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The Most Advanced Automatic Male Masturbator in the world that syncs with your content or your partner...

Are you looking for a raw, honest, in-depth Kiiroo Onyx+ review? Here it is.

When it comes to automatic sex toys and not least automatic male masturbators, it’s important to only go for high-end, high-quality products. The consequences of going cheap are never worth it, which is why reading honest and detailed reviews before deciding to buy a new toy is so important.

The Kiiroo Onyx+ is produced by one of the most prestigious sex toy manufacturers in the world, Australian brand Kiiroo, which is also responsible for other interactive masturbators for both male and female bodies, including the Pearl2, the Titan and the Keon.

But how does the Kiiroo Onyx+ live up to the Kiiroo brand’s reputation for delivering mind-blowing immersive sex toys, and does the Onyx male masturbator deliver on its promise of being the ideal sex toy whether what you’re after is a more realistic experience when watching Virtual Reality porn or cam girls, or are hoping to connect more intimately with a long-distance lover? In this article, we’ll be answering this burning question, as well as any other you may have about the Kiiroo Onyx+.

How automatic sex toys are changing the world – and how they could change yours

If you’re still on the fence about interactive and long-distance sex toys, you really needn’t be. Toys like the Kiiroo Onyx Plus aren’t here to replace your existing, in-the-flesh sex life but rather to complement it. Think of interactive sex toys as giving you more options and range, more pleasure, and more intimacy whether with a long-distance sexual partner, or even a complete stranger – whatever tickles your fancy.

Many male masturbators give you only the basics of a Fleshlight sleeve and, if you’re lucky, automatic stroke. But with the Kiiroo Onyx+ and other high-tech masturbators, you get a range of additional features and functions to explore, with partner control and interactive mode being the most mention-worthy ones. Virtual reality and interactive options can make a major difference to both solo play, cam sex and pleasuring yourself to porn.

If you happen to be in a long-distance relationship, the Kiiroo Onyx+ paired with a similar toy for your partner can even help the two of you stay closely connected and intimate, despite the physical distance between you. But more on partner control and the Feelconnect app later!

Why are Kiiroo toys so good?

Kiiroo has amassed a reputation for being the market leader and for consistently delivering the highest tech, highest quality interactive sex toys. Once you know a little more about the Kiiroo brand and the vision behind it, it’s easy to see why this is.

Kiiroo was originally envisioned and founded by Dutch entrepreneur Toon Timmermans. The idea behind the brand and the toys it produces is to integrate tech with online sexual experiences like porn, VR and cam sex. Of course, neither cam sex or porn are anything new at this point, but up until recently, they’ve only been 2D experiences, providing only sight and sound, when really, the sensation of touch is integral to the sexual experience. Timmermans’ visions behind the Onyx male masturbator and the rest of the interactive sex toys in Kiiroo’s growing catalogue is that the toys can communicate with each other so that you’re able to not only see and hear but also feel your sexual partner while having virtual or online sex.

Another important point to make about Kiiroo toys is that they overcome the barrier of distance to sharing sexual pleasure with a long-distance sexual partner, whether we’re talking about your spouse or complete strangers you meet and choose to hook up with over the internet.

Introducing the Kiiroo Onyx+

The Kiiroo Onyx+ is one of the Kiiroo brand’s most impressive and innovative offerings. It is, in its essence, an app-controlled, interactive male masturbator and is equally well-equipped to maximize the pleasure and fun of both solo experiences and partner play.

The Onyx+ is designed and intended to immerse you fully in the sexual experience, regardless of whether you’re indulging in VR, porn or sex with a remote partner.

One of the best things about the Onyx+ connects with the rest of Kiiroo’s line of interactive sex toys including the Cliona, the Keon and other Onyxes. Kiiroo is an inclusive brand, which means that any of their interactive toys connect with both male and female toys.

The Kiiroo Onyx+ is a new and improved iteration of the Onyx 2, a very similar product with less customization and less endurance. For one, the Onyx 2 doesn’t have as many customizable settings and isn’t as responsive as the Onyx+ with its ten contracting rings and seemingly unlimited customization options.

Design and appearance

The Kiiroo Onyx Plus sports a sleek, glossy black and utterly discreet design with built-in buttons and great ergonomics. In fact, you could probably pass the Kiiroo Onyx 2 off as a sculptural display piece in your living room without arousing too much suspicion.

The Kiiro Onyx+ comes with a USB charging cable which is easy to plug in and store.

Internal technology and functions

The inside of the Kiiroo Onyx+ is made from highly durable, hypoallergenic material that is compatible with any water-based lube you have to hand.

The changeable flashlight sleeve inside is made to feel much like a real vagina thanks to Fleshlight’s superskin material and ten contracting rings. It is the contracting rings and different customizable settings that enable the sleeve inside to mimic vaginal, anal or oral sex, depending on what you’re in the mood for. In other words, the Kiiroo Onyx Plus is a flexhlight and a blowjob machine in one.

This great toy is powered by a Lithium-ion Polymer battery which enables it to run up to ten different functions at the same time while reaching the equally impressive and pleasurable stroking speed of up to 140 pumps per minute. All without having to waste a minute worrying about wrist pain in the aftermath!| The Onyx+ really is a powerful little machine – fast, reliable and inexhaustible, exactly as every automatic male masturbator should be but most aren’t.

Even on the highest pleasure setting, the motor of the Onyx+ is practically silent, which is an exceptionally handy detail if you are worried about noise levels.

The Kiiroo Onyx+ is also highly responsive to your unique body and needs in a way that no other toy you’ve ever used to pleasure yourself has ever been. Depending on your chosen performance mode, stature and position, the Kiiroo Onyx Plus will focus its attention on stimulating your glans or giving you a good, full stroke. And of course, this is all hands-free. With the Onyx+, all of the hard work is done for you.


What really sets the Onyx+ apart from most other male masturbators on the market is the fact that it is Bluetooth-enabled and can be connected to either interactive content or another Kiiroo toy.

Of course, don’t take our word for the fact that watching VR porn is a totally different experience with a Kiiroo Onyx Plus in your lap than it is without it – test it out for yourself! Once you have tried interactive content with an Onyx+, you’ll be hooked.

Price point

The Kiiroo Onyx+ retails for around $259.99-$299.99 and can be purchased directly from Kiiroo, from Amazon or from a short list of other select retailers. Sure, dropping nearly £300 on a single sex toy can seem a little steep, but not when you consider how versatile and reliable the Kiiroo Onyx+ is when compared to most other sex toys and automatic male masturbators in particular.

Sure, you can easily find a $20 masturbator, but is it won’t feel anything like a real vagina, anus or mouth. It may get you off, but it won’t have the contracting rings, responsiveness or interactive features that make the Kiiroo Onyx+ such an amazing product.

With the Kiiroo Onyx+, you’re guaranteed a level of quality and a pleasurable payoff that going for a cheaper or no-name brand simply won’t get you.

Battery life

The Onyx+’s powerful battery gives it a battery life of around 1 hour of action, which should be enough for most people.

The battery is infinitely rechargeable – just plug it into the USB cable that comes with the device and fill it back up whenever you find yourself running low.

Explore the possibilities with your Kiiroo Onyx+

A whole new universe of sexual exploration and pleasure awaits you with the Kiiroo Onyx+. Let’s take a look at some of what you can expect.

Manual mode

When you want to keep things simple, you can. Versatility is part of the beauty of the Kiiroo Onyx+.

When your Onyx+ is in manual mode, you’re able to control it simply and easily with a swipe of your touch pad. You’re still able to create a highly customized experience, by determining whether you prefer long strokes or pumps, and by setting your preferred speed.

Interactive porn

The ability to connect your Kiiroo Onyx+ to virtual porn and other interactive adult material online is one of the features that put this sex toy in a league of its own.

Want to feel like you are having intercourse with your favorite porn star or anime character? With the Onyx+ in your lap, you absolutely can. There is no way you won’t love this feature.

When your Kiiroo Onyx Plus is connected to a VR headset and porn portal, you won’t merely experience the stroking or sucking motions of your sex toy – it’ll sync its movements and actions to what is going on on the virtual screen. In other words, ‘immersive experience’ just took on a whole new meaning.

The Onyx+ elevants your solo playtime to a level you probably haven’t even been able to imagine. VR is already super vivid, much like having a lucid dream, but when you add the Kiiroo Onyx+ or another Kiiroo toy to the equation, the result is akin to having access to unlimited wet dreams on demand.

Two-way, long-distance sex

Not only does the Kiiroo Onyx+ sync to VR porn and cam girls, it is also the ideal sex toy for long-distance playtime with a real-world lover or spouse.

It is a well-known fact that long-distance relationships and romances often suffer from a lack of frequent intimacy. It is also no secret that a lack of physical touch and sex in a relationship is one of the quickest routes to the romantic feeling fizzling out and the relationship eventually coming to an end. But have you considered that a pair of interactive sex toys could be the key to a thriving long-distance relationship?

Thousands of couples from all over the world are already using Kiiroo sex toys to stay intimately connected, despite the physical distance between them.

The Kiiroo Onyx+ comes with touch-sensors which allow it to sync and respond to another Kiiroo device anywhere in the world. If you and your parter both have a Kiiroo toy and connect them via the app, you’re able to ‘feel’ each other, instantly making your cam chat sessions a whole lot more intimate and exciting!

A fun detail worth mentioning here is that you and your partner are able to record your interactive sessions and replay them later on. What this means is that your partner and you don’t even have to be plugged in at the asme time every time you want to experience sexual intimacy with each other – if he or she can’t come online at the same time as you, perhaps because the two of you are in different time zones or have commitments that keep you from both showing up – you can simply playback a previous session and experience every stroke, every squeeze all over again.

Oh, and of course, all of the sessions you and your sexual partner(s) record in-app are kept strictly private and confidential.

Best Kiiroo Onyx+ alternatives

We’ve established that the Kiiroo Onyx+ is a rather fantastic product, but are there any viable alternatives out there?

If you want the honest answer, the Kiiroo Onyx+ is the best in class at this precise moment in time. We’re living in an age of rapid technological advancement, so no doubt other, even more sophisticated sex toys are going to be launched in the future, but for now, the Kiiroo Onyx+ has so much more to offer than just about all other masturbators and other sex toys out there. From interactive porn, interactive VR to real-time responsive sex with a partner anwyere in t

With all this being said, there are other fantastic and innovative high tech male masturbators out there. The only other interactive sex toys that can really compare with the Kiiroo Onyx+ are other Kiiroo products. The Kiiroo Titan or the Kiiroo Keon, also interactive and app-controlled male sex toys, are two good alternatives to the Onyx+, as are older models of the Onyx itself.

And if you want to take a look at other brands, the Lovense Max comes to mind.

Conclusion: Is the Kiiroo Onyx+ really the best automatic male sex toy on the market today?

Almost without a doubt. The Onyx+ has much to offer in terms of pleasure, variety and customization. The Onyx+ allows you to experience the most immersive and realistic sexual pleasure you can get without having sex in person.

Of course, the Onyx+ does have a few shortcomings, and they are worth mentioning here before you go ahead and order yours. While the Onyx+’s internal Fleshlight superskin sleeve is textured and long enough to suit most penises, however, if your penis circumference happens to be greater than 5 cm, the Onyx+ is going to be an uncomfortably tight fit. Ideally, your diameter should be between 4-5 cm if you want to experience the most pleasure from your Onyx+.

Frequently asked questions

Is the Kiroo worth it?

If you have a penis and like having it stroked and pleasured, the unequivocal answer is yes.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIt doesn’t matter whether your goal is to spice up your long-distance relationship, enjoy truly immersive VR experiences or simply make your solo playtime more enjoyable – the Onyx+ will help you achieve all of the above.

How do you turn on a Kiiroo?

The Onyx+ is turned on and off by pressing the button on the front of the device. Press and hold for four seconds to turn on, press and hold for four seconds to turn off again. You can also press the multifunctional button to ensure that the toy is charged before you begin using it – because as we all know, there’s nothing worse than running out of battery life just as you’re getting lost in the pleasure.

Does the Kiiroo Onyx+ get the job done?

Oh, hell yes. The Kiiroo Onyx+ is so sophisticated, so intuitive and so customizable that it is guaranteed to give you a reliably mind-blowing experience, time and time again, as often as you want!

Which other devices does the Kiiroo Onyx+ sync with?

The Kiiroo Onyx+ is a truly interactive sex toy and can be synched with any other toy, both male and female, in the Kiiroo catalogue, as well as with porn, VR and cam portals.

Whatever you’re into, read our expert deep-dive into the best automatic male masturbators on the market today where we test out and review the Kiiroo Keon, Autoblow AI and many more top long distance sex toys to give you the best advice on what to go for.

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