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If you are considering getting your hands on the innovative Lovense Edge 2, you NEED to read our unbiased Lovense Edge 2 review. 

The Lovense Edge 2 is a stand-out prostate massager with both an insertable prostate arm and an outer perineum arm, meaning it targets both the prostate and perineum with powerful vibrations. This deceptively small sex toy also offers plenty of variety. Whether you simply want to experience the waves of targeted pleasure delivered by the preset patterns or explore the wide variety of VR porn and long-distance play that the Lovense Edge 2 plugs you into, this versatile toy promises more pleasure than most.

If you have decided to delve into the enjoyable realm of prostate vibes and are looking for the best prostate massager available, this article was written for you. In it, we’ll cover both the pluses and minuses that the Lovense Edge 2 brings to the table as well as talk about what sets it apart from other prostate sex toys. Ultimately, we’ll draw an honest conclusion as to whether or not this high-tech, hands-free prostate massager is worth it.

New to vibrating prostate massagers? Here is why you should try them

Prostate massagers offer something that no other sex toys can promise – an intense prostate orgasm on tap.

If you have never experienced the intense orgasms that a powerful prostate massager can give you, you’re in for an absolute awakening when you first try the Lovense Edge 2 or other vibrating sex toys that target the prostate. 

Prostate orgasms can be even more intense than orgasms that come from external stimulation only. When your p spot is targeted with wave after wave of deep rumbly vibration patterns, the result can be a mind-blowing orgasm unlike anything you have experienced before.

There are plenty of old myths about prostate orgasms and the. anal toys that can help you achieve them. Primary among them is probably the urban myth that only gay men can enjoy or be brought to orgasm from prostate play. The truth is that prostate toys are for everyone, and certainly for everyone with a prostate that can be targeted by the intense power of the Lovense Edge 2 or other prostate massagers.

What makes the Lovense Edge 2 a unique prostate massager

As more and more men of all sexual orientations have become interested in exploring anal play, the market has come to be flooded with vibrating prostate massagers and other anal and prostate sex toys. Given that there are literally thousands of toys to choose from, what makes the Lovense Edge 2 stand out?

The first things you should know about the Lovense Edge 2 is that it is a high-end smart sex toy. Produced by Singapore-based teledildontics giant Lovense, the Lovense Edge 2 is made from the highest quality, body safe materials and has a flexible body that can be adjusted to conform to your unique anatomy. It’s also Bluetooth enabled, meaning you can connect it to all sorts of adult content from 2D porn to virtual reality sex games and other’s sex toys. 

Lovense has been around since 2013 and has spent the past decade establishing itself as a trailblazing brand within the sex tech industry. The brand’s ethos is all about removing barriers to sexual pleasure, and the ever-growing catalogue of Lovense toys would suggest that the brand is rapidly manifesting this vision.

Smart sex toys are in a league of their own, and the Lovense Edge 2, being a Lovense product, is up there with the best of them. Of course, it comes with a price tag to match its quality, but if you prioritise sex and pleasure, chances are you’ll consider the cost a small price to pay for one of the most advanced sex toys on the planet.

Unboxing and first impressions

Lovense ship their products both quickly and discreetly, and with the Lovense Edge 2 it’s no different. The design of the outer box is both sleek and modern, in keeping with the brand and product ethos.

The Lovense Edge 2 comes with a magnetic USB charging cable with a magnetic charging port for easy charging in-between uses, a user manual and quick setup guide, a storage pouch, a one-year warranty and of course the prostate massager itself.

As soon as you lay eyes on the Lovense Edge 2 it becomes clear that you are dealign with a high-quality product. The Lovense Edge 2 prostate massager is made from matte black, completely body-safe silicone that is velvety soft yet firm to touch as well as easy to clean up afterwards. Overall, the feel of the material is rather life-like and sensual.


If you are only just starting to explore prostate massagers, one of the main challenges you are going to have is finding a toy that suits your anatomy. Every body is different, but most sex toys are created in a cookie-cutter like manner that means many won’t fit you properly. And as you either already have or are bound to discover quickly, the right fit is important when it comes to vibrating prostate massagers. If a prostate messager doesn’t hit your p spot properly, it may not provide you with much pleasure.

Fortunately, you won’t have that problem with the Lovense Edge 2 (or with any other Lovense product for that matter).

The Lovense Edge 2 is beautifully designed – a real feast for the eyes for the aesthetes among us. It looks more like a small modern sculptural piece than a typical sex toy. Its matte black, soft silicone exterior makes it look both elegant and discreet.

The Lovense Edge 2 is an adjustable prostate massager with a bulbous, multi-sectioned body, which is what enables you to adjust it to hug your anatomy perfectly while sending vibrations to all of the right places. 

The toy has a flexible neck reminiscent of the WeVibe Vector. The next allows you to adjust your Edge 2 until you get the perfect angle. When inserted, the Lovense Edge 2 is going to be aimed right at your p spot, which is a guarantee of intense pleasure.

The two ends of the Lovense Edge 2 are bulbous and slightly squishy – this is clearly a sex toy that has been optimized for comfort without compromising on sensation. The relative softness of the toy also means that it’ll be safe and comfortable to keep it inside of you for a period of time without it chafing or hurting you.

Internally, the Edge 2 is equipped with two powerful motors, one located in the shaft and the other in the base. What this means is that the Edge 2 vibrates at both ends, which makes for a much more intense experience overall. 

The base of the Lovense Edge 2 has an insertable length of 3.59 inches and it measures 1.38 inches in its widest place. For reference, this is only a little more than half the size of the average penis. In other words, inserting the Lovense Edge 2 into your anal opening won’t feel like having anal sex – it’ll be a different kind of stimulation altogether.

But let’s not forget that the Lovense Edge 2 has two arms, and that only one of them is for anal stimulation. The other is a perineum arm emitting powerful perineum vibrations that are sure to drive you wild. In other words, the Lovense Edge 2 targets both prostate and p spot simultaneously for a holistically pleasurable experience.

It is also worth mentioning here that the Lovense edge 2 sex toy is completely waterproof, meaning you can take it with you in the shower, in the bathtub or even in the ocean if discreet public play is your jam.

Vibration patterns

The Lovense Edge 2 comes with three different speed speeds and 10 different vibration patterns right out the box. 

All of these presets deliver strong and rumbly vibrations to your most sensitive parts – however, the preset patterns are only the top of the ice berg. When you connect your Lovense Edge 2 sex toy to the free Lovense app, you’ll be able to customise your experience with much more variety.

If you want to start playing with your sex toy right away – after charging it, of course – the preset patterns should offer enough variety to keep you entertained and drooling with pleasure for quite some time. But ultimately we recommend setting your own vibration patterns or synching your device up with some naughty content of your choice.

Once your Lovense Edge 2 is connected to porn or to a long-distance lover’s sex toy, this is when the Lovense Edge 2 comes through on another level, because this is when you discover just how much variability and customisation this little sex toy has to offer.

Pairing your Lovense Edge 2 with the Lovense remote app

Although the Lovense Edge 2 can certainly be enjoyed in its own right, the true magic of this versatile prostate vibrator is unlocked when you connect your device to the free Lovense app. The app gives you access to unlimited vibration patterns, as well as the ability to sync your device with other Lovense toys or with a great and delectable variety of adult content.

If you are new to remote sex toys and sexual play, let us briefly explain how it works. First, you should download and install the free Lovense app. This is what’ll allow you to engage in remote play as well as experience interactive porn and porn games to the fullest extend possible.

The Lovense app can be found on the App Store and can be downloaded on most devices, including iPhones, iPads, Mac desktops, Windows and Android devices. Once your app has been installed and you have logged in and paired your device, you’ll have access to more possibilities for sexual pleasure than ever before.

Enjoy adult content like never before

Thanks to your new Lovense Edge 2 and the Lovense remote app, porn just got a whole lot more real. 

Whether you are into 2D porn, virtual reality porn games or naughty video chat interaction, you’ll be able to connect your device to your favorite adult content via the smartphone app. 

Once your device is connected it’ll be able to respond and react to every movement and action on the screen. It’ll feel as if you are having real-life sex with any of the porn stars or virtual reality characters you are watching on the screen of your VR headset.

Of course, you’ll need a VR headset to be able to fully enjoy and unlock all of the virtual reality sexual experiences that await you with the Lovense Edge 2 and other Lovense toys. 

There are already many great VR headsets on the market and we recommend getting your hands on the best quality headset possible for the most realistic immersive porn experience possible. Some of the best options include the Meta Quest 2, the HP Reverb G2, the Valve Index and the Sony PlayStation VR. Any of these headsets will give you a crystal clear, life-like experience when paired with your Lovense Edge 2.

Because Lovense is one of the leading brands in the sex tech industry, Lovense toys are compatible with the vast majority of VR porn platforms and VR porn gaming sites out there, as well as with thousands of 2D porn videos.

When your device is synched up with a piece of content through the app, it’ll react to the actions and movements you see happening on the screen. If you are watching an anal scene, your Lovense Edge 2 will react to the trusts and rhythm you see in the video. The same is true for the games you may want to explore.

The overall effect is of a much more intense, immersive and realistic porn experience. Real-life sex barely beats the simplicity and sheer pleasure of letting your Lovense Edge 2 prostate massager bring you to an intense climax while you are watching a heated porn scene or animation catering to your specific preferences.

Let your partner take control

Not only does the Lovense remote app let you immerse yourself in your favorite adult content in an entirely new way, it also lets you play with a long-distance sexual partner, no matter where in the world he or she happens to be.

The Lovense Edge 2 is controllable from anywhere in the world via the internet and the Lovense app. What this means, of course, is that the Lovense app gives you the power to shrink the distance between yourself and anyone else in the world that you want to have some naughty fun with.

When connected to the Lovense app, you’ll be able to sync your device with a long-distance partner’s Lovense toy, or simply give your partner complete control over the vibration patterns and settings on your device. The result can be a much more intimate and naughty experience than simply having cam to cam interaction where you are only touching yourself without the interactive element.

If you are in a long-distance relationship and you and your partner don’t already own a complementing pair of smart sex toys, you should definitely consider it, particularly if you are struggling to maintain a sense of intimacy and attraction in your relationship.

Maintaining a thriving relationship across vast distances is a challenge for many reasons, and one of the primary ones is that a lack of physical closeness and intimacy is sure to cause rifts and a feeling of emotional distance between romantic or sexual partners. But at least sex tech has come so far that it can help erase the physical distance that makes long-distance romances so difficult.

When you and your partner are both logged into the Lovense remote app, you’ll be able to grant each other access to the settings on your respective sex toys. Touch sensitive technology also means that your toy will be able to respond to your partner’s toy and movements, which can really feel like he or she is there in the room with you. 

This brings us to the next point: Inclusivity. Lovense don’t make the mistake of assuming their customers’ sexual preferences and it is up to you whether you want to pair your Lovense Edge 2 with another male or a female toy. Your Lovense Edge 2 pairs with any other toy in the Lovense range, including other Lovense Edge 2s.

It goes without saying that it is also up to you whether you use your Bluetooth-enabled sex toy to enjoy long-distance sexual play with an existing lover or with complete strangers. As long as you are both logged into the app, you can give anyone anywhere in the world control of your device. You can even do so if he or she is standing right next to you. 

Because the Lovense Edge 2 can be controlled from any distance, including a short range, it gives you the power to decide how, when and where you want to use it – and who you want to put in charge of controlling it.

Lovense Edge 2 care

The key to ensuring the longevity of any sex toy is taking proper care of it. Most guys can’t be bothered, which is why their toys fray, get smelly or even start going mouldy. Needless to say, you don’t want any of this to happen to your toy, particularly not when you invest in a quality toy.

It is important to always clean your sex toy after using it. Sex toys go inside your body (or your body goes inside of them), which means that a toy that isn’t cleaned properly could cause all sorts of hygiene and health problems, including yeast infections.

Cleaning your toy is simple enough. Start by running it under some warm water, then use a bit of toy cleaning product to make sure it is completely clean and free from bacteria. In most cases, using a dedicated cleaner is the best way to go. Even though they can seem a little expensive, a little goes a long way with these specially formulated, gentle cleaning products.

Soap and warm water also works, but over time the vegetable oil that most soaps are made of is going to break down the silicone or SuperSkin material that your sex toy is made from.

Once your toy is clean, the next important step is to let it dry properly. While you can start by shaking off any excess water and wiping it on a paper towel, your Lovense Edge 2 should be left to air dry until it is completely and utterly dry. If you get impatient and put it away before it has dried completely, mould and mildew may start to appear on the toy’s surface.

Air drying your toy can easily take a few hours – but stick with it. Once it is fully dry, you can put your Lovense Edge 2 away in its storage bag until next time.

Who and what the Lovense Edge 2 is perfect for

Now that you have a broad yet detailed overview over the Lovense Edge 2 and what it can do, it is time for us to look at who it is really most suited for.

Those wanting to experience intense prostate stimulation

If you have a prostate, chances are you are going to find prostate stimulation extremely pleasurable. And as discussed earlier in this Lovense Edge 2 review, the edge 2 has more than little more to offer than most prostate massagers on the market.

Its size makes the Lovense Edge 2 suitable for both beginners and seasoned anal sex aficionados. It is small enough to be comfortable and easy to use, without making you feel like your anal opening is being invaded by a large foreign object. In other words, the Lovense Edge 2 is the prefect size for most guys wanting to experience prostate stimulation.

Those wanting to experience physical remote sex

Whether you are in a long-distance relationship or simply want to experience remote sex in ways you never have before, downloading the Lovense remote app and getting your hands on at least one Lovense sex toy, the Lovense Edge 2 is recommendable.

With the Lovense Edge 2 in your arsenal, you’ll be able to experience and enjoy long-distance sex with new levels of intensity and intimacy. Of course, remote play is at its best when your partner also owns a Lovense sex toy and your two toys are paired up together with a result that is very much like having sex in real life.

Those wanting to experience fully immersive porn

If watching regular, 2D porn doesn’t really scratch your itch, immersing yourself more fully in the experience can provide you with a much more intense and holistic experience. 

The Lovense Edge 2 is one of the tools you’ll need to immerse yourself more fully in the experience of watching and enjoying porn. The other part of the equation is a VR headset. When these pieces of technology work in unison, the result is a fully immersive and very life-like sexual experience, whenever you want it.

Those wanting to engage in discreet public play

The Lovense Edge is just as suitable for discreet public play as it is for long-distance fun and games. 

The Lovense Edge s prostate toy is rather small in size, and of course half of it goes inside your body, making it very easy to wear in public. The two powerful motors are silent, too, so your primary challenge will be controlling any signs of visible excitement if you decide to use your Lovense Edge 2 in public.

And let us not forget that the Lovense Edge 2 is app controlled, from any distance. What this means is that you’ll be able to discreetly open the app and change the speed or vibration pattern yourself – or you can let someone else do it for you via the app. It won’t even matter whether he or she is sat right across from you at the table or whether they’re far away in a different time zone.

How the Lovense Edge 2 differs from a traditional butt plug

The Lovense Edge 2 is so much more than just a regular butt plug. 

Not only has it been designed to fit your anatomy perfectly and to keep in place even during rigours play – unlike most anal sex toys out there -, it also has more different vibration patterns than you could ever hope for and gives you access to entirely new worlds of experience thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity and app control. 

How the Lovense Edge 2 differs from the original Lovense Edge

The Lovense Edge 2 is a new and improved version of an older Lovense toy, the Lovense Edge prostate massager. While the original Edge is an innovative product in its own right, the Edge 2 has seen several improvements.

As a pioneering product, the original Lovense Edge wasn’t perfect. One of the issues that people experienced while playing with their original Edge was an unstable Bluetooth connection. With a patchy connection, playtime was always in danger of getting interrupted, and as we all either know from personal experience or have no trouble imagining, nothing is more frustrating than your sex tech zonking out on you just as you’re hitting your stride and are riding towards a spectacular climax.

Fortunately, Lovense is a sex tech brand dedicated to continual innovation and improvement, so the new Lovense Edge 2 comes equipped with an upgraded Bluetooth chip that is guaranteed to provide connection stability so you can just focus on the experience without having to worry about connection issues. If you want our opinion, this one upgrade alone makes it worth considering replacing your original Edge with the Edge 2.

Another important improvement is the larger and more bulbous prostate arm that the Lovense Edge 2 is equipped with. By comparison, the original Edge had a smaller and slimmer arm which made it harder to keep in place. The more hefty arm on the Edge 2 helps the entire sex toy stay in place and lets you angle it more forwards or backwards to target exactly the right spot.

The Lovense Edge 2 also seems to have a power powerful motor and more intense vibration patterns than the original Lovense Edge. 

Final thoughts: Is the Lovense Edge 2 really superior to other prostate massagers?

As you’ll already be clear on if you’ve read our entire Lovense Edge 2 review and guide this far, the Edge 2 is a powerful prostate massager with so much more to offer than what meets the eye.

When you first remove your new Lovense Edge 2 from its box, you’ll be able to tell that it’s a quality product, but the true possibilities only unfold over time as you begin to play and explore.

The primary thing that makes the Lovense Edge 2 a clear winner is its versatility. Truly, anyone with a prostate can enjoy using it, in whatever way he pleases. Like we’ve covered in this article, the Lovense Edge 2 offers plenty of intense, deep vibration on its own to blow most people’s minds, but that’s only the beginning.

When you’ve hooked your Lovense Edge 2 up to the app, it is like walking into an absolute candy store for adults. Not only does the remote app let you set whichever vibration patterns you want with a literally unlimited selection of combinations of speed and vibration, it also lets you pair your toy with a huge selection of porn and VR adult content, not to mention cam chats and the ability to interact with a sexual partner’s Lovense toy no matter the physical distance between you.

So, do we recommend the Lovense Edge 2? Absolutely. If you have a prostate and a perineum, you’re bound to love this potent little toy. And if you take good care of it, it’ll last you a long, long time while providing you with unrivalled pleasure.

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