Lovense Gush Review: Is This the Best Penis Vibrator Yet?


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The Lovense Gush is one of the new glans massager in the market that promises to trump its competition in the male sex toy category. But how does the actual product deliver? Is Lovense Gush a must-have penis vibrator? To help you decide, we have provided you with the comprehensive information you need to learn how to use this Lovense toy and how it compares with other penis vibrators in the market.

What is Lovense Gush?

Lovense Gush is the latest addition to the lineup of Lovense toy and penis vibrators in the market. It was released in November 2021 and is known as a Bluetooth glans massager. It is the first of its kind that focuses on massaging and stimulating the underside of the shaft and head of the penis. It can also be used for hands free play, as a penis vibrator, and for you to enjoy hands free vibrations. Without a doubt, it is a versatile toy for male masturbation.

The toy itself is of dark green color. The color is a matter of personal preference, but it is a nice change from the typical male sex toys that are available in black. Lovense Gush also boasts of an interesting design as it wraps all the way around the penis. Meanwhile, it is made to fit around the head of the penis (the glans). Inside the Lovense toy is vibrating and powerful motor to give you more stimulation with just a press of a button.

Below, you’ll take a deeper dive into the features and functionalities available in this Lovense Gush review.

Lovense Gush Review: What’s in the Box?

When you buy the Lovense Gush toy, here is what you will find in the box:

  • The Lovense Gush glans massager
  • Adjustment band (silicone band)
  • USB charging cable
  • User manual
  • Quick setup guide
  • Storage bag

You don’t have a remote control for the glans massager. However, it can be connected to the Lovense app for more custom patterns during solo play. You will learn more about how to use it or integrate with other Lovense’s toys via the remote app.

Lovense Gush Review: Specs

The flexible design of the Lovense Gush is one of its most admirable features, particularly among those who’ve tried it.

Here are some important specs you need to know about the Lovense Gush sex toy before you buy it:

  • Dimensions: 3.39 x 2.05 inches
  • Base: 1.38 inches
  • Top: 1.26 inches
  • Weight: 133 grams
  • Material: Body safe silicone with ABS plastic components
  • Color: Sage green
  • Mechanism: Vibrating glans massager and penis stroker

The design of the Lovense Gush sex toy is intuitive. The thickness of the silicone fold provides a tapered fit for the device once you put it on. The flexible design of this penis vibrator also means that it has a wider base and narrow top. This design provides a natural and more comfortable grip.

Lovense Gush Review: Key Features

The Lovense Gush boasts of a flexible design. It is rare to find a one-size-fits-all toy for male masturbation, but the Lovense Gush is the closest thing to making that claim. It is made possible with the wide range of features available to this Lovense male sex toy that brings maximum pleasure to your penis and the surrounding nerves.

Quiet Performance

One of the primary features of the Lovense Gush is its quiet performance during operation. It is rare for a male sex toy to be this quiet, especially when it is integrated with a powerful motor. You can expect that with this penis vibrator, even when you use it on higher settings. Unlike other penis vibrators that are not discreet, this one can help you enjoy mind blowing stimulation using numerous vibration patterns and a tighter fit without it being too noisy.

The Lovense Gush has a noise level of 45 decibels. In comparison with other toys for male masturbation, they typically average 55 decibels in noise level. Therefore, the Gush is quiet but efficient.


The Lovense Gush is made with body safe silicone and ABS plastic materials. The use of silicone material means that you can get a silky soft and lifelike sensation when you use the penis vibrator and glan massager. The only part that is made of ABS plastic is the Lovense name, which is located on the outside of the device (not the part that is inserted into your penis). Therefore, this part and material won’t take anything away from the sensation of using this sex toy for solo play.


The Lovense Gush is a waterproof toy. It has an IPX7 waterproof rating that means you can submerge it in up to one-meter depth of warm water for up to 30 minutes.

It’s important to keep your toy clean at all times, especially after using. The good thing with Lovense Gush is you won’t need a special sex toy cleaner. You can use warm water with mild soap to clean it. Wipe it with a lint free cloth afterward to dry it before storing and using it again.

While you probably won’t be soaking it underwater for longer than 30 minutes, it’s nice to have an assurance that your toy won’t be damaged when you clean it with water. Unlike other toys, being able to use water for cleaning the device makes it convenient to use and maintain.

Unlimited Vibration Patterns

Don’t be fooled by the exaggeration there, the Lovense Gush does not technically have unlimited vibration patterns. However, it does feel like it with the wide range of vibration options and controls you can use and experiment with.

You have more intensity settings to choose from and up to four vibration patterns available.

  • Pulse
  • Wave
  • Fireworks
  • Earthquake

The actual vibration is subtle and gentle. Therefore, it’s unlike other toys that promise to bring you mind blowing vibrations. When you use the Gush, you are free to create your own patterns of vibration that suit your preferred intensity level. You can be as intense or as gentle as you want to be during your solo play or when mimicking penetrative sex in long distance relationships.

USB Rechargeable

When you get the Lovense Gush, you will get a magnetic charging cable in the box. The Lovense sex toy device takes around 65 minutes to get fully charged. Once fully charged, you can use the Gush for 1.5 to 2 hours. If your average solo play session takes 15-20 minutes, that means you have to charge the device after 5 to 6 uses.

To use the charging cable, connect it to a port on the device’s body. You will know when the charger is working because you will be able to use a red light switch on. If it doesn’t, make sure to check that your charging cable is properly connected or in the correct spot.

Distance Control

The Distance Control option is one of the most unique features available to this Lovense toy. There are two distance control modes available: close and long-range.

The Close range mode is available for stimulation and play for two individuals in the same room. You can control the device using a Bluetooth connection between two phones and using the Lovense app. It is also intended for solo play so that you can enjoy hands free play using your phone controls. It’s also a great way to control the device, especially when you pair it with other Lovense toys.

The Long range mode is when you want to connect with a partner in long distance relationships. You (or your partner) can control the penis vibrator using the remote app.


The packaging on the Lovense sex toy is standard with Lovense’s toys. The Gush is contained in a sturdy and discreet box. The box contains all the essential tools you need to operate and use the Gush.

The packaging is presentable enough that you can give it as a gift. And yet, it is also discreet enough if you are going to use it. There are no labels on the box so the delivery person or anyone who will receive the package won’t know what is inside (if you are worried about that), especially if you live in a shared household or apartment wherein someone else could receive the shipment for you.

Sync with Music

One of the cool features to the Lovense Gush is that you can sync it with music through your Spotify app and account. Some people like to play music to get them into a rhythm during solo play and stimulation. If you’re one of them, you should take advantage of this functionality so that you can listen to your favorite beats as you are stimulating yourself with the device. It could get you into the right mood quicker than if you were to do it alone.

The bonus here is that the music can drown out any noise that the device produces during option, although the noise level of the toy is not a major issue.

Lovense Gush Review: How to Use

It’s easy to setup and use the Lovense Gush. Even if it’s your first time to do so, it’s highly intuitive and straightforward so you can get on to enjoy hands free play with this device.

You can easily connect the sex toy with the Lovense remote app. This means you can control the Bluetooth glans massager from the remote app on your phone. You can turn it on or off using a single button. You or your partner can control the motion by adjusting the intensity level and vibration patterns.

It’s easy to explore the different sensations with this glans massager through the app control. It’s also a great way to enhance sexual pleasure when you do it with a partner since it’s all done through the Lovense app.

You can enjoy maximum possibilities when using the penis massager and vibrator. Here are some of the options for you to choose from:

  • Use it for mind blowing solo stimulation
  • Use it with your partner’s Lovense toy
  • Use it with your own Lovense toys
  • Use it as a penis stroker
  • Use it as a glans massager

Cleaning and Maintenance

You should not have any trouble cleaning and maintaining the Gush because it has the IPX7 waterproof rating. This rating means that you can wash the device with water.

If you don’t have a sex toy cleaner, you don’t have to worry about getting one because you can use soap and water for this. It should be enough to keep the device clean and ready for your next session. Just make sure to dry it completely before putting it back into the box.

Warranty and Support

When you buy this Lovense sex toy device, you can get a one-year warranty on that device. This warranty will protect you from any faulty materials or workmanship that could prevent you from using the toy as it is designed for.

Make sure that you purchase the Lovense device from reputable online stores or direct from the Lovense website or store. This will ensure that you have access to the warranty features and the support from the Lovense team. You can also get prompt support from the team at Lovense when you have any questions on how to use the sex toy or when exploring its various features. You have many options to reach them, such as through e-mail, phone, or social media.

Therefore, you can rest assured that buying this device will be worth your penny. It is also recommended that you do a price comparison online to find the best price, but make sure to steer clear of suspicious websites, especially if the price offered is much cheaper than other sellers online. The average cost of the Lovense Gush is 99 USD, but again, prices could vary from seller to seller.

Pros & Cons

Pros of Lovense Gush

  • It provides gentle and subtle vibrations
  • It uses a silicone band to ensure a soft and realistic feel
  • It enables app control from the Lovense app
  • It is 100% waterproof
  • It requires quick charging and has a long battery life
  • It allows you to create your own patterns and save them for future use
  • It allows syncing with your favorite music
  • It is cheaper than other sex toys in the market
  • It is easy to use and comes with highly intuitive controls
  • It allows hands free stimulation
  • It is highly versatile as it can be used with a partner or long distance play
  • Its design is made to fit various penis sizes and lengths

Cons of Lovense Gush

  • It has an unreliable connection for remote play
  • Its vibration isn’t too strong and intense
  • It is lacking some tech features you would expect

Lovense Gush is For You If…

The Lovense toy is the ideal choice for anyone who is looking for a remote-controlled penis vibrator or stroker. While the device does not come with a remote control, its app control features give you more remote use of the device. All you have to do is to install the Lovense app on your phone and you can use the controls within the app to maximize your stimulation and enhance your play experience.

It is also an ideal device for those with a long distance partner. Again, the app for Lovense toys can come in handy so that you can maximize the app control with your partner and have fun together.

Meanwhile, the Lovense Gush is also compatible with other Lovense toys. You can easily integrate this device with the other sex toys to achieve maximum pleasure with every use.

Lovense Gush is NOT For You If…

Lovense Gush is not ideal for those who like highly intense vibrations. This sex toy delivers various vibration patterns to choose from. However, each vibrating action is subtle and gentle than other toys. Therefore, it isn’t for those looking for a highly intense action.

In addition, it is not a super high-tech toy. It does not have all the bells and whistles that you would expect from other more tech-advanced toys in the market.

Final Thoughts on Lovense Gush Review

Should you get your own Lovense sex toy or penis vibrator? To answer the question above as to whether it is a good option for your masturbation needs, the answer is that Lovense Gush is a good product that will give good value for your money.

It isn’t the most techy product nor the cheapest out there. But it is a feature-rich sex toy that gives you the right amount of features and controls to work with. There are some lacking features, such as the intensity of the vibrating power. But for its price, it does its job and it has a few extras that you can explore, too.

Whatever you’re into, read our expert deep-dive into the best automatic male masturbators on the market today where we test out and review the Kiiroo Keon, Autoblow AI and many more top long distance sex toys to give you the best advice on what to go for.

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