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If you are searching for an honest, no-holds-barred Lovense Diamo review, this is it.

Whether you are looking to turn up the heat during solo play or maintain a deep sense of intimacy in a long distance relationship, you’re probably considering whether the Diamo cock ring or other interactive sex toys might be the answer.

And whether you’re new to smart sex toys like the Lovense Diamo vibrating cock ring or are already the pleased owner of several toys, this raw and honest review is going to spill the beans and go into all the details. We’ll be looking at the sex toy build quality and specs, as well at how effective and pleasurable it is. And of course we’ll be talking about the Lovense Remote app and the possibilities that it opens up.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Introducing the Lovense Diamo cock ring

The Lovense Diamo is a powerful and versatile cock ring that is equally suitable for in-person and remote play.

The Diamo boast 10 different vibration patterns and 3 vibration levels. All of these settings can all be controlled at the swipe of a finger – yours or your sexual partner’s – via the Lovense Connect app.

For such a small device, the Diamo cock ring provides a truly immersive and holistic experience, whether you are with a partner or on your own. It is designed to first your anatomy perfectly and provide irresistible waves of vibration, not only to your shaft itself, but also to your perineum, which is an incredibly sensitive and pleasurable part of the male body.

What’s more, the Diamo vibrating cock ring can even provide your partner with pleasure, too. If you wear your Diamo while having intercourse with a female partner in a missionary position, the vibration of the Diamo will stimulate her clitoris too, enhancing the sexual experience for both of you.

Thanks to its small size, Bluetooth connectivity and silent vibration modes, you can use the Diamo vibrating cock ring when flying solo, as part of foreplay, during intercourse, for discreet public play, or even for receiving and exchanging fully remote sexual pleasure with a long distance partner.


The Lovense Diamo comes in a small, discreet box, which also includes a brief instruction manual in multiple languages to help get you started, a magnetic USB charging cable, a Lovense Diamo stand and even a small storage pouch for when you want to take it with you.

Your new cock ring is easy to set up and use, but remember to charge it first! While your new toy is charging is the ideal time to glance over the manual. Once charged, the Lovense Diamo has a battery life of 2.5-3 hours.

First impressions

The Lovense Diamo is made of matte black, body-safe, soft silicone and has a premium feel to it. It’s small and discreet and could easily be slipped in a pocket and taken with you anywhere. The moment you take it out of the box, it begins to inspire ideas for naughty fun.

The Diamo has a standard internal size for a cock ring – its internal width is 1.75 inches. However, this cock ring isn’t merely a ring, but a dynamically shaped sex toy designed to fit the male anatomy like a glove. When you wear it, it is both comfortable and snug. The overall shape is reminiscent of a curved bottle opener measuring 5.24 inches from top to bottom, with the ring itself as well as a powerful vibrator targeting the perineum.


Did you know that the Diamo is Lovense’s first-ever Bluetooth enabled cock ring? Well, now you do.

The smooth ring is designed for comfortable prolonged wear to help you maintain a prolonged erection and delayed climax when using it. If you wear it while having intercourse with a female partner, the residual vibrations will be felt by both of you.

The Diamo is essentially a wearable penis ring combined with a powerful vibrator attached, all in a deceptively small package.

The Diamo is equipped with the newest Bluetooth antenna to ensure a reliable connection when it is connected to the Lovense app. Like all other Lovense toys, the Diamo vibrating cock ring can be controlled by either yourself or a long-distance lover.

Using your Lovense Diamo with the Lovense app

When Diamo connects to the Lovense app, this is when the doors of sexual possibility truly open up before you.

When connected to the app, your Lovense toy can communicate with and respond to other Lovense devices, or you can allow a sexual partner to take control of the settings on your device for a much more intimate and personal experience than simply hooking up cam to cam.

The Lovense app also allows you to control your partner’s toy, provided that they let you.

You can also use the Lovense app to record and later playback especially hot online sessions.

Other features

As well as pairing with other Lovense toys through the app, the Lovense Diamo also synchs to music and has literally unlimited vibration patterns waiting for you to try them out. The Diamo also has sound level control, as well as both close-range and long-distance control.

All of these features are controlled via the app, which you can download on a great variety of devices including iPhones and iPads, stationary Macs, Windows PC and Android devices.

Using your Lovense Diamo for in-person sex

Your lover doesn’t have to be remote for the two of you to enjoy the powerful vibrations of the Lovense Diamo. In fact, the Lovense Diamo may make for an even better experience in person, as it can help you ramp up your sexual performance and last longer during intercourse, while also stimulating your partner.

When you wear your Lovense Diamo during intercourse, it’ll stimulate your shaft, your perineum and your partner’s clit, all at the same time. Consider all of the pleasurable sensations created by the Lovense Diamo are extra icing on top of the cake.

Using your Lovense Diamo to build stamina

As already hinted at, the Lovense Diamo can be used as a training device to increase your sexual stamina by prolonging your erections and delaying your climax. You can use your Lovense Diamo to train your endurance, both when you are on your own and when you are having intercourse with a partner.

There are many benefits to being able to last longer in bed. Greater self control means that you can make pleasurable sexual experiences last longer for both you and your partner. If you’re able to gain a degree of control over when you cum, you can also time your climax to your partner’s.

Using your Lovense Diamo for discreet public play

If naughty but discreet fun in public is you jam, you’ll love the Lovense Diamo.

The Lovense Diamo is discreet due to its small size and almost completely silent vibration. It is also waterproof, which means you can easily take it with you just about anywhere.

The Lovense Diamo has a control range of up to 39 feet if the wearer is standing, and up to 20 feet if he’s sitting down. The control range is 360 degrees, so as long as the person controlling your Diamo is within range, they can change the vibration settings whenever they please.

When you take your Diamo out with you in public, you won’t have to worry about it making any noise that will attract attention. Worry instead abour your own reactions, particularly if your sexual partner is controlling your device and you are unable to anticipate what they’ll do, and when.

Care and maintenance

Fortunately, the Lovense Diamo is very easy to take care of. Lovense has made it simple for you, by providing you with a perfect little travel pouch that serves the dual function of discretion and protection.

You should remember to clean your Lovense Diamo after each use. You can use a specialized sex toy cleaner, but this isn’t really necessary. It’s enough to simply wash your cock ring with a bit of soap and warm water. Let it dry off properly before you put it away.

Unless you are unfortunate enough to lose it, the Lovense Diamo should last you many years. It’s a high-quality product that is built not only for pleasure, but for longevity. The soft silicone is highly unlikely to break or tear as long as you don’t use unnecessary force when handling it.

Are there other Bluetooth enabled cock rings worth considering?

There aren’t many Bluetooth enabled cock rings on the market to begin with, and of the few in existence not many compete with the Diamo by Lovense. Still, let us take a brief look at a few other options.

Lovense Gush

Not only do Lovense have some of the highest quality interactive sex toys, they also have the largest selection of different toys, including Bluet00th-enabled vibrating cock rings.

The Lovense Gush is particularly worth considering. This delectable little piece of kit features a silent but powerful motor and an adjustable sleeve, which makes it the perfect option if your penis shaft is either wider or slimmer than standard. Its sleeve is also winder than that of the Diamo, which means that more of your penis shaft will be encased by the ring.

Like all other Lovense toys, the Gush is made of body-safe silicone and can be connected to and controlled by the Lovense Connect app.

Kiiro Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo

Kiiroo, another giant in the teledildontics space, describe the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo’s predecessor, the Pulse Solo Essential, as the world’s first guybrator, or male vibrator. If you have ever tried it, you’ll know why.

The Hot Octopuss’s versatile and ergonomic design makes it the ideal sex toy for anyone with a penis. Not only does this vibrating ring of pleasure enable you to cum completely hands-free, without any manual stroking or stimulation required, it is also interactive and can be synched up with either 2D or Virtual Relaity porn, or with a long-distance sexual partner via Kiiroo’s FeelConnect app.

How interactive sex toys are changing the game – forever

If you already own one or more Bluetooth enabled sex toys, you already know that sex toys aren’t what they used to be. Smart sex toys like the Lovense Diamo can provide you with a much more immersive and personal experience than any sex toys that came before them.

Interactive sex toys are for everyone to enjoy, but Lovense products and other smart sex toys are particularly good news for people in long-distance relationships. Long distance relationships are difficult to maintain, for multiple reasons, but one of them is a lack of physical intimacy.

But thanks to touch sensitive, remotely controlled toys like the Lovense Diamo, it is possible to have truly satisfying, intense and intimate remote sex.

Of course, the pleasures and possibilities of remote play aren’t reserved for long-distance couples. They can also be relished by couples simply wanting to explore new pleasure together, as well as for singles wanting to connect with strangers from afar.

Our honest thoughts on the Lovense Diamo

Our Lovense Diamo review would not be complete without a conclusion, so here it comes: Not all male sex toys are designed to satisfy a man’s secret desire, but the Lovense Diamo actually is.

From its comfortable shape and size to its silent but irresistible vibration patterns and residual vibrations felt by both parties during in-person sex, the Lovense Diamo is a toy well worth adding to your collection.

It’s discreet size and appearance also make this the ideal sex toy to bring with you on travels or use for public fun. Because it is so comfortable to wear and can be set on a very low vibration, the Diamo is also the perfect tool for helping you achieve a harder and prolonged erection.

Vibrating cock rings have come a long way since they were all just equipped with a single, loud buzzing motor vibrating at one speed, and the Diamo by Lovense may just be the penultimate manifestation of what’s now possible with vibrating rings.

All in all, we can’t recommend the Lovense Diamo enough.

Whatever you’re into, read our expert deep-dive into the best automatic male masturbators on the market today where we test out and review the Kiiroo Keon, Autoblow AI and many more top long distance sex toys to give you the best advice on what to go for.

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