan is certainly among the best interactive and app-controlled male masturbators on the market today.

Don’t let its lightweight and discreet design fool you – this bad boy packs a real punch and provides you with plenty of range and versatility. If you already own a Kiiroo Keon or a Kiiroo Onyx+ the Titan is hardly going to add anything new to the sexual smorgasbord you already have before you, but if you don’t already own a high-end, high-tech sex toy, the Kiiroo Titan is the best place to start.

Frequently asked questions

Whatever you’re into, read our expert deep-dive into the best automatic male masturbators on the market today where we test out and review the Kiiroo Keon, Autoblow AI and many more top long distance sex toys to give you the best advice on what to go for.

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