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The Most Advanced Automatic Male Masturbator in the world that syncs with your content or your partner...

If you’re looking for a raw, honest and in-depth Kiiroo Pearl 2 review, you’ve come to the right place.

The Kiiroo Pearl 2 is, in brief, a hyper-advanced vibe with the ability to connect to other Kiiroo toys, to virtual reality content or to interactive porn websites. And of course, it also works manually for when you’re not in the mood for interaction.

Whether your interest in the Kiiroo Pearl 2 has been sparked by a desire to keep the fire going in a long-distance relationship or to add spice to your solo sessions, the Kiiroo Pearl 2 is an intelligent sex toy with plenty of scope for exploration, experimentation, and of course deep, deep satisfaction.

Despite being one of the most technologically advanced sex toys on the market today, the Kiiroo Pearl 2 is wonderfully easy to operate – so if complex tech intimidates you, you needn’t be put off.

But does the Pearl vibrator really live up to its promise of delivering intense orgasms on demand that will get your toes curling and your mind exploding with pleasure?

Introducing the Kiiroo Pearl 2

Kiiroo toys are known to be on the cutting edge of interactive sex toys with products that are superior to those manufactured by other sex toy companies, and the Kiiroo Pearl 2 is certainly no exception to this rule. In fact, with the Kiiroo Pearl, Dutch-founded Kiiroo has really pushed the envelope with the Kiiroo Pearl 2. Let us start our review by going over what this powerful G spot vibrator has to offer.


The Kiiroo Pearl comes with a wall charger and a brief instruction manual to help you get started.

Because the Kiiroo Pearl 2 takes two hours to fully charge, we recommend plugging it in as soon as you have taken it out of the box.


The Kiiroo Pearl 2 sports a pinkish purple or matte black body in an ergonomic design that reflects the female anatomy it has been expertly designed to fit. It measures 8 inches in length and has a width of 4.75 inches. The material is body-safe silicone that feels as good as it looks.

The Kiiroo Pearl 2 has a slight curve to its shape which is aimed specifically at providing intense and direct G spot stimulation that is sure to send you over the edge – all enabled by touch-sensitive technology.

Powerful motor, nine bullet vibrators, five haptic technology rings

This Kiiroo toy is powered by a powerful and reliable motor which keeps your toy going until you’ve reached orgasm. Nine individual bullet vibrators insure maximum pleasure and a realistic feeling as your ride the waves of pleasure.

Also worth highlighting are the five haptic technology rings, developed and deployed to simulate authentic human touch when your device is hooked up to interactive or Virtual Reality content. In other words, your Kiiroo Pearl 2 is capable of responding and synching to virtual reality content – so if you don’t already own a Virtual Reality headset, we strongly recommend you get one alongside your Kiiroo Pearl 2.

Three vibrating speeds

Everything about the Kiiroo Pearl 2 is designed and intended to provide completely customisable sexual experiences on demand. To this end, the Kiiroo Pearl 2 has three different vibrating speeds, so you can select whether you are in the mood for something rapid and forceful, or something much more slow and gentle.

Two different pulsing patterns

The Kiiroo Pearl 2 does not simply vibrate, oh no. This G spot vibrator is also able to pulse and throb in a way that very closely mimics the real thing – and when you’re in the throes of passion that the Pearl 2 is capable of producing, you’re unlikely to notice any difference at all.

The pulsing patterns that the Pearl 2 generates are really one of the features that sets this sex toy apart from its competitors.

Battery life

The Kiiroo Pearl 2 has a battery life of approximately one hour and a charging time of two hours. The ratio isn’t fantastic, but one hour of battery life is still going to be sufficient for most women’s needs when you take into account how well-designed the Pearl 2 is and how great it is at doing what it promises on the tin!

A few noteworthy upgrades from the original Pearl

The Kiiroo Pearl 2 is a new and improved version over an older Kiiroo toy, the Pearl vibrator. And while the Pearl is a fine sex toy in its own right, the Pearl 2 is equipped with a more powerful motor guaranteed to provide deeper vibration and ultimately create stronger orgasms. And for those who own a Kiiroo Pearl and have experienced connectivity issues, you are going to be impressed with the Pearl 2’s reliable Bluetooth signal.

Price point

It is no secret that Kiiroo products all fall into the category of high-end sex toys. This, of course, is reflected in the price point.

The Kiiroo Pearl 2 definitely isn’t the cheapest G spot vibrator out there, but what you get for the price tag is so much more than what you get when you go for a manual, battery-driven vibrator from a lower-end manufacturer.

Connecting to the FeelConnect app

The ability to connect your new toy to other Kiiroo toys via the Feel Connect app is one of this sex toy’s most compelling features. Without the Feel Connect app, the Kiiroo Pearl 2 would not be half as fun.

Since the Kiiroo Pearl 2 will have to be on charge for a couple of hours before you’ll be able to use it anyway, this is a good time to download and get to grips with the Feel Connect app. This is essentially your portal to connecting your device not only with other Kiiroo users but also with interactive videos and games.

Once you have downloaded the app and connected it to your device, the Pearl 2 will make a little jolt to confirm that it has been successfully connected and is ready to use with the app. Now it is only a question of what to try first – mutual masturbation fun with another Kiiroo device owner, or a visit to an interactive porn website such as FeelXvideos and FeelVRPorn.

Explore Interactive porn

If you decide to pair your device with one of the interactive porn sites, the signup process is both straightforward and discreet. These sites are essentially tailor-made for use with interactive toys like the Kiiroo Pearl 2, so you shouldn’t experience any problems when trying to connect your device. Once connected, a widget at the top of the interactive porn site website will be showing when your device is hooked up.

Note that the VR porn sites work with QR codes that, when you scan them, establish a connection via your Feel Connect app. These codes can be a little fiddly at times, so you may have to use a separate device such as an iPad or another phone to photograph your phone screen with the QR code, then use your phone to scan the photo of the QR code.

Pair up with other Kiiroo toys

The pleasures that the Kiiroo Pearl 2 has to offer goes far beyond using your toy in manual mode or with interactive porno or cam sites. One of the true joys of owning any Kiiroo toy is that it can be connected to and interact with other toys from Kiiroo’s growing lineup of innovative sex toys.

If you’ve never experienced interactive sex toys before, you’ll be amazed at the new levels of intensity and intimacy you can experience when your Pearl 2 is synced with your partner’s device via the Feel Connect app. Syncing yours and your partner’s devices is relatively straightforward, and once you’ve paired up, the fun can truly begin.

Kiiroo prides itself on being an inclusive sex toy manufacturer, and this is reflected in the fact that your Pearl 2 can be synced with both male and female Kiiroo toys. It works equally well whether your partner’s toy is designed for a male or female body. Your Kiiroo Pearl 2 can be paired with any other Kiiroo toy of your choosing, but if you want a couple of recommendations, the Pearl 2 makes a particularly great pair with a Kiiroo Titan, a Kiiroo Onyx+, or with another Kiiroo Pearl 2.

One of the truly awesome things you can do when your Pearl 2 is synced with your partner’s device is record and replay your intimate sessions. This is a really handy feature to have, particularly if you and your lover are in different time zones or otherwise struggling to meet as frequently as you would like. When he or she isn’t there, you can simply playback one of your previous sessions and re experience your lover’s every touch and every move.

Yet another mention-worthy feature is the ability to take control of your partner’s device – and to give them control over yours. Needless to say, your sexual partner is only able to control your device via the FeelConnect app if you give them permission to, and vice versa. Being able to control each other’s devices can create a much more intimate experience than when you and your partner are simply controlling your own devices. There’s just something about having your partner physically feel your touch that elevates the experience to another level.

As you can no doubt already tell, having your toy synced up with your partner’s gives you many new possibilities. Not only are your two toys able to communicate with and respond to each other – you and your partner will also be able to send each other in-app requests that allow you to take charge of the settings on your partner’s device. If you want him or her to really feel your presence and touch, you can. Even if your are physically halfway across the world.

Not only is this a fantastic option for long distance lovers, but also for hooking up with strangers via the Feel Connect app if you so desire.

Choose your mode

The Kiiroo Pearl 2 promises versatility, and it is fair to say that it deliver on that promise – big time.

One of the things that make the Pearl 2 so attractive is that it gives you the ability to pick and choose – and switch, as often as you like – between different modes. The result is much the same as having several different sex toys in one.

Curious about the different modes that the Pearl 2 lets you tap into and enjoy? Let’s take a look.

Manual mode

Manual mode is pretty self-explanatory. It selects the speed and vibration for you, so you can just lean back and enjoy the experience. Choose this mode when you are simply in the mood for some solo play and perhaps a daydream rather than any kind of visual content. The Kiiroo Pearl 2’s powerful vibration modes, bullets and ergonomic silicone design is sure to hit the spot every time.

Bluetooth mode

When Bluetooth mode is enabled, you’re able to connect your Kiiroo Pearl 2 to all sorts of interactive content, including live cam websites and Virtual Reality porn sites, but also to third-party apps such as WhatsApp.

Bluetooth mode is what opens the door to all sorts of interactive and naughty experiences – when you aren’t limited by the technology, only your imagination sets the boundaries.

Touch sensitive mode

Touch-sensitive mode is truly remarkable and allows your device to react to online content or a partner’s device. In other words, your device is intelligent and reacts to videos aimed at use with interactive sex toys, a partner’s device and your own body.

Most sex toys don’t have touch sensitive features, and lack the ability to truly mimic the human touch.

Interactive mode

Interactive mode is, hands-down, the most exciting and innovoative feature that the Pearl 2 has to offer. As already mentioned, it allows you to sync your Pearl 2 with other Kiiroo toys and experience your lover’s touch, regardless of physical distance.

And let’s not forget, interactive mode allows you to keep intimately connected not only with a long-distance lover or spouse, but also with any stranger you decide to hook up with via the FeelConnect app. Just another possibility to consider.

Don’t forget the lubricant

If you want to give your Pearl 2 a proper glide, don’t forget to use lube.

Any water based lubricant is suitable for use with the Kiiroo Pearl 2, as well as with other Kiiroo toys. Still, the best option is to go with Kiiroo’s own brand lube, Spark, as it has been specially formulated to provide maximum glide and comfort with Kiiroo toys as well as to maximise their lifespan.

You can, of course, use any lubricant with your new Kiiroo Pearl 2, but we recommend refraining from anything oil-based as it may break down the silicone over time.


Fortunately the Kiiroo Pearl 2 does not require you to use a specialized toy cleaner, although this definitely works. Mild soap and warm warm water does the trick.

Kiiroo Pearl 2’s best features

All right, now you have an overview over what the Pearl 2 has to offer. It is time for us to summarise the strengths and weaknesses of this remarkable sex toy, starting with its best features.

  • Ability to pair with and respond to other Kiiroo devices. This alone makes purchasing the Kiiroo Pearl 2 totally worth it, particularly if you are in a long-distance relationship and want to feel your lover and have him or her feel you in return. Oh, and did we mention that your Pearl 2 is not only able to sync with all current Kiiroo products, but with all future products as well? Now, that’s service.
  • Ability to pair with interactive porn, cam sites and apps. In other words, the possibilities are practically endless and with so many options to choose from, you’ll never get bored.
  • Ergonomic and compact design, easy to carry with you wherever you might need it!
  • High-quality construction – this toy is going to give you years of pleasure before it will have to be discarded and replaced.

Kiiroo Pearl 2’s worst features

  • Only 1 hour battery life. While an hour is usually enough, it would be great not to be restricted to an hour of continuous play.
  • 2 hour charging time. You better remember to keep your Kiiroo Pearl 2 charged and ready, because waiting 2 hours before you can masturbate when the mood grips you is simply not on.

Who the Kiiroo Pearl 2 is perfect for

We’ve established that few sex toys are as versatile or interactive as the Kiiroo Pearl 2, but who is this naughty toy truly perfect for? Let’s get real.

Most vagina owners

If you have a vagina, you can hardly go wrong with the Kiiroo Pearl 2. This toy is versatile, compact and high-quality enough to cater to any woman’s intimate needs. Truly, from the moment your new toy springs to life, you’ll be spoiled for choices. This little device unlocks so many different possibilities for experiencing pleasure that it’ll take you years to explore them all – and by the time you do, new VR videos, games and technologies will have been invented.

The Kiiroo Pearl 2 is designed to pleasure the female body by delivering persistent waves of vibration to all of the right places. This compact device is truly merciless in its ability to target the most intimate parts and cravings.

Those wanting to maintain sexual chemistry and connection in long-distance relationships

It is a well-known fact that most long-distance relationships eventually dissolve due to a lack of closeness and intimacy. Needless to say, a lack of sexual intimacy plays a major role in this.

As far as long-distance sex toys go, the Kiiroo Pearl 2 stands heads and shoulders above most of it s competition. Why? Because it is interactive. A normal dildo simply cannot compete with the Kiiroo Pearl 2’s ability to feel and respond to your partner’s movements and device even if he or she is halfway across the world.

Military couples, tour widows and touring band members, travelling businessmen and their partners, and an ever increasing numbers of other long-distance couples are already using Kiiroo toys to keep them intimately connected.

If a Kiiroo Pearl 2 and a corresponding Kiiroo toy for your partner would improve or perhaps even save your long-distance relationship, what would that be worth to you? Probably a whole lot more than the Pearl 2’s price tag.

Those wanting to explore VR and interactive porn

You don’t have to be in a relationship in order to enjoy the Pearl 2. In fact, the Pearl 2 can be just as enjoyable and worthwhile for those simply wanting to have new sexual experiences and explore the rapidly growing world of Virtual Reality porn and other content.

On that note, it is definitely worth purchasing a VR headset when you get your Pearl 2, so that you can truly explore all of its features and capabilities. There are already several interactive and VR porn sites out there that can be synced with your Pearl 2, but you can be sure that many more are in development and will be released over the coming months and years. After all, we’re still only in the early days of VR and what’s possible.

Even if you have never been a major porn fan, chances are you’ll enjoy VR porn as it is a much more immersive experience, not least thanks to your Pearl 2 and the ability it gives you to feel everything that goes on on the screen.

Final thoughts on the Kiiroo Pearl 2

If you’ve read the entire article this far, you’re probably already clear on the fact that that the Kiiroo Pearl 2 is a rather remarkable sex toy.

Even stripped of its many interactive and touch-sensitive features, the Kiiroo Pearl 2 would be a high-quality, well-constructed toy. And when you add to its ergonomic design and potent internal construction the ability to synch with online content including 2D porn, Virtual Reality porn, cam sites and a partner’s Kiiroo device of your choosing, the result is a truly recommendable sex toy that is bound to satisfy your deepest cravings.

With the Kiiroo Pearl 2 in hand, you decide what kind of sexual experience you want to have. VR sex, cam sex, porn, it’s all right at your fingertips, waiting to be explored.

Whatever you’re into, read our expert deep-dive into the best automatic male masturbators on the market today where we test out and review the Kiiroo Keon, Autoblow AI and many more top long distance sex toys to give you the best advice on what to go for.

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