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Fleshlight Vs Tenga


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Fleshlight vs Tenga – what are the differences, and which sex toy is better?

Apple has Samsung as its competition, Airbus has Boeing, Coke has Pepsi, and Nike has Adidas, when it comes to the sex toys industry, specifically inner sleeves with real vagina feel (or internal sleeves with real mouth or butthole feel), there is Fleshlight vs Tenga. These two are the biggest sex toy brands for dudes who are looking to upgrade from using their hands. Both the Fleshlight and Tenga have set their names apart from their competition by making high-quality, life-like sex toys with real vaginas, mouth, or butthole sensations. But which brand name is better? If you are new to this level of self-love and are toying (pun intended) with the idea of investing in your solo play sexual pleasure, which one should you choose? Well, let us take help you take the guesswork out of the way with this exhaustive head-to-head comparison of Fleshlight vs Tenga.

When you say Fleshlight vs Tenga, you don’t compare two products, rather, you are comparing two brand names making not just similar products, but a whole network of sex toys and accessories. While both Fleshlight and Tenga have different product lines designed for the same purpose (for the pleasure of the penis), both have products that take slightly different approaches. So how are these brands compare to each other?

Before that though, we need to take a closer look at each brand.

Fleshlight Vs Tenga: Head-to-Head Battle of the Best Sex Toy Brand

Quick overview and history of Fleshlight

Founded in 1995 by former US armed forces member Steve Shubin, Fleshlight is the most successful sex toy brand in the world today. Fleshlight is the first one to introduce the concept of a life-like and realistic fake vagina made up of soft polymer material housed inside something that resembles a flashlight (hence the name).

Since then, Fleshlight has completely dominated the sex toy industry with its innovative signature sex toys, pretty much the same way the tech company Apple did in the majority of western countries. Fleshlight sex toys range from standard and traditional Fleshlight sleeves to porn-star modeled sleeves Fleshlight Girls (with orifices based on your favorite porn stars), sleeves with specific sensations (and purposes (sexual stamina, etc.), to automatic masturbators, and accessories for Fleshlight toys and other male pleasure products like personal lubes, sleeve warmer, and even sex toys for girls. Similarly, there is the Fleshlight Fleshjacks line, which mimics various male anuses. Plus, the Fleshlight Girls lineup is just growing, as they continuously add modeled vaginas, mouths, and anuses.

There is also a specific Fleshlight line that simply slips on a penis, it is smaller, compact, transparent, and looks nowhere like the other toys from the brand. It doesn’t cover the penis, rather, it provides targeted stimulation.

Quick overview and history of Tenga

The Tenga company, on the other hand, is a Japanese brand of male masturbators and other related products. Founded in 2005, Tenga products established a name for itself by making quirky and unique sex toys that offer a different kind of sensation and pleasure for penis owners, a common sight in the Japanese adult toys industry.

Tenga makes a wide range of sex toy products ranging from sleeves to washable and reusable sex toys, one-time-use disposable toys, etc.

Tenga products are often easily recognized for their stylish and ultra-discreet designs and solid colors of red, white, black, and gray.

So, which is better?

Both sex toys are widely used around the world and are essentially two of the best brand names in the sex toy industry. To say picking one over the other is more than difficult, but we are going to try anyway by breaking down their products into multiple criteria.

Product Lineup

It is clear from the get-go that Fleshlight invests a lot of its resources in research and development. As a result, they have a vast selection of sex toys, ranging from full size Fleshlight sleeves and strokers, to automatic masturbators, lubes, etc. They have every imaginable sex toy for anyone, and each product has at least two different versions, and they offer different colors to suit everyone’s preferences too.

The idea of Fleshlight products is obvious- they want to make sex toys that look and feel like the real thing This is a huge deal for many consumers, as more and more people (dudes, specifically) look for immersive and realistic experiences (which is the reason why they move on from using their hands). This is where the idea porn star-based products came alive in Fleshlight Girls.

Tenga may not have the same number of products to offer, however, they too have quite a varied products and different options that they developed themselves. They make up for it by consistently making pleasurable experiences.

What makes Tenga products distinguishable is their commitment to creativity and discreetness, with a touch of kinkiness, something you can expect from the Japanese. Tenga Eggs and Tenga Cup, for example, look nothing like your traditional sex toys. Both can easily expand and shrink. Moreover, Tenga toys are known to be discreet and compact. Take for example the Tenga egg, which looks more like an egg than a male masturbator.

Also, Tenga makes disposable toys, which separates them from many sex toy manufacturers. Tenga egg and Tenga cup are two of their most popular disposable products. While they say it is for one-time use, many were able to use these toys multiple times (by wearing a condom, or not cumming into it and cleaning it thoroughly).

All in all, both are on par in terms of the products they offer. This category is a matter of personal preference. While Fleshlight has a more varied lineup, Tenga focuses on the other important things that concern sex toys, such as discreetness, easy cleaning, and storage.

Build Quality and Design

Both brands have set their names apart from other manufacturers when it comes to building quality, use of high-quality materials, and aesthetics, especially around the $40 to $50 range. With that said, Fleshlight edges Tenga by having products that are simply more durable, long-lasting, easy to own, and built with a lot more engineering involved. Tenga focuses on making their toys look different and special.

When it comes to texture, both can deliver a memorable experience, but in different ways.

As said earlier, Tenga makes sure its products are creatively discreet. Well, Fleshlight invests in this aspect too, you can see that from any full size Fleshlight. But again, in a different way. Take the case design of the Fleshlights for example; with caps on, they look nothing like sex toys, and they completely protect the sex toy inside from dirt and dust. The back side of the cap works as the airflow control, which is essentially the suction control. Also, the casing comes with little curves and grooves for your fingers, so you can comfortably hold the casing on your crotch while stroking and doing your thing.

Fleshlight’s SuperSkin sleeves are a special blend of TPE, but unlike other sex toys out there, they made sure their sleeves aren’t just super smooth, they are also realistically bouncy, supple, and stretchy, to mimic the real thing. With that said, SuperSkin feels amazing to thrust on, it is unlike any other toy out there. It bounces back even after aggressive use. Plus, unlike other toys out there, it doesn’t smell rubbery at all.

Tenga may not have the same level of ingenuity behind the materials, but design-wise, they have the most creative ones. Take the Tenga Egg, for example, it is by far, the best disposable male sex toy on the face of the planet. But then again, it doesn’t last long and stretches loose after a few uses (hence, disposable). The insides of the Tenga Egg feel amazing after a few tries, but they are less resistant compared to the insides of the Fleshlights. With that said, we can say they have built an empire from disposable toys, which is quite smart since that means you are going to have to purchase again and again from them, which keeps their cash flow ball rolling.

Tenga also uses TPE, although they use different philosophies in their blend. Instead of a realistic feel, they focus on hitting the most pleasurable spots of the penis. This means their sensations hit differently. Tenga material feels synthetic, but feels great nonetheless.

Durability-wise, Tenga products need a lot more tender care. They can get ripped apart if you scrub too hard when cleaning. This, of course, doesn’t mean that Tenga toys will just fall apart in the middle of your session. However, they lack the finesse in quality compared to Fleshlight.

It is realism (Fleshlight) versus pleasure points (Tenga) in this criterion. The former focuses on realistic orifices that deliver a realistic feel, while the latter cares about giving the most intense sensation. 


As said earlier above, Fleshlight focuses on making realistic male masturbators that look and feel like the real thing. Thus, Fleshlight products (at least the majority of the sleeves), depict anatomically-correct vagina, mouth, and buttholes

But aside from looking and feeling like the real thing, the sensation inside delivers a distinct experience too. Each Fleshlight has a specifically different sensation from other models in their product line.

Tenga obviously, doesn’t care about looking real. And they could care less about feeling real either. Yet, they hit special sensation spots that make for a pleasurable experience. However, their sleeves tend to have the same sensation, even when they have completely different structures inside altogether.

The sexual experience that the Fleshlight sleeves offer are just simply better – they offer the complete package of penetrating inside a vagina, mouth, or butthole. Even with their traditional sleeves, you can expect a realistic feel. Other products like Fleshlight Go, Fleshlight Pilot, and Sex In a Can offer a tighter unique overall experience. Fleshlight Girls, for example, differ from one model to another, which kind of mimics the personality (and sensation, probably) of the porn stars they were modeled and molded from. Many come with specially designed bumps and nudes (protrusions), ridges, and waves, while some have what they call “pleasure domes” inside the sleeves to tickle the dick.

There is also a product line called Quickshot, which doesn’t look like a male sex toy at all at first glance. This stroker, however, delivers targeted sensation. It is also a great sex toy for partner play, as it is open on both ends.

The TPE material used in Tenga toys feels more synthetic than realistic, but that seems exactly what Tenga wants. They don’t want their toys to be failed copy-cats, rather, they want to distinguish their products with creative and quirky designs. Nevertheless, their products feel great to thrust your dick into. Take for example the Tenga Flip Hole. It’s a sex toy that you can flip open in half (like a flip phone) and houses a unique sleeve with uniquely designed internals. While they try to make each part of the internals feel different using different details, they all feel generally soft and supple. It doesn’t offer a variety of sensations like the Fleshlight sleeves, but it does feel good to slip your penis into.

Tenga offers consistent pleasure throughout and doesn’t play with anticipation. It gives you what you can expect, from tightness to texture, and it feels good. 

Ease of Use

Both sex toy manufacturers make straightforward products that are easy to figure out, though some Tenga products (like the Tenga Egg) are so uniquely designed that they can easily confuse the uninitiated). Both will leave you satisfied after use too.

Fleshlight, however, made sure you get a better overall experience. This is why they equip their products with enhancements and features to improve your quality of solo play. You can find these on the ridges where you can place your fingers and hold the casing comfortably and securely.

Fleshlight is hard to beat when it comes to the actual use (stroking and jerking yourself off with the masturbator). The sensation combined with ergonomics will easily get you in the zone. The SuperSkin material disperses the sensation evenly throughout your dong, which is such a pleasure to use. It doesn’t make loud weird noises, even if your violent stroke your dick in and out.

Tenga masturbators in general, are easy to use. Except for some that require reading the instructions, as they don’t look like sex toys. Nevertheless, their disposable options, such as the Tenga Egg, places all the responsibility for stimulation on your hands (quite literally). This means you are going to have to decide on the grip that you want. Their cased stroke Flip Hole, on the other hand, provides targeted stimulation, which you can access by pressing the three buttons at the front of the plastic case. It helps, but not as well as the suction adjustment in Fleshlight sleeves. Also, Flip Hole can be uncomfortable to hold for an extended period of time. 

Cleaning and Storage

This is probably the only category where the Tenga masturbators beats Fleshlight. Cleaning, drying, and storage of Tenga sex toys are a lot easier and simpler than Fleshlights, thanks to their well-thought designs. And if you choose the disposable ones, well, you don’t have to worry about cleaning, drying, or storage.

Since Fleshlight sleeves are closed in one end, cleaning takes a little more work, especially if you cum inside the sleeve.

To clean the sleeves, you will have to take off the sleeve from the case itself and run the sleeve with warm water and a gentle soap solution. You can, of course, use a sex toy cleaner. Whichever cleaning solution you choose, you will need to clean it thoroughly to remove your cum and any lubricant. You can flip the sleeves inside out and wash all the crannies and nooks thoroughly. From there you can dry it using a towel. Then place it on a paper towel to air dry.

For Tenga sex toys like the Flip Hole, you just need to open the case to remove the sleeve. Then, wash the sleeves with warm soapy water (using a mild soap) or sex toy cleaner. Make sure you clean the sleeves thoroughly by flipping them inside out. Then, pat dry with a towel and leave it to air dry. The good thing about Tenga products is that they usually come with a Tenga flip’s drying stand, which makes drying a lot easier.


Tenga wins this category easily too.

Fleshlight just recently launched its affordable ($40) product line Fleshlight Pilot, which is a more compact and discrete iteration of the traditional Fleshlight. For that price, you get good quality masturbators made by a reputable brand.

Their Quickshot product line is also on the affordable side, but it is more of an addition to your arsenal than a main sex toy.

After that, you are going to have to shell out $70 for the standard Fleshlight, and a little more than that for the special edition sleeves such as Stamina Training Unit, Fleshlight Girls, and more.

Tenga on the other hand offers products ranging from as cheap as $6.99 (Tenga Egg) to as much as $270 (black Flip Hole Zeros).

If you are just looking for a toy to get off once in a while (when you are alone and bored), and want to spice things up, then the Tenga Pocket Pussy, which is priced at $37, can be good enough. Otherwise, if you want a better overall experience, something that will elevate your solo play to a whole new level, and treat yourself with a really good orgasm (because you deserve it buddy!), then any Fleshlight can deliver that for you. 

Battle of Flagship Sleeves

As we know, the best approach is to compare apples to apples, and oranges to oranges. In this case, we need to pick similar products from each brand and compare and contrast them from each other. 

Fleshlight Vs Tenga: Fleshlight Sleeves versus Tenga’s Sleeve

Fleshlight brand takes pride in its strict adherence to quality control. They make sure each sex toy that comes out of their production line is on par with their standards that is not easily matched by other competitors.

Fleshlight brand takes pride in its strict adherence to quality control. They make sure each sex toy that comes out of their production line is on par with their standards that is not easily matched by other competitors.

Since they first arrived on the scene, Fleshlight toys have not, at any point, dipped their innovation. They became popular for their life-like feel and anatomically-correct orifices that provide realistic sensation for penis owners, but they didn’t stop there. Now they have sleeves to accommodate almost all types of penises, sizes and shapes, and any types of sensation and sexual pleasure. Among their products, the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit (STU) has the most intense feelings, thanks to its special material and unique construction that offers tight and intense sexual pleasure.

The Tenga has made leaps and bounds of development since its first inception almost two decades ago. Of that, they have made loyal following around the world, mostly from Germany and Japan. And if you have any idea how seriously the Japanese take their sex toy industry, and how cut-throat the competition is out there, then you already know how Tenga products manage to rise above the competition. Although Tenga material is primarily made up of TPE plastic, they managed to elevate the experience altogether by simply using some creativity and kink.

Tenga’s sleeve, specifically the Tenga Flip Hole is comparable to Fleshlight’s STU – it delivers intense pleasure, but in a slightly different method. How different? Well, read on and find out. 

Quick Review on Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

Price: $69.99

The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit or STU is not your ordinary male masturbator/dick sleeve, you can tell from its name alone that it is meant to fill your loins with the most intense orgasm. This makes the STU one of the best-selling toys under the Fleshlight banner and one of the best sex toys out there overall.

Like other Fleshlight sleeves, this Fleshlight toy fits into most of the brand’s casings. What this means is that users can enjoy the STU and other sex toys (sleeves from Fleshlight, specifically) using just one body casing. No need to purchase a different toy altogether to get a varied experience.

As its name suggests, the STU aims to help you build sexual stamina through awesome orgasms, so you can last longer for the real thing. Design and material-wise, you get a top-quality product with the most realistic experience – it looks and feels like the real thing.

While it is not the most affordable, this Fleshlight toy is also not the most expensive sleeve out there. And considering all the mileage you can get, this one gives you the best bang for your buck.

Pros and Cons


  • SuperSkin tech for a realistic experience with a soft and smooth texture
  • Feels tight for an intense orgasm
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Discreet
  • Easy to use (simply use a couple of drops of lube and slide your dick in)
  • Easy to clean


  • Can take longer to dry (compared to Tenga Flip Hole)

Quick Review Unit on Tenga Flip Hole

The Tenga Flip Hole was the very first product out of the brand’s Flip Series line; it is essentially a sleeve and a case that you can open in half. While it falls short in terms of material, it uses a unique kind of TPE material that comes with an interestingly detailed texture, which is not at all surprising, since the brand has made a name for itself for ingenious designs when it comes to its textures. It is small and compact, making it easy to enjoy for a longer time without tiring your precious hands.

This Tenga masturbator is heavily textured, and unlike Fleshlight, it doesn’t seem too concerned about looking like a real vagina. But that doesn’t mean it can’t give you an intense orgasm though. As a matter of fact, some dudes find this sleeve too intense, especially for those with sensitive dicks. With that said, this is the right toy for anyone who likes it extra tight and rough.

And as if the textured interior is not enough, Tenga equipped the Flip Hole with a 3-point pressure pad on the outer surface, which are basically pressure points that let you adjust the tightness or looseness of the sleeve around your dick. These also function as an air suction control for the sleeve. The masturbator also comes with a sliding arm which also doubles as a harness for a sturdier hold, plus a drying stands for easy drying when you are done.

Pros and Cons


  • Intensely textured inner sleeve
  • The compact size makes it easy to use even for extended solo play
  • Discreet design
  • Easy to clean and dry
  • Affordable, if not cheapCons
  • Not as long-lasting as Fleshlight STU
  • Doesn’t come with interchangeable sleeve for varied experiences
  • Limited insertiable length of 5.9” (dudes with bigger dongs may find it difficult to enjoy)
  • Interior sleeves feel like rubber and get stretched after a few uses

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit versus Tenga Flip Hole 

Materials, Design and Functionality Comparison

Fleshlight STU’s Patented SuperSkin material versus Tenga Flip Hole’s Elastic TPE plastic, who wins?

 Right off the bat you know you get premium-quality materials in both the Tenga Flip Hole and Fleshlight STU. Both are medically tested to ensure safety from allergic reactions or any injuries. Although the Fleshlight’s SuperSkin easily outshines the TPE plastic of Flip Hole. The silky-smooth, supple, and stretchy texture feels luxurious to the touch, and it is well-sized to accommodate most types and sizes of dicks you can imagine.

With Flip Hole, you get a more rubbery and synthetic feeling than a realistic skin sensation. The choice of material is less durable and sags off after a few uses. Nevertheless, it feels amazing in the initial first few uses. Tenga even said this masturbator is designed for 50 uses, which makes it disposable. Nevertheless, it is one of the better disposable toys out there.

Moreover, the STU sleeve comes in solid plastic for the body to keep it secured. Whereas the Tenga’s casing feels more delicate, even though it’s flexible. 

Design and Functionality

 STU edges Flip Holes in aesthetics and ergonomics

Aesthetic and overall design-wise, Fleshlight still gets the upper hand in this matchup. While it is obvious that Tenga went all the way to the discreet route on this, the Flip Hole rather looks ugly – the seams are pretty obvious at the opening, which may put off some dudes and kill the mood.

The STU on the other hand is ergonomically designed to suit your hands. It also comes with a firm grip, allowing you to deliver the strokes you need to enjoy and pleasure yourself. The vagina-like orifice is anatomically accurate. Pair that with a firmer and near-perfect hold during use and you get a better experience from handling alone.

Also, replacing the sliding arm of Flip Hole can be frustratingly difficult, which can easily turn you off when you are in a rush for a quickie with your toy.

When it comes to functionality, the most common issue with Flip Hole is lubes leaking out – a lot. This is a design problem, primarily due to the open same at the mouth of the sleeve.

The STU on the other hand has a longer insertable length and can accommodate a wider range of penis sizes, as it can stretch all the way up to 9 inches (or a little more).

The Flip Hole, on the other hand, is limited to 5.9 inches, which may cut off the well-endowed boys (such a terrible problem to have, right?).

STU allows suction adjustments

In terms of the suction levels, both the Tenga and Fleshlight sleeves have pretty good suction. However, only the STU provides adjustments, which is a common feature for most sleeves from Fleshlights. The Tenga toy, on the other hand, doesn’t provide means to regular airflow. As a result, it can sometimes make slurpy or even straight up fart sounds, especially when you thrust rigorously.

Both feel amazing

In terms of textures, the two are very different from each other. The Fleshlight stayed true to its name by offering realistic vaginal, oral, and anal penetration. This means you can have different sleeve textures using just one Fleshlight body, no need to get an entirely new toy.

With the Flip Hole, however, the sleeve that comes with the product is permanent. No variety of texture whatsoever. The upside of that is the inside of the sleeve is incredibly detailed, giving you that amazing sensation in each and every stroke. 

Intensity and Usability

It is indeed, difficult to compare the intensity of these two sex toys, as this criterion is very much subjective and personal. What feels good to others doesn’t necessarily mean it will deliver the same feeling to the next person.

With that said, based on internal design and mechanism, and the use of material, you can easily say that Fleshlight STU (or practically any standard Fleshlight sleeve for that matter), edges Tenga. Tenga strokers can look crazy, especially when you go balls deep. However, Fleshlight can deliver consistently good sensations throughout the stroke.

In terms of usability, both Fleshlight and Tenga can provide a consistently good repeat performance. Fleshlight, however, feels seamless to use. Plus, it doesn’t cause any weird sounds. Tenga however, makes a weird farting sound, which can be a bit distracting.

Both masturbators require lubes, and based on your personal preference, it can go from “just a little” to “a lot”. Fleshlight, however, keeps lube from leaking out. This means you don’t have to worry about a messy and potentially sticky situation when you are done. You can stroke your dick with it as rigorously as you can. A feature Tenga can only wish to have.

The Takeaway: Which is the best male sex toy maker?

Fleshlight male sex toys edge Tenga sex toys in a lot of categories. They just feel better from the material standpoint, design, sensation, to durability. Moreover, you can be sure that you can enjoy your toy for a long time. With the Tenga on the other hand, you can always expect them to make creatively designed toys. They may not have an extensive product line compared to their American competitor, but they sure can bring a unique experience.

The impressive thing about Fleshlight’s extensive product line is that there are no two products that offer the same experience. This is because they focused on improving the solo play experience, rather than providing generalized male masturbators to the public. If you are looking for a small and discreet stroker that can work with a blowjob machine, they got one. If you are fantasizing about your favorite porn star, you might want to check out their list of modeled adult stars, chances are they already have her on the list.

Basically, if you want a full and personalized masturbation experience, then Fleshlight’s combination of great material and superb engineering can give you that. If you want a stealth and easy-to-clean option so you can carry your favorite toy around wherever you go, then Tenga is for you.

Or you can get both Fleshlight and Tenga to get a different experience every time.

Whatever you’re into, read our expert deep-dive into the best automatic male masturbators on the market today where we test out and review the Kiiroo Keon, Autoblow AI and many more top long distance sex toys to give you the best advice on what to go for.

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