What Is Scooting In Sex?


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What is scooting in sex? Scooting is nothing short of a paradigm shift in sexual pleasure brought on by the discovery of the dual clit-and-vagina orgasm.

The satisfaction we derive from sexual activity is an integral part of our lives. However, many people’s only experience with sexual activity is limited to penetrative sex, which is primarily focused on penetration of the vaginal canal. This is a limited perspective that, most of the time, does not put the pleasure of both partners as a priority. In point of fact, the fact that many women have never had an orgasm while experiencing penetrative sex is what leads them to believe that there is something wrong with their bodies.

What many women don’t realize

Many women are under the impression that sexual activity consists solely in the guy inserting his penis into the woman’s vagina and are completely unaware that the clitoral stimulation component is the other half of the equation when it comes to female sexual pleasure.

While the head of the penis can stimulate the G spot during regular intercourse, the woman’s sexual experience is greatly enhanced if her clit is also stimulated at the same time.

It is clear as daylight that there is a need for a shift in mentality when it comes to women being able to enjoy sex as much as men.

Women who are sexually active know that their clit can be stimulated by a partner’s tongue or hands, but they don’t think about the possibility of their partner paying much attention to their clit during actual intercourse.

The truth is that men are able to stimulate their female partner’s clitoris while also penetrating her. The only thing that was required of him was to insert his penis into her and use his pelvis to stimulate her clitoris by rubbing against it. This is what is called ‘scooting.’

Scooting can be achieved in different positions including missionary and reverse cowgirl. However, it can be difficult to achieve in the doggy style position, although this is not impossible.

Scooting is all about the angle and relies on both the women and the man being able to align their hips and thrust in such a way that the man’s body rubs against the woman’s clit.

The coital alignment technique

The coital alignment technique, also known as the CAT, is a sexual position that has been shown to increase a woman’s sense of pleasure during penile penetration.

It entails the male partner aligning their body in such a way that provides clitoral stimulation while still engaging in penetrative sex. This is done while the female partner engages in penetrative sex. In this technique, the woman is required to lie on her back with her legs spread apart, and the man is required to position himself above the woman.

Afterwards, he thrusts his upper body forward and upward towards her, positioning his pelvic bone to make contact with her clitoris while he penetrates her.

Orgasms can be more intense for both partners when using the CAT, making it a great way to prioritise the pleasure of the female partner during sexual activity.

More than just a sex position

The clit-only orgasm is a revolutionary development in the realm of sexual pleasure. It is not a new sex position; rather, it is a shift in perspective that places an emphasis on the clitoris as the primary source of sexual satisfaction for women. The clitoris is the only human organ whose sole function is to provide the sensation of sexual pleasure, and it contains more than 8,000 nerve endings. When engaging in sexual activity, it does a disservice to women’s pleasure to ignore this fundamental component of the female anatomy.

Clitoral stimulation, on the other hand, has been marginalised as a result of the cultural conditioning and societal expectations that have led many people to believe that the primary focus of sexual activity is penetration of the vaginal canal. When it comes to sexual encounters, many women put their partners’ satisfaction ahead of their own, putting their own gratification in a secondary position. This is problematic and contributes to the ongoing gender gap in terms of orgasmic experiences between men and women.

The difference in the frequency of orgasm experienced by men and women during sexual encounters is referred to as the orgasm gap. According to a number of studies, men have a significantly higher chance of experiencing an orgasmic sensation during sexual encounters than women do. This gap can be attributed to a number of factors, including the lack of understanding of female anatomy and the prioritisation of penetrative sex over other forms of sexual pleasure. However, there are other forms of sexual pleasure that can be experienced.

The scooting orgasm is a way to bridge this gap and place a greater emphasis on the pleasure of the female partner. It’s not just about the sensation of pleasure in one’s body; it’s also about the satisfaction one gets from the realisation that their satisfaction is important. The clit-only orgasm can be a revelation for women who have never experienced an orgasm during penetrative sex because it only involves the clitoral region. It is a method for regaining control over one’s own pleasure and putting one’s own requirements first.

Communication is essential if one wishes to partake in the clit-only orgasm. The sexual wants and needs of both partners should be discussed in an open and forthright manner in a relationship. It is important for women to express their desire for clitoral stimulation, and it is equally important for men to put their partner’s pleasure first. It is not only about the physical aspects of sexual encounters, but also about the feelings and thoughts that are evoked during those encounters.

Final thoughts on scooting and how it can heighten female pleasure

To summarise, the clit-only orgasm represents a sea change in the traditional conception of sexual pleasure.

It is not a new sex position so much as it is a shift in perspective that places more importance on the enjoyment of the female partner. Women have a responsibility to make their needs known, and men have a responsibility to put their partners’ happiness first. It’s not just about the sensation of pleasure in one’s body; it’s also about the satisfaction one gets from the realisation that their satisfaction is important.

Learning how to achieve an orgasm through clitoral stimulation alone has the potential to revolutionise sexual pleasure and provide a means of closing the orgasm gap that exists between men and women.

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