Male Erogenous Zones


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What are the most important male erogenous zones?

News flash! The penis is not the only part of a man’s body that turns them on when touched. Much like women, men have extra sensitive zones that send chills down their spines down and make their toes curl when caressed, they are called male erogenous zones. Spending some time on these male erogenous zones can take sexy time to a whole new level.

The body is sensitive to sexual touch, but there are hotspots for more intense sexual responses. Human erogenous zones are sensitive areas or spots of the body that is packed with nerve endings and sensory receptors. These pleasure points are present in both men and women. These super-sensitive nerve endings can generate a sexual response similar to playing with your partner’s private areas, as it triggers the release of the same feel-good hormones that you get during sexual arousal.

Caressing, kissing, touching, and playing with these erogenous zones can excite your partner before and while you are doing the deed, making orgasm a lot more intense.

But where are these erogenous zones and how exactly do you hit them? That’s exactly what this entry is about. 

Male Erogenous Zones are Different than Female Erogenous Zones

The male body is different from the female body in a lot of ways.  While both sexes share many of the same erogenous zones, such as the lips, ears, neck, and nipples, other sensitive areas are specific to each sex.

Whether you are a man looking for more satisfying sex, a woman who wants to please her man with full body orgasm, or a member of the LGBTQ+ community looking to improve your sex life with maximum pleasure, knowing where these erogenous zones are and how to give a little TLC (touch, lick, and caress, yes, that kind of TLC) can go a long way.

Identifying male erogenous zones

Most men, regardless of sexual orientation, are pretty straightforward when it comes to sex. It’s sex, orgasm, and climax. Knowing the erogenous zones, however, can make your sex life a lot more interesting, as it can give you more intense orgasms and sexual pleasure in general.

Before you jump into the different dimensions of sexual pleasure, know that each person responds differently to stimulation in different areas of their body. Factors such as mood, preferences, timing, and type of stimulation can greatly affect arousal and impact the whole experience. This guide will give you all the erogenous zones of the male body known to science, but it is up to you to identify which areas feel great for you or your male partner’s erogenous zones.

Belly button

Belly buttons rarely get the attention it deserves. Once you clean it out, you can do a lot of things, like drizzling some chocolate sauce, running an ice cube for temperature play, or just lightly flicking his belly button and lower stomach with your tongue will tease the penis.


This is not for everyone, but for those who like it, the feet can be quite sensitive and erotic erogenous zone. Most people are on their feet all day, and knowing how to give a good foot massage can turn a man on. The feet are also full of nerve endings, gently squeeze his feet and you will turn him on. Those who are into foot fetish can suck those toes to evoke pleasure.

Back of the knee

Another nerve-rich area in your man’s body is behind the knee. Lightly tracing the back of his knee with your fingernails will excite the nerves and increase blood flow. Pay attention to this erogenous zone when giving your man a massage to elicit sexual arousal.

Inner thigh

The inner thighs may be muscular and thick-skinned, but it is also sensitive to touch too, making it a huge erogenous zone. Tracing your fingernails on his inner thighs will help stimulate blood flow on his genitals for the main event.


Like the feet, the hands are also riddled with super sensitive nerves that you can involve in your foreplay. The backside of the hands, inner wrist, palm, and fingertips are also sensitive to touch. You can start by lightly tracing the lines of his palm with your fingernails, trace circles with your fingernails lightly, or suck on his fingers for tingly goodness.

Fingernails gently running on the palm can be ticklish for some people though.


There is a reason why armpits are so ticklish to touch, it is an incredibly nerve rich area. Scientists believe that squirming and laughing when being tickled at the armpits is an involuntary and evolutionary mechanism that is meant to protect our body from attacks. But when you are not in danger, you can use it to improve sexual pleasure.  A light touch along the inner arms and armpits of your man can stimulate nerves for tingly goodness.


Just like in women, a man’s nipple is incredibly sensitive too. Kissing, gently sucking, or tracing your tongue and making circles on his nipples can feel amazing for him. However, since this part is extremely sensitive, not all men are fond of getting their nipples involves. Some have ultra sensitive nipples that they don’t want to be touched.


The scalp is another area in the body that is riddled with nerve endings even a slight brush of the hair can send a tingling sensation to the entire body. Run your fingers gently across his scalp to help him feel relaxed. Pay close attention to the spot between the ears and above the neck. Tug his hair gently too for a scalp massage.


The neck is one of the many sensitive areas you can stimulate on your man during foreplay, including the nape and the jawline sides. Neck stimulation sends signals to the brain to get him into the mood, this is why this area gets the most hickeys.

Lower back

Sex isn’t solely for sexual pleasure, it is also an amazing stress reliever. Thus, if you involve sensual massage in one of your sexy time sessions, make sure to give a little back massage, especially on his lower back. This relieves a lot of pressure from a full day of sitting and standing. And while at it, you can tease his balls and butt cheeks with your hands.

Around the pubic hairline

The pubic bone is one of the lesser-known erogenous zones, simply because people tend to go straight to the penis. However, stimulating this part is quite easy and effective.

When running your fingers on your man’s belly button, trace circles around the pubic hairline too to tease the penis.


The sensitive tissue surrounding the balls houses tons of nerve endings. Touching, cupping, holding, massaging, licking, and kissing your man’s balls can give an incredibly intense sexual arousal. You can start by gently rubbing your palm on his scrotum and make your way to his dick.


This is probably the most popular male erogenous zones that get the most attention, however, many still don’t know how to properly make use of their man’s member.

Like a woman’s clitoris, the head of the penis is a nerve-rich area that stimulates quite easily even from a light touch. You can lick it and suck on it.

However, instead of just zeroing in on the fleshy head, make sure you put the same attention to the entire penis, especially the shaft. Use your hands to gently squeeze the base of his dick and glide your hands up and down while your tongue is licking the head of the penis. This will send chills down his spine for a full body orgasm.


The perineum is a tiny patch of skin that separates the genitals and the butthole. This is an uber sensitive spot for stimulation and doesn’t need a lot of work to get excited. Simply press it gently with your tongue to get the sexual response you are looking for.

You can also rub this part with your finger to indirectly stimulate the prostate, also known as the P spot, or male G spot. 


Located about a couple of inches inside the anus is one of the most powerful erogenous zones in men – the prostate, also known as the male G spot, or the p spot. Stimulating this part can bring intense pleasure to a man. That means getting inside your man’s butthole, which is not a common thing for a lot of men. But if your partner is into it, you can stimulate this spot with a well lubed finger (or a dildo) and suck his dick at the same time for toe-curling full-body orgasms.

How to hit his erogenous zones

Check-in with your partner

As said earlier, every man is different. And while men have biologically the same erogenous zones, some don’t like to get their specific parts touched and stimulated. This is why it is important to check in with your partner if they prefer, or are comfortable with exploring these erogenous zones. 

Start gently

Erogenous zones are extremely sensitive, thus take it nice and slow. You also don’t need to stimulate multiple erogenous zones all at once, you can focus on one thing before proceeding to the next. This is a great way to build anticipation and extend pleasure. 

Experiment with pace and sensations

Start slow before going fast, and mix it up for more intense pleasure.

Also, when playing with his erogenous zones, experiment with different sensations. You can use your lips, tongue, and fingers, as well as toys (using lubricants). You can also touch gently, nibble, run your fingernails on it, and more.

You can experiment on temperature too. Add an ice cube in your sexy time and watch the magic unfolds.

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