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Apply to be a sex toy tester and share your unique perspective to help us improve the future of sex and pleasure! How does this sound?

If you would like to be at the forefront of sex tech and be among the first to test out a whole range of new sex toy products and accessories before they hit the market, our sex toy tester program may be ideal for you. There aren’t many other definite ways of receiving totally free sex toys without needing any special skills or expertise.

If you like sex – and let’s be honest, you probably do – then keep reading to learn more about our sex toy tester program and how you can join.

We need diverse folks and adventurous couples to test sex toys and share their opinions

We’re an emerging website within the the sex tech and sex toy niches looking for adventurous couples and singles to test and review new and innovative adult products. Many of the products that our sex toy reviewers will receive haven’t even hit the market yet.

Joining our sex toy tester program to receive sex toys totally free of charge in exchange for honest reviews and valuable feedback doesn’t require any particular skill or attribute. In other words, you don’t have to be an experienced sex toy user, or to be of any particular age (as long as you are of legal age, of course) or body type to become a product tester for us.

What’s more, the inclusive sex toy companies we work with are interested in thoughts and honest reviews from both men, women and other diverse folks of any orientation.

Our mission

We exist to explore the future of technology in a sex-positive and inclusive way.

To achieve our goal, we work closely with some of the most innovative and cutting-edge brands in the sex toy industry. We write product reviews and how-tos, all aimed at helping people of all orientations, backgrounds and body types find the info they need about the best sex toys and sex tech products currently available.

We put emphasis on delivering thorough and honest reviews that take real people’s diverse opinions and experiences into consideration. We’re only interested in providing our readers and followers with true and accurate information about the best products on the market, and to this end we rely on the valuable feedback of our sex toy testers.

When we receive a pool of thorough and honest reviews, it gives us a clear and accurate overview over how good a particular product is. This, in turn, enables us to write about it with honesty, clarity and integrity.

Because this is how we do things, our sex toy blog is among the fastest growing on the internet. We are living proof that people are looking for clear, honest, accurate and detailed information – not just a sales pitch about any particular product.

Cutting-edge sex toys

We’re deeply enmeshed in the sex tech niche, which is growing bigger and more exciting by the day.

As a sex toy reviewer with us, you will get to test some of the newest and most innovative new sex tech products, some of which are truly pushing boundaries and capable of introducing you to entirely new realms of pleasure.

A few of the sex tech companies whose products we review frequently include Kiiroo and Lovense. Both are among the most cutting-edge sex tech brands in the world, and both are behind products that have already revolutionized the ways people masturbate and have sex, particularly long-distance sex.

Many of the sex toys our sex toy testers will get their hands on are Blue-tooth enabled, touch-sensitive and interactive. And trust us, if sex tech buzzwords like touch-sensitive technology, Bluetooth connectivity and app control are new to you, you are in for a pleasurable awakening when we send you free samples of some of the best, most high-end sex tech toys in the world.

High quality materials

All of the products that our sex toy testers will receive are of exceptionally high quality and made from entirely body-safe materials such as silicone and SuperSkin.

While part of the point of being a sex toy reviewer is venturing into the unknown and trying new products, you can trust that we’ve already filtered out any product that isn’t high quality and completely safe to use.

Honest reviews

What we want from you in return for free sex toys are thorough and honest reviews. We want you to share your authentic though and opinions with us, and to not hold anything back.

When you join our sex toy tester program, we invite you to be critical and honest. We are not interested in lip service or flattery, but in the truth. The point of our sex toy tester program and the people who sign up and join it is that it helps us get real and invaluable insight into how the various sex toys actually work and what people’s real experiences with them are.

If you are an experienced sex toy user, you will have a broad understanding of what makes a great sex toy and of what your preferences are when it comes to sex toys. Still, you may be new to the smart sex toys we introduce you to, and it will be interesting and valuable for us to hear what you think of this new wave of tech-based sex toys.

But equally, if you are very inexperienced with sex toys and are trying out things like dildos or fleshlights for the first time through our sex toy tester program, this is also extremely valuable for us to hear about. Why? Because the products we review and write about are not aimed at beginners or pros, but at humans wanting to experience more pleasure.

Why you should sign up to our sex toy tester program

If you aren’t already convinced that you want to help us review sex toys, here are a few hard-hitting reasons why you may want to sign up.

Receive free sex toys

When you join our sex toy reviewer program, you’ll receive some of the latest and greatest toys in the world, completely free of charge. You’ll get to try and test a whole range of products, which might include automatic male masturbators, anal toys, cock rings or dildos. Depending on your level of experience as a sex toy user, you may discover new products and new kinds of pleasure that you were never privy to before.

All of the free sex toys you will receive as part of our testers project are of exceptionally high quality, and more than a few of them would cost you hundreds of dollars if you were to head out and buy them on your own. What’s more, you’ll receive new products frequently, as long as you keep providing us with the honest reviews and feedback that we want from you.

Help shape the future of pleasure

As a sex toy reviewer of new and innovative products, your honest feedback and unique perspective will help shape the future of sex tech.

Testing is an intrinsic aspect of developing the best products possible, so your feedback and perspective combined with the feedback and perspectives from our other sex toy testers will give us a clear picture of which products live up to their promise and which ones don’t. We can then use this invaluable insight to determine which products to review on our site and what to say about them.

Sex tech companies may even take some of the feedback they receive and use it to create even more amazing products. It’s a positive feedback loop.

How becoming a sex toy tester works

All right, now that you are ready to sign up to become a sex toy tester and reviewer, you are probably wondering how to join our program and how it is all going to work.

Sign up on your own or with your partner

Signing up to become a sex toy tester and reviewer with us is as simple as filling in the on-site form with details such as your name, age, gender and contact details.

Whether you want to sign up on your own or with a sexual partner is entirely up to you. We need both individuals and adventurous couples to test and review different toys, so depending on whether you sign up as an individual or a couple, you will receive different free toys.

Couples will be testing couple sets specifically, which typically consist on a pair of touch-sensitive, Bluetooth enabled toys that are able to communicate with and respond to each other’s movements. If you are in a long-distance relationship with someone and feel like your long-distance sex sessions are in need of a little extra spice and intimacy, signing up as a couple is a great option.

Note that, if you sign up as a couple, it is important to mention whether you are a male-female, male-male or female-female couple. Your body types will determine what kinds of toys you get sent. After all, the partners in a lesbian couple are unlikely to derive much pleasure from a pair of automatic fleshlight toys.

If you are not part of a couple or you simply prefer to sign up on your own, you can sign up as a single sex toy tester. Again, your gender determines the kinds of sex toys you will be sent, as they have to work with your anatomy.

Receive free toys in exchange for honest reviews and feedback

Once you have signed up either as as single or a couple, wait for us to contact you and confirm that you have been selected to join our sex toy tester program.

If we have to reject your application, please know that the reason isn’t you, it’s us. We only need so many men, women and couples in our program at any given time – but whenever someone leaves or fails to provide us with feedback in exchange for the free toys we send them, a space is freed up for someone new to join.

Once you’re in, you’re in, until and unless you decide to leave or are no longer able to provide feedback. You can stay in our sex toy tester program for as long or as short as you want, so stay and receive free sex toys for a month, a year or several years to come. It’s up to you.

We can’t wait to hear from you and to start sending you free sex toys.

Whatever you’re into, read our expert deep-dive into the best automatic male masturbators on the market today where we test out and review the Kiiroo Keon, Autoblow AI and many more top long distance sex toys to give you the best advice on what to go for.