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The Most Advanced Automatic Male Masturbator in the world that syncs with your content or your partner...

What is a mechanical fleshlight, how can getting your hands on one transform your solo playtime, and which mechanical fleshlight is the best on the market?

There is a good chance you are probably tired of using your hands for doing almost everything, that’s why you are here looking for the best automatic Fleshlights, right? It’s okay, this is a judgment-free zone, you can talk about your sexual fantasies and hidden desires for more pleasurable masturbation here. Well, good for you, because this entry will talk about (in exhaustive detail) the best hands-free mechanical Fleshlights and automatic masturbators your money can buy this 2023.

What is A Mechanical Fleshlight you ask?

If you have been living under a rock in the past few years and you don’t know what an automatic Fleshlight is, or Fleshlights in general, then you are in for a treat!

Before you understand what automatic Fleshlights or mechanical Fleshlights are, you need to know what male masturbators are in the first place.

Male masturbators is a “dick sleeve” that is made up of silicone or other soft, spongy, and squishy material that mimics the feel and texture of a real human body part, say the vagina (with real vagina feel), mouth (some come with tongue and teeth features), or butthole. This means to use it, you are going to slide your dick in and stroke it and up down until you orgasm and finish. They are purposely slippery inside but you will need a personal lube to get the best life-like sensation. Also referred to as strokers or pocket pussy, this sex toy comes in all shapes and sizes. Some come in a can, some are disguised in an egg-shaped container, while the most popular right now comes in the shape of a large flashlight, discreet and large enough to accommodate a penis of all sizes – hence the name Fleshlight.

And since sexual pleasure and masturbation is such important aspects of the everyday life of man, the sex toy industry has expanded its technology and made robotic Fleshlight that we now call automatic masturbators. And the most popular brand there is today is still, you guessed it, Fleshlight. Hence, we have automatic Fleshlights. Of course, some other manufacturers and brands are competing in this category.

Fleshlight offers anyone a boost in their sex life with a life-like feeling of hands-free masturbation. Some of these machines can also connect to the internet (via a smartphone app) and give you the best sexual pleasure in your solo play. Some Fleshlight offers more intense sleeve texture for stamina training.

Different brands and models also come with different functions and features. Some come with vibration settings and warming features, while some come equipped with A.I. (artificial intelligence) technology that allows the robotic Fleshlight to move independently, without any pattern, mimicking the motions of real sex.

Some offer interactive sex as they can move their strokers simultaneously with the adult film (with exclusive access to video content on their website or porn sites) you are watching with your smartphone. Interactive toys in interactive mode let you feel the action of the porn stars on your crotch as if you are the one banging the other porn star on the scene. Some even come with work with 3D glasses and VR head set to get you front and center of the action and play with your senses for the most immersive masturbation session.

Best Automatic Fleshlights and Alternatives

There are sex toys for all sorts of needs and users. Whether you are single, married, or in a long-term long-distance relationship, your sexual well-being is extremely important. Thus, it is only right to switch things up and treat yourself with automatic sex toys. Sex toys like automatic Fleshlights can add excitement, pleasure, and satisfaction to your solo play.

And as with most things in life, you want to get the best bang for your hard-earned money, right? Well, look no further, here’s a comprehensive roundup of the best automatic sex toys for men.

Fleshlight Universal Launch

Price: $199.75 (without the Fleshlight sleeve) 

It’s a tight race to the top, but Fleshlight Universal Launch won the number one spot of the best automatic Fleshlights on this list for a simple reason – it has better compatibility with their wide range of Fleshlight sleeves, giving users the best variety for their solo play sessions.

For starters, the Fleshlight Universal Launch is the brand’s upgrade of their discontinued Fleshlight Launch. With a new shape, more powerful motor, longer battery life, and more ergonomic design, the new robotic Fleshlight is a treat for anyone looking to invest in their sexual satisfaction. 

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
  • Longer battery life
  • Compatible with many Fleshlight sleeves
  • Powerful motor (up to 250 strokes per minute)


  • Bulky and hefty
  • Lacks interactive features

The Universal Launch is Fleshlight’s latest addition to its ever-growing list of incredible male masturbator lines, and as with other products, it lives up to the hype of the brand.

What makes it better than its predecessor Fleshlight Launch? A lot of factors, while the Launch was more than decent, the Universal Launched addressed some of its shortcomings. It has a better motor for faster “fap speed”, ergonomic design, better battery life, comes with a smartphone mount, and won’t fall over on flat surfaces easily. Moreover, the Universal Launch has addressed some of the tech issues in Fleshlight Launch, making the operation a lot smoother, and giving users better and more effortless stroking action.

As said earlier, the Universal Launch is the improved version of its predecessor. It packs the power of up to 250 strokes per minute (whose penis needs that much stroking per minute?), and you don’t need to haste your masturbation as it comes with a bigger battery that can last as long as you. The best thing about this automated Fleshlight is that, like its predecessor Fleshlight Launch, it is compatible with a wide range of Fleshlight sleeves. This means if you already have a couple at your disposal, or your favorites, then you will have no problem using those sleeves in this automatic

Fleshlight Universal Launch works with:

  • Original Fleshlight
  • Fleshlight Go
  • Fleshlight Turbo
  • Fleshlight Ice
  • Fleshlight Vibro
  • Stamina Training Unit
  • All Fleshlight Girls
  • All Fleshjack Boys
  • Sex in a Can

Moreover, the Fleshlight Universal Launch can also accommodate many off-brand strokers in the market with similar dimensions.

It comes with a ratcheting buckle to keep the whole thing in place, which is incredibly convenient when things get intense. Also, it comes equipped with a universal smartphone mount, which means you can watch your favorite porn star get into action and let your penis be treated like royalty for a 100% hands-free experience. The mount is solid; it is made up of durable ABS plastic, and it doesn’t nudge no matter how abruptly and frequently you change positions.

There are two ergonomically designed handlebars you can hold to help you find the perfect position too.  Plus, you can also use the Universal Launch while charging.

In terms of operational noise, the Universal Launch and Fleshlight Launch are about the same, not too loud, but not whisper-quiet either. Something you can expect from a powerful motor. Also, it is quite massive, so you are not going to be stealthy about it anyway.

Unfortunately, the Fleshlight Launch doesn’t come with Bluetooth connection or WiFi connectivity. 

Fleshlight Quickshot Launch

Price: $218

Coming in a close second is the Quickshot Launch. It looks very different from Universal Launch, but in terms of functionality and operation, they have lots of things in common.

As its name suggests, the Quickshot Launch is specifically designed for Fleshlight’s Quickshot collection. For the uninitiated, the Quickshot is the brand’s discreet, portable, and compact Fleshlight. It has unobstructed exit points, which address plenty of standard Fleshlight’s shortcomings, such as easy cleaning, quick-drying, easy to hide, extremely discreet, and versatile tool for partner play.

Quickshot pocket pussies are stubby. The 3.5 inches of insertable length is not an issue, since it is open-ended on both sides, meaning it can accommodate a penis of all shapes and sizes. Both sides are identical and completely neutral. Unlike regular Fleshlight, it doesn’t look anything like a vulva, mouth, or anus, and it doesn’t mimic the color of the skin tone too. Rather, it is transparent. What provides pleasure are the nubs and spheres inside that feel amazing when you glide them on your dick up and down. The patented SuperSkin material of Fleshlight, however, mimics the sensation of penetrative sex. Moreover, it expands and can fit snugly in any girth size too.

So, what does the Quickshot Launch do? Well, as its name suggests, it is specifically designed to work with the brand’s Quickshot product line. But that’s not all, it also provides a whole new experience with the Quickshot. 

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
  • Easily adjustable with convenient controls
  • Light and easy to maneuver
  • With Active Launch mode for quick and easy plug-and-play action
  • Blowjob machine with selectable pleasure zones


  • Construction is a bit fragile compared to Universal Launch 

The Quickshot Launch from Fleshlight is a huge step up from the basic mounts, as it turns regular strokers into automatic strokers. It provides all the controls, from stroke speed, and stroke length, to different stroking patterns, giving you a completely different masturbation experience.

What makes this stroker different from other male masturbators out there is that, you can set the stroke target to specific pleasure zones, be it at the base, shaft, or tip. It’s like getting real oral sex (with an amazing deep throat), which makes it kind of a blowjob machine than a robot for your pocket pussy.

And like the Universal Launch, it also comes with a universal phone holder, which means you can watch your favorite erotic videos and adult content in the comforts of your smartphone.

It is also made up of solid ABS plastic and is capable of giving you 250 strokes per minute. And since it is open on both ends, it has better insertable length, meaning it can accommodate all penis sizes and lengths, from regular ones to large ones.

Like the Universal Launch, Quickshot also has a longer battery life, and if that’s not enough (or you forgot to charge it between masturbation sessions), it is also safe to use while being charged. The user-friendly design makes it incredibly easy to position on your crotch and get that real sex, or oral sex feeling.

The only obvious downside of the Quickshot Launch is that you can’t cum on it with your smartphone mounted, for obvious reasons. But this can also be a plus since this sex toy is a lot easier to clean than most automatic Fleshlights with standard sleeves.

Also, like its Universal counterpart, it is not an interactive sex toy – no interactive app whatsoever. That means it doesn’t sync with the movements of your favorite adult content videos online. Also, as its name suggests, it only works with Quickshot sleeves, which is great, but you are limited with that kind of stroker. Nevertheless, it is an awesome blowjob machine overall. 

Kiiroo Keon

Price: $279

Probably the best mechanical masturbator in the market that is not from the Fleshlight brand is the Kiiroo Keon. Many consider this one better than the Universal Launch. The only advantage of Universal Launch over Kiiro’s is its Fleshlight sleeve compatibility, which is a major advantage nonetheless, since it is incredibly convenient, especially for anyone with existing Fleshlight sleeves in their collection. Aside from that, Kiiroo Keon out-perform Fleshlight in many aspects of functions and features.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy controls, adjustable to your preferences
  • Compact, easy to move around, and find your best position
  • VR compatible
  • Powerful motor
  • Compatible with Kiiroo sex toys


  • Expensive
  • Heavy construction, which can be uncomfortable for some at certain positions 

Kiiroo Keon is probably one of the very few automatic Fleshlight alternatives that are truly hands-free. Performance, functionality, and feature-wise, it blows all competition out of the water. You can consider this the best automatic Fleshlight alternative today.

Fun fact – Kiiroo and Fleshlight used to be partners, but have since parted ways. Fleshlight used to provide the sleeves for their masturbators.

Unlike the two automated Fleshlight machines, the Kiiroo Keon fills the void when it comes to reliability and interactive function. Fleshlight only has the former, but they cannot seem to figure out the latter. This high-quality automatic sex toy comes equipped with all the tech advancements you will ever need for a realistic solo play session. It has adjustable stroke speed and depth, a powerful motor, a compact, discreet, and sleek design, easy and secure crotch mounting, and best of all, interactive features that connect it to iOS and Android (download the FeelConnect 3.0 app) devices for interactive play.

Starting with the highlight of this blowjob machine, the interactive mode works without any issues whatsoever. It’s nothing revolutionary (still Bluetooth), but it seamlessly connects to your mobile device and doesn’t suffer from common hiccups like disconnection. It’s even set to Bluetooth (default) at start-up, and hooking up the masturbator to your mobile device takes a couple of seconds.

You can also control the device via the app and then sync it to your Keon. The best thing about the app is it comes with partner and chat features, which means you can ask your partner from afar to join you for a long distance control (there’s a special feature that lets you create profiles with your partner and hook your sex toys together for interactive sex).

Also, the device can sync with adult content through the website, giving you immersive 2D or VR content. You can even use the device to view interactive webcam shows.

In terms of performance, the Kiiroo Keon comes equipped with a classic textured sleeve, which looks and feels like the SuperSkin material from Fleshlight. And like Fleshlight, Kiiroo also has its own set of sleeves that features different textures, tightness, intensity, etc. They even have a sleeve line called FeelStars Collection, their version of Fleshlight Girls.

As said earlier, Kiiroo used to partner with Fleshlight. Thus, it is not surprising to hear questions like “can Fleshlight sleeves fit at Keon?”

Well, the answer is yes. Many Fleshlight sleeves will work with Keon. It’s not a perfect fit, as the casing from their respective sleeves differs in specific dimensions. However, they work.

You will be hard-pressed to find some drawbacks in this device. Probably its only shortcoming is that some interactive videos weren’t perfectly synced. You can, of course, easily switch to manual mode and adjust the strokes (speed, depth, etc.), if that’s what you prefer. The manually stroking feature feels just as good.

Nonetheless, the Kiiroo Keon is an amazing automatic Fleshlight alternative. It is intuitively designed and feels amazing on your dick.

Autoblow A.I.

Price: $219.95 (sale price)

Autoblow A.I. sets itself apart from automatic Fleshlights and blowjob machine toys by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) in its masturbators, this means its automatic stroker can learn from your inputs, analyzes them, store them in its memory, and give you a full session that feels like real sex with changes in stroke speed, depth, tightness, etc.

Pros and Cons


  • Exceptional blowjob machine with different blowjob modes and speeds
  • Intuitive function (with edging button function)
  • Interchangeable silicone sleeve can accommodate penis of all sizes
  • Easy to clean
  • With 10 modes for a variety


  • Doesn’t come with a battery, must be plugged in at all times
  • Loud and noisy at high-speed settings

–        Bulky look 

If you are looking for an automatic Fleshlights alternative that can give you the best life-like and blowjob experience, then look no further than the Autoblow A.I. Well, its name speaks for itself, it provides a mouth-like feel on your dick, and it doesn’t disappoint.

For the record, there are three Autublow variants right now, the Autoblow 2+ XT, Autoblow AI, and the Autoblow AI+. This roundup will feature the Autoblow AI, which is the sweet spot between the two, as it has the benefits of both.

The silicone sleeves are interchangeable and easy to clean. Like many high-powered automatic Fleshlight alternatives in the market, this one also comes with a power cord (you can use US and EU adapters), meaning you can go hours on this one without having to worry about charging. The downside of that of course, is you are going to have to deal with the power cords while going at it.

Performance and functionality are where Autoblow AI stands out from its competition. As said earlier, it comes with artificial intelligence technology, meaning it is equipped with an integrated microchip, which essentially makes it like a complete robotic Fleshlight alternative.

It has 10 different modes with varying intensity levels of oral sex action, and just like the real human mouth, it strokes (blows) your dick in different ways.

The ten modes are mostly self-explanatory, which are full stroke (yes, like a deep throat), intense edge (full stroke with pauses), fast edge (quick full strokes with a couple of seconds pause), teasing stroke (2 full strokes 1-second pause), top stroke, bottom stroke, top and bottom stroke, master stroke 1 (combines full, bottom, and top strokes), master stroke 2 (similar to 1 but with speed variations), Full A.I. experience (the A.I. takes care of everything for you.

If you are looking for the best blowjob experience, then this is the blowjob machine for you. With AI tech and ten preset modes, you can just sit back and enjoy the experience.

The obvious downside of this is the machine is quite hefty. It makes it sturdy though.

Also, it is on the expensive side, which is understandable considering the tech it comes with.

Lastly, the machine is a bit noisy, so you must consider that too.

Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2

Price: $115 

Its predecessor Cobra Libre 1 (released in 2013) was the very first male sex toy to introduce traditional vibrations for the penis. And it was a huge hit. Today, seeing multiple vibration modes became a staple in many male masturbators. With that said, the Cobra Libre 2 took vibration settings to another level by combining deep and rumbly vibrations on high-quality silicone and a portable and long-lasting machine. How does it compare to automatic Fleshlights and male robotic sex toys today? 

Pros and Cons


  • Quiet operation
  • Handy, portable, and convenient to carry around
  • Ergonomic design for easy and comfortable use


  • Design requires you to sit still
  • Head-play only

 Released in 2022, the Cobra Libre 2 had a lot more competition than its predecessor; many of which are more tech-advanced. Despite that, this male masturbator held its ground by becoming a specialist – by providing targeted stimulation to the frenulum (head of the penis) for the most intense sensations.

The frenulum of the penis is a thin and stringy piece of skin that connects the head of the penis (glans) to the shaft. Like the female’s clitoris, the frenulum houses tons of nerve endings, making it extremely sensitive to stimulation. Fun Factory understands this fully, which is why they designed an entirely new machine that targets this, something most automatic sex toys, strokers, masturbators, and even mechanical Fleshlight seem to overlook.

Unlike many automatic Fleshlights and male sex toys, the Cobra Libre 2 is small, light, portable, and very discreet. No one can easily suspect it as a pleasure device, making it a great travel buddy. Despite that, it managed to incorporate the soft, flexible, skin-like silicone feel of a high-quality internal sleeve. The obvious downside, of course, is a smaller diameter, which means men gifted with the bigger member may have to squeeze right through it. Nevertheless, it is ergonomically designed, making it comfortable to hold and use.

It also comes with a magnetic charging cable, which makes it extremely convenient since it negates the need to fiddle around the USB port.

Performance-wise, this male masturbator runs in two motors that deliver extra crumbliness that hits the frenulum in all directions and vibrates outside for a couple of plays. It comes with 11 patterns and speed, which is quite a lot. Users will have plenty of options to get through and experiment. There are slow and sensual modes for endurance training, and there are increasing constant vibration variations for stamina training.

Another great thing about this machine is it is fully waterproof. And yes, you can use it in the shower or bath, as it is fully submersible. You can take it underwater and experience a different kind of pleasure.

Unlike its predecessor, the buttons are intuitively designed. You don’t need to worry about accidentally hitting buttons in the middle of your solo play. There are +/- buttons for manual mode, which works well whether you are soft or hard.

For couple play (for straight couples), the vibration can be used by both of you at the same time. It’s no Magic Wand-level vibration, but it sure can add some spice to your foreplay. Your woman can sit on top of you and grind her way to pleasure while you are being pleasured by the machine.

The whole thing is pretty easy to clean too. You can just rinse it with warm water and soap (or sex toy cleaner), and leave it dry. The big opening will allow air for quick drying.

All in all, the Cobra Libre 2 is an amazing male sex toy for sexual pleasure. It combines intense sexual pleasure with good style and functionality. If you are looking for full strokes that pleasure your penis to the shaft and base, then this is not the masturbator for you. It is, however, a good addition to your arsenal and a good option if you are looking for something that hits differently.

Lelo F1s V2: Most High-Tech

Price: $183

Like the previous masturbator mentioned above, the Lelo F1s V2 has a predecessor (obviously, V1). But unlike Cobra Libre 1, it left a lot to be desired. It was flashy and expensive and missed a lot of important points. But it was a promising start to something great, as it came packed with really interesting and high-tech features. They seem to address all its shortcomings as they improved with leaps and bounds on their V2. Let’s just call it their second cumming (see what we did there?). 

Pro and Cons


  • Improved motor, with serious rumbly power for more intense pleasure
  • More improved modes
  • Customizable options (through the app)
  • Softer life-like silicone sleeve
  • Lightweight and discreet
  • Beautiful luxurious modern design
  • Waterproof


  • Noisy operation (due to powerful motor)
  • Pricey 

One thing that will easily distinguish this automatic masturbator from automatic Fleshlights and other automatic alternatives is its beautiful and luxurious modern design. For the uninitiated, they can easily mistake this for a Bluetooth speaker. It is modern, discreet, and compact, and they followed that up with a gorgeous box too that can already qualify as a gift box for men.

Functionality-wise, the Lelo F1s V2 is easily one of the most high-tech automatic Fleshlights you can find in the market today, for many reasons.

The dual-motor design is incredibly powerful; one motor churns out vibrations, while the other one provides sensonic waves. What are sensonic waves, you ask? Well, they are gentle pulsations that permeate your penile tissues, delivering a more powerful orgasm (they claim that this vibration passes through the skin). Combine that with traditional vibrations, and you get an incredible masturbator all in all.

It also comes equipped with 10 sensor linings on its sleeves, which collects real-time info such as pressure, temperature, and even RPM and gyroscope info. You can find this on the app. All these things work in with their patented Cruise Control technology.

The Cruise Control adjusts to your movement (or the device’s movements), ensuring a constant level of sensation throughout your solo play session. This means users don’t need to fiddle around the options to get their desired feeling back.

And you can enjoy all these things longer, as this male masturbator comes with a long-lasting battery that can run for up to 2 hours.

Quality is not an issue too, as the whole thing is made up of superior materials. Plus, it is also waterproof for easy cleaning. Simply invert the sleeve and rinse it with warm water and mild soap, or use a sex toy cleaner.

The only downside of this automatic Fleshlight alternative is the noisy operation. This is quite understandable though, considering it comes with two motors.

The pricey price tag cannot be an issue, considering all the high-tech functionalities and features that come with this device. 

Frequently Asked Questions

u003cstrongu003eQ. How can I clean my automatic Fleshlight properly and thoroughly?u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eA. u003c/strongu003eCleaning procedures for different sex toys vary from a lot of factors, such as materials, build, etc. For good measure, make sure you consult the owner’s manual for their cleaning and detailed maintenance.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eGenerally, you can wash the sleeves with warm water and mild soap or sex toy cleaner. Dry them well in a well-ventilated room before returning them to their storage for safekeeping.

u003cstrongu003eQ. Are there any special instructions for the storage of high-tech sex toys like automatic Fleshlight?u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eA. u003c/strongu003eLike cleaning, and storage for robotic masturbators differ from one product to another, based on their build, material, etc. Again, it is best to consult the owner’s manual for specific instructions.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eGenerally, you can keep your automatic Fleshlights in the containers they came in. If the device doesn’t come with one, then you can use a box for it.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThe best place to keep your automatic masturbators is inside the closet, dresser drawer, or any place away from extremely hot or cold temperatures. Make sure you cover them too to avoid dirt and dust.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eLastly, make sure you check the batteries before and after use; look for signs of leakage that may establish the batteries’ expiration dates.u003cbru003e

u003cstrongu003eQ. Are automatic Fleshlight and sex toys recommended for sexual health issues like Peyronie’s Disease (PD, painful curved erection) or erectile dysfunction?u003c/strongu003e

A. Automatic Fleshlights or male masturbators in general, are made for a wide variety of users (inner sleeve can accommodate penis of different sizes, shapes, etc.), including those with issues in their sex life. Thus, they can be used to fulfill your body’s needs. However, make sure you do your due diligence and research for the best one that fits and works with your penis (and condition) well.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eAlso, make sure to consult your doctor before using masturbators to avoid any associated risks or injuries. Should you experience discomfort or pain, stop immediately. 

u003cstrongu003eQ. Will automatic Fleshlight or any automatic masturbator affect my ability to have sex with a real partner?u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eA. u003c/strongu003eThe hands-free masturbation that robotic masturbators provide is not only extremely convenient, but it also mimics the movement and sensation of real sex for life-like pleasure. With that said, excessive and long-term use of these devices creates a chasm inside your mind that could lead to sexual health problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, etc.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eWhile these devices are great to help you u0022get offu0022, nothing beats real sex with real human beings.

u003cstrongu003eQ. What lubrication do I need to use for automatic Fleshlights?u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eA. u003c/strongu003eLubrication prevents friction, and lubricants mimic the natural lubricant of women for easy and pleasurable penetration. With that said, a different material (especially the inner sleeve) may require different lubrication. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eMost silicone-based sleeves do not work well with silicone lubes, as they will destroy the material. Your safest bet for most sex toys out there is to use them with water-based lubes.

Whatever you’re into, read our expert deep-dive into the best automatic male masturbators on the market today where we test out and review the Kiiroo Keon, Autoblow AI and many more top long distance sex toys to give you the best advice on what to go for.

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