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Fleshlight vs Onahole – which one’s the winner?

To say that male sex toys have come a long way is a huge understatement. We can thank a handful of sex toy manufacturers for making various forms of male masturbators, ranging from strokers, sleeves, artificial vaginas, and pocket pussy, to automatic blowjob machines, etc. However, there is one name that changed the landscape and pioneered the movement for male solo play satisfaction through realistic sensation – it’s the Fleshlight. Since then, many manufacturers have emerged and introduced new and unique products to the market, giving men more options to explore their sexuality and satisfy themselves. One of the popular names today Onahole. Which sex toy manufacturer is better? Well, check this Fleshlight vs Onahole to find out.

A quick note on Fleshlight

Founded by a former US police officer, Fleshlight is by far, the most successful sex toy brand for men in the world today. The brand not only provides the most realistic male masturbator on the planet, but it also initiated the movement for better sex toys for men,       something that’s been lacking in the industry since time immemorial.

Fleshlight trailblazed the sex toy industry by coming up with a realistic artificial vagina that looks and feels like the real thing and placing it inside an outer case that looks like a flashlight, hence the name. The orifice is constructed to look like a real vagina; it has a clitoris and outer labia. But what made Fleshlight’s products successful is their patented material called SuperSkin.

Fleshlight’s SuperSkin provides an incredibly realistic sensation, comes with detailed texture, is soft, and supple but firm, retains heat, and is easy to clean. Obviously, the exact composition of this special material is a tightly guarded secret, but it is said to be made up of combinations of different material such as rubber polymers, high-quality mineral oil, and more.

Since then, Fleshlight pocket pussies have dominated the sex toy industry by making new and different variations of their male masturbators, and they continue to expand their brand by playing with a different feel, texture, and realistic sensations of their masturbators. They now have products geared towards complete beginners, men looking to last longer, and those looking for a more intense feel with tight entrances, nodes, ridges inside the sleeve, etc.

They even have a special collection of pocket pussy molded from the real vagina of some of the biggest porn stars in the adult film industry today, called Fleshlight Girls. Each Fleshlight Girls sleeve offers different sensations using different details on their tightness, textures inside, etc., for a realistic feel.

What is even more interesting about this Fleshlight lineup is that it continues to grow with more and more adult stars joining the brand looking to “immortalize” their vagina, and other parts of their bodies as there are different versions, including molded from mouths and anuses (Fleshjack boys). There is also a special collection called the Fleshlight Ice, a transparent Fleshlight sleeve that lets you see your penis inside. Despite its name, it still uses a similar special material that other standard Fleshlight sleeves have.

They even make accessories and special items for their pocket pussies that can make the solo play experience better, ranging from sleeve warmers, to personal lubes, and sex toy cleaners. 

A quick note on Onahole

Onahole is a Japanese brand that is gaining a strong following in the United States and the rest of the world. The name came from the Japanese word “onani” which translates to English as “masturbation”, and “horu” which means “hole”. Put the two words together and you get “on-a-hole masturbation”, or simply “onahole”.

Onahole pocket pussy also mimic the sensation of a real vagina, but with Japanese creativity and imagination in mind. This is because Onahole sex toys come in different types; they vary in styles, which are all created to stimulate different parts of the body. While most Onaholes a designed and shaped like a vagina (their pocket pussy products come with labia and clitoris). But the brand’s real draw is its play of different body parts; they have mouth Onahole, breast Onahole, anal Onahole, etc. Basically, they have masturbators that resemble different parts of the human body that gets men excited.

Like the Fleshlight, Onehole’s materials are quite realistic; it wraps your penis in a soft and textured material, with more intense sensation and more pleasure, thanks to its play on tightness, design, and textures.

Onaholes are geared toward people whose tastes are more (for lack of a better term), out of this world. Their masturbators are extremely diverse and are often heavily influenced by anime and hentai themes (something you can expect from a Japanese product), which is evident in their packaging.

Fleshlight Vs Onahole: Head-to-Head Battle


Onahole is the clear winner on this one.

Fleshlight has a lot of different designs and their lineup is growing by the day. While the brand is more popular in realistic vagina masturbators for real sex feel, they also offer mouth and anus models. Fleshlight Turbo Thrust, for example, offers the most realistic and satisfying oral sex alternative. It features three points of initial insertion designed to replicate the human mouth, from the suction to sensation for a mind-blowing realistic blowjob feel.

As you can see, Fleshlight products mostly differ in intensity and sensation, but when it comes to creativity, the Japanese sex toy make got everything covered.

This is because Onaholes mimic more female body parts, ranging from the most basic like the vagina, mouth, and anus, up to unique models like breasts, torso, and full-body models. Those who are into kinkier tastes will love Onaholes’ more exaggerated, often cartoon-like versions of female body parts with anime-inspired designs.

The great thing about Oneahole pocket pussy sex toys is they don’t skimp on creativity; they almost always have something for every type of imaginative masturbation you can think of., not just real sex feel. Do you love the idea of putting your penis between the boobs of a woman? They got that covered with breast Onahole. Want to have sex with a vampire? Say no more, they have a mouth Onahole with vampire’s cuspids. Do you fancy having sex with a mermaid? Well, they have a vagina Onahole with soft scales. Do you want a full-on torso of a woman? You can use the torso Onahole, which includes the whole midsection from the breasts, vagina, butt cheeks, and anal hole. This means you can insert your penis in more holes than one.

Do you want a full-on sex doll? Well, there is a full-body Onahole, which is a replica of a beautiful and sexy woman, from head to toe. Imagine the possibilities with that one. That’s Japanese creativity for you.

Design and Originality

Onahole wins, by a mile.

While Fleshlight pocket pussy pioneered the realistic orifice and sensation that completely changed the landscape of the male sex toys industry, the design and originality of their products haven’t changed much.

Yes, Fleshlight products are improving, and they are continuously growing their product line with more variety. However, they have kept their designs to pretty much the vagina, mouth, and anus.

Onahole pocket pussy collections on the other hand is far more original not just in mimicking the look and feel of a real vagina, but also incorporating a lot of creativity by playing with colors, shapes, textures, and designs. And yes, similar to Fleshlight Girls, they also have pocket pussies molded straight from the body parts of most popular JAV actresses. And aside from that, they also have anime and Hentai-inspired masturbators.


Fleshlight wins.

Fleshlight mastered the art of making ultra-realistic sensations with its patented material SuperSkin. The brand itself has become synonymous with the sex toy, much like Chapstick to a lip balm, or Kleenex for tissues. Other sex toy brands tried to replicate the realistic feel, but they couldn’t go anywhere close to what Fleshlight offers.

With that said, the materials used for making Onahole sex toys are almost as good as on the Fleshlight. Their masturbators are made up of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and silicone, which are common materials in the sex toys industry. These materials feel good initially, however, they are not as firm and as forgiving as Fleshlight’s SuperSkin. This special material feels more durable and realistic too.

Sensation, Feel, and Intensity

It’s a draw between the two.

Sensation and realism are both subjective, and both feel good to thrust your dick into, so this category would be a draw. To break it down further, however, Fleshlights pocket pussy resemble real vaginas (or mouth or anus), thus, they have realistic orifices and the inside texture features realistic bumps, folds, and ridges to resemble a life-like sensation.

If you equate sensation, feel, and intensity to textures, then you can never go wrong with any of these two. Both Fleshlight and Onahole offer a unique combination of textures in all of their products, from using different types of orifices, opening hole construction, inner layer construction (single layer, double layer, etc.), inside patterns (bumps, lotus nodes, ribs, spirals, ridges, etc.).

With Fleshlight pocket pussy, you can always expect an amazing sensation. While the shell casing doesn’t allow you to play with pressure on your hand squeeze to optimize the tightness, you can always take the sleeves out from their hard case and hold it straight up to your dick.

Also, some Fleshlights are more intense (more nodes, tighter, etc.), however, while they are indeed realistic, Fleshlight pocket pussy toys are often limited to these parts of the human body. Sure, they provide a realistic experience, but Onahole does that too, wide more choices for you.

As said earlier, Onaholes come in different body parts, from the vagina, mouth, and anus, to breasts, torso, or even the whole body. They also have unique, often crazy, designs. And different designs feature different feel and sensations too. And since they don’t have a hard case, you can squeeze the sleeves and play with the narrow holes at all levels of your dick.

Thus, when it comes to a realistic vagina (mouth, or anus), you can trust Fleshlight’s special material to deliver. However, if you are looking for a full experience that replicates the real thing (because sex often always includes other parts of the body aside from the usual vagina, mouth, and anus, right?) in your solo play sessions, then you can never go wrong with Onahole.

When it comes to inner patterns, however, Onahole designs are wilder and whackier. Some of their masturbators even come with soft tentacles, soft spikes, and super ridges. Some

Much like sensation and feel, intensity is a subjective matter too – every person’s idea of intensity is different. Plus, what stimulates others may not bring the same feeling in somebody else, thus, it is not quantifiable.

However, if you are basing the intensity on the quality of the material, then Fleshlight edges Onahole a little bit. 


Fleshlight wins this one.

In terms of durability, Fleshlight has been very consistent throughout the years. People patronize their products not just because of how good they feel when you thrust your dick in, but because you can use it over and over again, for a long time. Both the SuperSkin and the shell casing are made with high-quality materials.

Onaholes’ durability, on the other hand, is not far behind. However, it varies depending on the product model, as different product lines come with a special blend of materials. Some are impressively durable, while some can be fragile and can tear easily if you are not careful, especially during cleaning. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

It’s a tie.

A clean sex toy is a safe sex toy. While it can be tempting to let your sex toy sit overnight after an intense solo play, that’s the last thing you want to do with them. Thus, make sure you clean your sex toys every after use and never let them sit overnight.

Some sex toys like vibrators are often used on the outside of the body. However, for sex toys where you are going to insert your penis in, you have to keep it cleaned and sanitized at all times to avoid any problems. Thus, regardless of the brand you choose, be it Fleshlight, Onahole, or other brands, you need to clean the sleeves thoroughly to avoid the build-up of bacteria and any risk of infection in the most precious parts of your body.

For both Fleshlight and Onahole, you need to clean the inside of the sleeves thoroughly using just water. Never use harsh soaps. Many of their models are made with delicate and highly sensitive materials that could potentially be ruined if cleaned with harsh soaps. Some models can be cleaned with mild soap with warm water or sex toy cleaners, so make sure you refer to the product’s user manual as well.

Also, use your fingers when cleaning the inside of your masturbator sleeves. Cloths can be too abrasive and may not remove your cum or lube properly, especially around the bumps, folds, and ridges. Note that the inside of the sleeves is not flat, they have textures and bumps that may trap various debris, which can be breeding grounds for bacterial growth.

After washing your masturbators thoroughly, they must be air-dried. You can place it on top of a towel (place it upside down) or hand them to dry. Make sure your sex toys are completely dry before storing them away. Any moisture left can lead to bacterial growth. 


Onaholes are cheaper, but Fleshlight prices can be easily justified.

Looking through their products, you can easily say that most Onaholes are priced cheaper than Fleshlight. However, one can also easily justify why Fleshlights are expensive.

Fleshlights are designed to be completely realistic, both in aesthetics and sensation. They are meticulously constructed to resemble the vagina, mouth, or anus, and they feel amazing inside.

Onaholes on the other hand, have a wide array of products that ranges from realistic to imaginative. Depending on which ones you choose, you either get a realistic sensation of extreme pleasure (which is often realistic).

Moreover, Onahole products come in different sizes and models. Standard Onahole masturbators are cheaper, while the more complex ones (with more insertable holes) are often more expensive. Thus, price differ on the version or model you are looking at.

Quality and Lifespan

Fleshlight wins.

In terms of quality, Fleshlight edges Onahole by a slight margin. While Fleshlights are indeed, a little more expensive, you cannot question the quality and longevity of their products – almost all of their masturbators are made to last. Consumers don’t have to worry about replacing them often, making them the better investment in the long run. What makes Fleshlights better than most masturbators in the market is they don’t smell (as long as you clean them thoroughly, of course).

The quality of Onahole sleeves isn’t far off; their products are also made up of high-quality TPE materials with good texture. However, they tend to absorb the smell, which means you will have to replace them sooner than later.  

The Takeaway: So which one is better?

Indeed, searching for a new sex toy can be exciting. However, there are so many factors to consider, and you want to get the best bang for your buck, right?

The thing is, there is pleasure and satisfaction are both subjective. What feels good for you may not have the same effect on others. Moreover, we all have different preferences when it comes to sex and masturbation, and we all can get aroused and excited by different things. Not to mention we all have our favorite erogenous parts to stimulate.

To sum it all up, both have their own sets of strengths and weaknesses. While Onahole has more wins in the criteria listed above, the choice ultimately boils down to which criteria you prioritize the most.

There are no right or wrong answers here.

Choose Fleshlight if:

  • You want a realistic and intense masturbation experience
  • You want a sex toy that can last a long time
  • You prioritize quality over price
  • You want a discreet toy you can bring anywhere

Choose Onahole if:

  • Do you want a change from regular male sex toys and play with different textures
  • You want cheaper
  • You want a sex toy that resembles other than the usual female body parts

If you want the softness and new sensation of differently designed toys? Oneahole pocket pussy will give you everything you want, and more. Do you want something realistic, durable, that can last a long time, and that can give you intense orgasms if you wanna cum fast? Fleshlight sleeves can give you that.

Onahole may have more options when it comes to designs and textures. Indeed, this is what the Japanese are known for – creativity, unique, and even out-of-this-world designs that suit whatever you fancy. If you are the adventurous type, and you want to explore more textures, shapes, and sensations, then Onahole is for you. They are not limited to the standards and common practices in the sex toy industry. And if you love watching anime or Hentai, and you often imagine (or fantasize) yourself in those situations, Onahole will give you just that, and more.

Final Thoughts

Onahole designs can be wild and wacky, to say the least, but their inner textures are so incredibly diverse, and with less realism. Don’t get me wrong, they also have realistic vaginas directly molded from some of the most popular real Japanese Adult Video actresses.

Fleshlight, on the other hand, doesn’t play around. They mean business, and if the business for you means extreme stimulation through intense orgasms from realistic sex with your masturbators, then you cannot go wrong with Fleshlight. It can easily quench your thirst on lonely nights by taking your solo play sessions to a whole new level.

Whichever you choose, you will not be disappointed with any of these two.

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